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Change Logs

* Sun Aug 16 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
- update to 0.9.9:
  * Additional per-thread statistics are shown when --verbose is specified along with --stats
  * --dynamic-sleep-adjustment
  * ddcutil no longer supports AMD's old proprietary display driver fglrx
* Mon May 25 2020 Simon Lees <>
- Update to ddcutil 0.9.8
  * A new command line option, --sleep-multiplier, adjusts the time ddcutil
    pauses between sending a request to the monitor and reading from the
    Many monitors work successfully with shorter sleep durations than required
    by the DDC/CI specification, in which case ddcutil execution time can be
    considerably reduced. On the other hand, some monitors having communication
    difficulty may work with longer sleep durations than required by the DDC/CI
  * A bug fix for the situation where certain mice would lock up during
    display detection.
  * libddcutil api break and move to v2
  * The libddcutil shared library API has some minor extensions.
- cmake files installed to right location
- Update to ddcutil 0.9.7
  * Fixed the cause of a segfault during display detection if a monitor
    appearing to support the USB Monitor Control Class Specification, i.e. one
    that uses USB to communicate monitor settings, is connected to the system.
  * The release also contains some minor code cleanup.
- Update to ddcutil 0.9.6
  * SONAME support is enabled for libddcutil.
  * Other minor enhancements, bug fixes, and API changes.
* Tue Feb 26 2019 Antonio Larrosa <>
- Update to ddcutil 0.9.5
  * Feature x72 (Gamma)
    Added support for Virtual Control Panel feature x72 (Gamma). This is
    an unusual complex non-continuous feature in that its value can be
    changed by the user, and the parenthesized "values" in the
    capabilities string require special interpretation. The following
    commands have been modified:
  - ddcutil getvcp 72: Interpret the output
  - ddcutil capabilities: Interpret the parenthesized "values" substring
  - ddcutil setvcp: See below.
  * Command setvcp
    Can now take 2 byte values an an argument. Values can be specified as
    hexadecimal (SH byte then SL) or as decimal (0..65535).
  * Configuration and Diagnostics
    Contrary to existing documentation, kernel module i2c_dev is in fact
    required when using the proprietary Nvidia driver.
    Kernel module documentation has been corrected, and command ddcutil
    environment has been updated.
  * Bug Fixes
    Fix the cause of an assert failure when displaying the value of feature
    x8F (Audio Treble) or x91 (Audio Bass).
  * Monitor Quirks
    Instead of setting the "unsupported feature" bit in the getvcp reply
    packet for an unsupported feature, the Dell AW3418DW causes I2C failure
    with Linux errno EIO. ddcutil now interprets the EIO response as
    indicating an unsupported feature instead of reporting an error. This
    special handling currently applies only to the Dell AW3418DW.
  * Miscellaneous
    Update file and make it more usable as the github overview file.
  * API Changes (see
- Update to ddcutil 0.9.4
  * Fix the cause of failure to build from source for the x32 ABI. The file
    output by the dumpvcp command no longer contains a TIMESTAMP_MILLIS field,
    the number of seconds since start of the machine epoch, typically
    January 1, 1970. This field, and its companion TIMESTAMP_TEXT, are ignored
    on input, so this  change can only affect an external program that relies
    on the TIMESTAMP_MILLIS field, say for sorting.
  * Fix an execution failure that resulted from attempting to open an already
    opened display. This occured on the capabilities command when the vcp
    field in the string returned by the monitor was damaaged or missing,
    causing ddcutil to attempt to read the VCP version from feature 0xDF.
  * Features 0x59..0x5E (6 axis separation values). Report these values as
    normal continuous (C) values instead of just uninterpreted bytes.
- Update to ddcutil 0.9.3
  * Display Detection
    Display detection no longer performs initial probes of I2C slave addresses
    on each possible /dev/i2c device. These initial probes do not return valid
    information on a Dell P2715Q, and have been seen to cause screen corruption
    on Dell XPS 13 laptops. In addition, /dev/i2c devices for Synopsys
    DesignWare are automatically skipped.
    As a result of the changes to display detection, ddcutil detect --verbose
    no longer reports the presence of slave addresses x30 (EDID block number)
    or x37 (DDC), but does report whether a display is an Embedded Display
    Port (eDP) device, which is the case for recent laptop displays. It also
    reports the sysfs device name.
  * User Supplied Feature Definitions
    ddcutil internals have been extensively restructured for future support of
    user supplied feature definitions. This will allow users to supply feature
    definitions for manufacturer reserved features, i.e. those in the range
    xe0..xff. While not yet ready for public use, there are a couple changes
    already visible in the user interface
  * Tracing
    Added trace groups: UDF (user defined features), DDCIO (low level DDC
    functions), VCP (feature metadata).
    Because of the volume of output, trace group "DDC" has been split into DDC
    and DDCIO, with the latter containing low level DDC services.
  * API Changes
    The C API has had a few changes to support user supplied feature
    definitions and reflecting experience gained from work on the Qt C++ GUI
    interface. See API Changes in Release 9.3
    ( for details.
  * Miscellaneous
    Vebose output of the environment command now displays execution timestamps
    to aid in interpreting system logs.
* Tue Oct 02 2018 Antonio Larrosa <> - 0.9.2
- Update to ddcutil 0.9.2
  * Command ddcutil detect
    + Eliminate the Supports DDC: line. The output of this line reflects the result
    of a simple test for slave address x37 at the I2C layer. This command can
    fail on monitors that support DDC and succeed in monitors where DDC is
    turned off. The result of the x37 test is still reported as part of the
  - -verbose output of detect.
    + Eliminate duplicate displays for DisplayPort connected monitors.
  * Command ddcutil --help
    + Include command scs (Save Current Settings) in the output of ddcutil --help.
    ddcutil scs executes a Save Current Settings operation, which is supported
    by some but not all DDC capable displays. This command was implemented some
    time ago, but was not described in the help output.
  * Command ddcutil environment
    + When checking for group i2c membership, issue a special message if running
    as root instead of the generic message that the current user is not a
    member of group i2c.
  * USB connected displays
    + Fix an invalid feature read of a USB connected display, observed when
    getting the controller manufacturer but VCP feature code xC8 is unsupported.
    + When reading a USB report, regard errno EINVAL as an expected indication
    that no value is found rather than an unexpected status code.
  * Tracing
    + Fix the cause of a segfault when tracing a write-only DDC exchange
    (i.e. setting a VCP value)
    + Disable debug messages regarding device id table initialization in the
    environment command.
    + Eliminate double newlines in several error and trace messages
  * Building ddcutil
    + libusb function libusb_set_debug() is deprecated in recent libusb versions,
    in favor of libusb_set_option(), resulting in a compiler warning when flag
  - Wdeprecated-declarations is set. Calls to libusb_set_debug() in file
    libusb_util.c are replaced by iftested code that uses the proper function.
    + Fix an unreachable assert() statement in file execution_stats.c that was
    detected by compiling with option -Werror-switch-unreachable.
    + Add "__attribute__ ((deprecated))" statements to functions
    ddca_report_active_displays() and ddca_get_feature_name_by_display(), in
    header file ddcutil_c_api.h. The inline documentation for these function
    already indicated their deprecated status.
* Sun Jul 29 2018
- Use noun phrase in summary. Use preexisting macro for SUSE docdir.
* Tue Jun 19 2018
- Update to ddcutil 0.9.1
  * Fix the cause of an abort that may occur on command environment --verbose
    when examining an extremely large log file.
- Update to ddcutil 0.9.0
  * Significant Command Line Changes
  * The setvcp command now allows new values for Continuous type features to be
    specified as relative values, e.g. the following commands increase or
    decrease the value of the brightness feature by 5.
  * ddcutil setvcp 10 + 5
  * ddcutil setvcp 10 - 5
  * Option --no-table is now the default.
  * Table type features are by default not included in most feature groups
    specified on getvcp, e.g. getvcp known.
  * The interpretation of --show-unsupported has been tweaked. This option
    applies to command getvcp. (The probe command always reports unsupported
    features.) Command getvcp reports unsupported features if any of the
    following hold:
  - A specific feature was specified by its code, as opposed to a feature set.
  - Verbose output is in effect
  - Option --show-unsupported was specified.
  * Options --rw and --ro apply to both the getvcp and vcpinfo commands.
    Option --wo applies only to vcpinfo.
  * Filters the information returned by vcpinfo to that for the specified
    MCCS version.
  * Additional feature sets have been defined for the getvcp and vcpinfo
    commands. They surface internal ddcutil feature descriptions, and are
    intended to facilitate exploring the MCCS specification and its
    implementation on particular monitors.
  * The VCP file created by dumpvcp now includes a PRODUCT_CODE field including
    the manufacturer product code from the EDID. For some manufacturers, the
    model name in the EDID does not in fact distinguish among models. Notably,
    Samsung commonly uses just "Syncmaster" for the model name. Currently,
    loadvcp recognizes this field name but does not make use of the value.
  * The C API has been extensively revised reflecting experience gained from
    work on a Qt C++ GUI interface. See API Changes in Release 9.0
    ( for details.
  * See more detailed changes at
- Update to ddcutil 0.8.6
  * The externally visible changes in this release include minor enhancements
    and bug fixes. There are also changes in the C API. Internally, there have
    been extensive changes in support of the C and (future) Python APIs.
  * Because of the design of the DDC/CI protocol, there is no certain way to
    distinguish a response indicating that a feature of type Table (T) is
    unsupported from a DDC/CI protocol error. As a result, ddcutil getvcp
    performs the maximum number of retries on a Table type feature before
    giving up. However, Table type features are rarely implemented. The new
  - -notable option allows Table type features to be ignored, speeding up
    execution of getvcp commmands for multiple features.
  * Option --notable applies if the argument to getvcp is a feature set, e.g.
    COLOR or KNOWN instead of a single feature id. In that case Table type
    features are ignored.
  * The use of longjmp() to handle exceptional error condiitions (typically
    program logic errors) has been eliminated.
  * API functions removed: ddca_register_jmp_buf(),
  * Structs removed: DDCA_Global_Failure_Information
  * Add trace class ENV for tracing environment related functions
  * Internally, many functions in key portions of the code base now return
    exception-like structs instead of status codes. Option --excp causes
    ddcutil to report these exception-like structs when they are converted
    to status codes (and the internal detail is discarded).
  * Fix a segfault when probing DRM using the environment command on aarch64.
  * Fix a typo in the recommendations section at the end of the environment
  * See more detailed changes at
Version: 0.8.5-bp150.1.3
* Wed Dec 13 2017
- Update to ddcutil 0.8.5
  * This release contains a large number of minor enhancements and bug fixes
  * The environment command is extensively revised. The increasingly large
    collection of tests has been consolidated.
  * The required glib-2.0 version has been increased from 2.16 to 2.32
    reflecting the use of glib thread functions.
  * Fix a logic error in the VCP version comparison function vcp_version_le().
    This bug affected only audio related VCP feature codes x8f, x91, and x93.
    It also affected experimental command watch which listens for monitor
    changes not made by ddcutil, i.e. by pressing buttons on the monitor.
  * Properly handle the failure case where a display is detected on an I2C bus
    (EDID is read) but DDC communication fails, and the user specifies the
    display on the command line using the I2C bus number (option --bus).
  * Fix the cause of a segfault when the loadvcp command reads a user modified
    VCP file. The command now fails gracefully if none of MFG_ID, MODEL,
    and SN are present.
  * Fix the cause of a segfault when displaying I2C functionality flags in the
  - -environment command. This segfault was seen only in 32 bit versions of
  * The --stats option showed incorrect time statistics on 32 bit versions of
  * Add "-lddcutil" to output of "pkgconfig ddcutil --libs".
  * Improve reporting of the individual errors that result in command failure
    due to maximum I2C retries exceeded.
  * interrogate, environment and usbenvironment now redirect all stderr output
    to stdout for easier capture
  * Added command line options -trcfile and -trcfunc to enable tracing by
    file name and function name.
  * Added configuration option --enable-x11 controlling whether X11 related
    diagnostics are included in the environment and interrogate commands,
    allowing ddcutil to build in embedded environments that lack X11.
    The default is yes.
  * Verbose EDID decription, e.g. on command detect --verbose, now reports EDID
    byte 24 (x14), the supported features bitmap. This is purely informational.
  * Ongoing work to make functions thread safe.
  * Code cleanup.
  * The full list of changes can be read at
* Tue Sep 05 2017
- Clear repeated summary, fix RPM groups, repair description not
  matching the filelists.
* Tue Sep 05 2017
- Use the sources as distributed in github, which is different from
  the sources in rockowitz's OBS project
- Use automake/autoconf/libtool
* Mon Sep 04 2017
- Don't unset the _unpackaged_files_terminate_build test,
  which was forgotten from the original spec file. Instead,
  set --docdir correctly for configure and remove an unwanted
  file after make install.
- Add the %doc line to the library package so it also installs the license
* Fri Sep 01 2017
- Initial release of ddcutil 0.8.4 based on rockowitz's generic spec file