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Version: 2.4.0-bp150.2.4
* Fri Mar 13 2015
- fix SLE 12 build - remove gpg-offline
* Sat Aug 31 2013
- update to 2.4.0
- New features:
  * Store CVS file descriptions in a Subversion property "cvs:description".
  * SVN: Optionally include empty directories from the CVS repository.
  * Much faster cvs2git conversions possible via --use-external-blob-generator.
  * Use file properties for more flexibility over keyword and EOL handling.
  * Add a ConditionalPropertySetter.
  * Allow CVS repository paths to be excluded from the conversion.
  * Normalize EOLs in CVS log messages to LF.
  * Ignore vendor branch declarations that refer to non-existent branches.
  Bugs fixed:
  * Issue #31: cvs2svn does not convert empty directories.
  * Issue #127: Dead "file X added on branch Y" revisions not always dropped.
  * Fix --dry-run for cvs2git and cvs2bzr.
  Improvements and output changes:
  * More aggressively omit unnecessary dead revisions.
  * Consider it a failure if "cvs" or "co" writes something to stderr.
  * Add concept of "file properties", which are only computed once per file.
  * Refuse to accept a default branch that is not a top-level branch.
  * Make check of illegal filename characters dependent on the target VCS.
  * Improve error reporting for invalid date strings in CVS.
  * Many documentation improvements.
  * Allow grafting a branch onto a parent that has itself been grafted.
  * Slightly improve choice of parent branch for vendor branches.
  * Only import "database" if used, to avoid error if no DB module installed.
  * Ignore newphrases in RCS files more robustly.
  * Fix the expansion of the $Source$ keyword for Attic files.
  * Various other minor improvements and fixes.
  * Sort large files using Python to avoid dependency on GNU sort.
* Sun Sep 18 2011
- Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
* Thu Mar 25 2010
- include example option files
- include html docu for other cvs2* tools
* Sat Mar 13 2010
- update to 2.3.0:
  * add a "cvs2git" script for starting conversions to git (or Mercurial)
  * add a "cvs2bzr" script for starting conversions to Bazaar
  * generate manual pages automatically via new --man option
  * allow --mime-types and --auto-props options to be specified more than once
  * support author transforms when converting to Subversion
  * allow unlabeled branches to be renamed using SymbolTransforms
  * fix cvs2git with non-inline blobs: a revision after a delete could be empty
  * do path comparisions platform-independently in symbol transform classes
  * fix
  * output error message if a revision's deltatext is missing
  * improve contrib/ (used for testing conversion accuracy)
  * add an IgnoreSymbolTransform class, for ignoring symbols matching a regexp
  * remove some DeprecationWarnings when running under newer Python versions
* Fri Jul 17 2009
- update to 2.2.0
  * cvs2git: Omit fixup branch if a tag can be copied from an existing revision
  * cvs2git: Add option to set the maximum number of merge sources per commit
  * allow arbitrary SVN directories to be created when a project is created
  * allow vendor branches to be excluded, grafting child symbols to trunk
  * by default, omit trivial import branches from conversion; add --keep-trivial-imports option to get old behavior
  * by default, don't include .cvsignore files in output (except as svn:ignore); add option --keep-cvsignore to get the old behavior
  * allow the user to specify the form of cvs2svn-generated log messages
  * allow file contents to be written inline in git-fast-import streams
  * --create-option: allow arbitrary options to be passed to "svnadmin create"
  * improve handling of auto-props file:
  + discard extraneous spaces where they don't make sense
  + warn if parts of the file might be commented out unintentionally
  + warn if the user appears to be trying to quote a property value
  * fix issue #81: remove svn:ignore property when .cvsignore is deleted
  * fix svn dumpfile conformance:
  + don't include a leading '/' for Node-path
  + include the Node-kind field when copying nodes
  * make symlink test create symlinks explicitly, to avoid packaging problems
  * accept symbol references to revision numbers that end with ".0"
  * when -v, log reasons for symbol conversion choices (tag/branch/exclude)
  * log preferred parent determinations at verbose (rather than debug) level
  * log symbol transformations at verbose (rather than warn) level
  * log statistics about all symbol transformations at normal level
  * cvs2git: generate lightweight rather than annotated tags
  * contrib/
  + allow symbols, files, and directories to be renamed
  + allow CVSROOT directory contents to be erased
  + specify what aspects of a repo to destroy via command-line options
  * cvs2svn now requires Python version 2.4 or later
- changes from 2.1.0:
  * support conversions from CVS to git
  * more flexible symbol transform and symbol strategy rules, including manual rules read from a symbol hints file
  * allow an arbitrary SVN path to be set for each branch/tag directory
  * improved conversion speed
  * improved quality of conversion and toleration for more kinds of CVS repository corruption
  * fixed a few minor bugs
- changes from 2.0.1:
  * fixes a bug with RCS keyword expansion that occurs when using the --use-internal-co option (which is the default)
* Fri Sep 28 2007
- update cvs2svn to 2.0.0
  New features:
  * Add --use-internal-co to speed conversions, and make it the default.
  * Add --retain-conflicting-attic-files option.
  * Add --no-cross-branch-commits option.
  * Add --default-eol option and deprecate --no-default-eol.
  * RevisionRecorder hook allows file text/deltas to be recorded in pass 1.
  * RevisionReader hook allow file text to be retrieved from RevisionRecorder.
  * Slightly changed the order that properties are set, for more flexibility.
  * Don't set svn:keywords on files for which svn:eol-style is not set.
  * Implement issue #53: Allow --trunk='' for --trunk-only conversions.
  Bugs fixed:
  * Fix issue #97: Follow symlinks within CVS repository.
  * Fix issue #99: cvs2svn tries to create a file twice.
  * Fix issue #100: cvs2svn doesn't retrieve the right version.
  * Fix issue #105: Conflict between directory and Attic file causes crash.
  * Fix issue #106: SVNRepositoryMirrorParentMissingError.
  * Fix missing command-line handling of --fallback-encoding option.
  * Fix issue #85: Disable symbol sanity checks with in --trunk-only mode.
  Improvements and output changes:
  * Analyze CVS revision dependency graph, giving a more robust conversion.
  * Improve choice of symbol parents when CVS history is ambiguous.
  * In the case of clock skew to the past, resync forwards, not backwards.
  * Treat timestamps that lie in the future as bogus, and adjust backwards.
  * Gracefully handle tags that refer to nonexistent revisions.
  * Check and fail if revision header appears multiple times.
  * Gracefully handle multiple deltatext blocks for same revision.
  * Be more careful about only processing reasonable *,v files.
  * Improve checks for illegal filenames.
  * Check if a directory name conflicts with a filename.
  * When file is imported, omit the empty revision 1.1.
  * If a non-trunk default branch is excluded, graft its contents to trunk.
  * Omit the initial 'dead' revision when a file is added on a branch.
  * Require --symbol-transform pattern to match entire symbol name.
  * Treat files as binary by default instead of as text, because it is safer.
  * Treat auto-props case-insensitively; deprecate --auto-props-ignore-case.
  * Add a simple (nonportable) script to log cvs2svn memory usage.
  * Allow contrib/ script to try deleting tags and branches.
  * Add --skip-initial-test option to contrib/ script.
* Sat Apr 28 2007
- move cvs2svn and viewvc to separate specfile
* Sat Apr 28 2007
- add sysconfig settings for remote access (247372)
* Sat Apr 28 2007
- add an example to host svn on / to subversion.conf  (179404)
* Thu Mar 29 2007
- add /usr/share/emacs to filelist
* Sun Feb 25 2007
- update viewvc to 1.0.3
  * fix bug in path shown for Subversion deleted-under-copy items (issue #265)
  * minor documentation fixes
  * fix annotate assertions on uncanonicalized #include paths (issue #208)
  * make RSS URL method match the method used to generate it (issue #245)
  * fix Subversion annotation to run non-interactively, preventing hangs
  * fix bug in custom syntax highlighter fallback logic
  * fix bug in PHP CGI hack to avoid force-cgi-redirect errors
- update cvs2svn to 1.5.1
  New features:
  * Support multiproject conversions (each gets its own trunk, tags, branches).
  * New --options option to allow run-time options to be defined via a file.
  * --co, --cvs, and --sort options to specify the paths to executables.
  * Add new --fallback-encoding option.
  Bugs fixed:
  * Add missing import in cvs2svn_lib/
  * Fix issue #86: Support multiple project roots per repository.
  * Fix issue #104: Allow path to "sort" executable to be specified.
  * Fix issue #8: Allow multiple --encoding options.
  * Fix issue #109: Improve handling of fallback encodings.
  Improvements and output changes:
  * Further reduce conversion time and temporary space requirements.
  * Deprecate the --dump-only option (it is now implied by --dumpfile).
* Sat Feb 24 2007
- Version 1.4.3
  - Client:
  * fixed: crash using automatic auth protocols with Neon 0.26 (r22440, -61)
  * fixed: cannot import file names containing '@' (r22203)
  * fixed: error when committing replaced directories (r22991, -8)
  * fixed: inability to change file perms due to existing file perms (r23018)
  * include newest version of (r22969)
  * install a manpage for svnsync (r21403)
  * translation updates for all languages
  * dramatically speed up commit of wc-to-wc copy (r21471)
  * fixed: support 'svn co URL@{DATE}' (issue #2602)
  * fixed: cannot access repositories with spaces via svn:// (issue #2612)
  * fixed: passing full URL in some DAV requests, breaking proxies (r21526)
  * fixed: history-tracing can fail for renamed directories (issue #2600)
  * fixed: crash if interrupted while opening a working copy (r21792)
  * fixed: 'svn merge' should notify about conflicted files (issue #2584)
  * fixed: 'svn revert' should notify about prop-only reverts (issue #2517)
  * fixed: 'svn status -u' not showing props changed on wc root (issue #2533)
  * fixed: 'svn status -u' fails in a read-only working copy (r21904, -19)
  * fixed: 'svn up' failing with checksum mismatch error (issue #2618)
  * fixed: 'svnsync sync' copying missing implicit revprops (issue #2613)
  * fixed: svnsync unable to synchronise copies of URL-unsafe paths (r22092)
  * svnshell tool: support "setrev head" (r20992)
  * include newest version of
  - Server:
  * fixed: incorrectly reporting authz circular dependencies (issue #2684)
  * fixed: potential filesystem memory leak in commit finalisation (r22729)
  * FSFS: improve detection of disk write errors (r21346)
  * FSFS: prevent API violation from corrupting repository (issue #2467)
  * improved error checking when running hook scripts, etc (r21483)
  * new commit_url option links to web page for a commit (r21333)
  - Client and Server:
  * fixed: potential string corruption when resizing string buffers (r22689)
  * translation updates for Korean, Spanish, Italian, Simplified Chinese,
    and Japanese (fixing issues #2649 and #2681)
  * update (experimental) ra_serf repository access module for DAV (r22872)
  * fixed: svn_{ra,repos}_replay() doesn't send checksums (r22346, -51, -52)
  * fixed: error when calling svn_repos_replay2() with a txn root (r22609)
  * support current CVS versions of libtool (post-1.5.22) (r22120)
  * javahl bindings:
  - fixed: auth cache is created in the current directory (r22780)
  - fixed: SVNAdmin's setLog() method always fails (r22387)
  - fixed: target dependency order in generated build scripts (r22209)
  - compile Java bytecode for Java 1.2 VM (r21765, -7, r21814)
  - fixed: crash if using 1.4.x bindings with older libraries (r21316, -429)
  - fixed: crash when empty destination path passed to checkout (r21770)
  * SWIG/perl bindings:
  - fixed: ra_do_{update,switch,status} work with Perl delta editors (r22311)
  - fixed: memory leak when calling methods on a Perl commit editor (r22332)
  - fixed: ra_replay works with Perl delta editors (r20666)
  * SWIG/python bindings:
  - fixed: crash when using an apr_hash_t typemap (issue #2606)
* Thu Jan 25 2007
- add to subversion-tools (236700)
* Sun Oct 29 2006
- use RPM_OPT_FLAGS also for C++
* Wed Sep 27 2006
- use source=1.4 for java compilation
* Mon Sep 25 2006
- update cvs2svn to 1.4.0
  New features:
  * Support multicomponent --trunk, --tags, and --branches paths (issue #7).
  * New --auto-props option allows file properties to be set via file.
  * --force-branch and --force-tag options now accept regular expressions.
  * Add --symbol-default option.
  * Support multiple, ordered --encoding options.
  Bugs fixed:
  * Fix issue #93: Tags with forbidden characters converted to branches.
  * Fix issue #102: Branch file, deleted in CVS, is present in SVN.
  Improvements and output changes:
  * Print informative warning message if a required program is missing.
  * Output an error if any CVS filenames contain control characters.
  * Clean up temporary files even for pass-by-pass conversions.
  * Improve handling of commit dependencies and multibranch commits.
  * Implemented issue #50 (performance change).
  * Reduced the amount of temporary disk space needed during the conversion.
  * cvs2svn now requires Python version 2.2 or later.
  * cvs2svn has been broken up into many smaller python modules for clarity.
* Sat Sep 23 2006
- force javac 1.4 bytecode
* Thu Sep 21 2006
- rename viewcvs to viewvc, with no upgrade path for config files
- use the official viewvc-1.0.1 to get rid of the -dev string
  add patches for https and path handling from 1.0.x branch
* Thu Sep 21 2006
- fix build when java is unavailable