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Change Logs

* Thu Aug 24 2017
- update to 0.9:
  * Write errors to stdout are diagnosed correctly and consistently.
  * Replacing symlinks now replaces the target rather than the symlink itself.
  * The case of parameters is maintained with --get.
  * Single token parameters (without equals) are now supported,
    which are used in mysql config for example.
- Drop 3c52bd938975f7c5b32d7009f109ccbd2328c16d.patch . Applied upstream.
* Thu Dec 08 2016
- update to 0.8:
  * maint: improve documentation for fsync() calls
  * use sha256 rather than md5 to checksum file contents
  * maint: remove stale comment
  * document --help and --version
  * fix spelling in --help and man page
  * fix processing of lines starting with "rem"
  * bump version for release
- add 3c52bd938975f7c5b32d7009f109ccbd2328c16d.patch .
  Fixes symlink handling when writing linked files.
* Thu Feb 18 2016
- update to 0.7 (bsc#966695):
  Bug fixes
  * Separate locking files are no longer used which avoids deadlock in
    cases where the system is stopped in the small window where these
    files exist.
  * Files are now synced after writing for better Durability.
  * crudini no longer removes a blank line from the start of a file
    which has no sections, or options outside a section. [bug
    introduced in version 0.5]
  Bug fixes
  * Lock files are cleaned up robustly. Previously there was a race
    condition resulting in blocked subsequent edits, due to a
    lingering lock file.
  * --del will ignore requests to delete a parameter in a non-existing
    section (unless --existing is used). Previously it failed citing
    the missing section.
  New features
  * The --existing option takes parameters to give more control over
    what needs to pre-exist. So you can specify for example that a
    file needs to exist, but any items within it are created as
  * A new --verbose option was added to indicate on stderr wether the
    request resulted in a config change or not. This can be used to
    determine whether to restart programs etc.
  Changes in behavior
  * Files are created by default if missing, unless --existing is
  * Protections against creating unparseable ini files were added.
  * stdin can be parsed just as with normal files.
  * File writes are avoided if there are no changes to the config.
* Fri Oct 10 2014
- update to 0.4:
  * add --format=lines to support line by line processing
  * doc: tweak readme to mention --format=lines
  * Declare encoding to avoid fatal error
  * fix duplicate DEFAULT section header being output
  * ensure edited ini file contents are always complete
  * split out --options from synopsis
  * send --help to stdout
  * provide alternative --rewrite file editing option
  * provide --output option to allow redirecting output
  * use only the base 'crudini' name in --help
  * ensure writes to the edited ini are never lost
  * add a new --list option to update a list of values
  * honor case when merging new parameters
* Fri Sep 27 2013
- Initial package (0.3)