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Change Logs

* Fri Apr 10 2020 Michal Jura <>
- Update to version 1.17.3:
  * Bump version to 1.17.3
  * Update c/image to v5.3.1
  * sandbox: Make sure the label annotation is proper JSON
  * container_server: Wrap a few more errors in LoadSandbox
  * restore tests: verify some namespace lifecycle cases work
  * fail on failed pinns
  * pinns: pin to /var/run/*ns instead of /var/run/crio/ns/*
  * Add the -d flag when installing runc for circle ci
  * Add the mounts that are required by systemd
  * bump to 1.17.2
* Fri Mar 27 2020 Richard Brown <>
- Use new pause:3.2 image
* Mon Mar 16 2020 Sascha Grunert <>
- Update to v1.17.1:
  * Drop conmonmon
  * Update docs and completions for crio wipe --force
  * wipe: Add a force flag for skipping version check
  * Restore sandbox selinux labels directly from config.json
  * klog: don't write to /tmp
  * Pass down the integer value of the stop signal
  * exec: Close pipe fds to prevent hangs
  * Unwrap errors from label.Relabel() before checking for ENOTSUP
  * oci: Handle timeouts correctly for probes
* Mon Feb 10 2020 Sascha Grunert <>
- Put default configuration in /etc/crio/crio.conf.d/00-default.conf
  in replacement for /etc/crio/crio.conf
* Mon Feb 10 2020 Sascha Grunert <>
- Uncomment default apparmor profile to always fallback to the
  default one
* Mon Feb 10 2020 Sascha Grunert <>
- Remove prevent-local-loopback-teardown-rh1754154.patch which is
  now included in upstream
- Update to v1.17.0:
  * Major Changes
  - Allow CRI-O to manage IPC and UTS namespaces, in addition to
  - Add support for drop-in configuration files
  - Added image pull and network setup metrics
  - Image decryption support
  - Remove unneeded host_ip configuration value
  * Minor Changes
  - Setup container environment variables before user
  - Move default version file location to a tmpfs
  - Failures to stop the network will now cause a stop sandbox
    request to fail
  - Persist container exit codes across reboot
  - Add conmonmon: a conmon monitoring loop to protect against
    conmon being OOM'd
  - Add namespaces{-_}dir CLI and config option
  - Add disk usage for ListContainerStats
  - Introduce new runtime field to restrict devices in privileged
* Sat Jan 18 2020 Sascha Grunert <>
- Fix invalid apparmor profile (bsc#1161179)
* Thu Jan 16 2020 Sascha Grunert <>
- Include system proxy settings in service if present (bsc#1155323)
* Thu Jan 16 2020 Sascha Grunert <>
- Removed the usage of `name_` variables to reduce the error
- Fixed systemd unit install locations for crio-wipe.service and
  crio-shutdown.service (bsc#1161056)
* Fri Jan 10 2020 Richard Brown <>
- Add prevent-local-loopback-teardown-rh1754154.patch to stop local loopback interfaces being torndown before cluster is bootstrapped
* Tue Dec 17 2019
- Make cgroup-driver for kubelet be cgroupfs for SLE to be consistent
  with the cri-o configuration
* Wed Nov 27 2019 Sascha Grunert <>
- Update to v1.16.1:
  * Add manifest list support
  * Default to system.slice for conmon cgroup
  * Don't set PodIPs on host network pods
* Tue Nov 26 2019 Dirk Mueller <>
- switch to libcontainers-common requires, as the other two are
  provided by it already (avant-garde#1056)
* Tue Nov 19 2019 David Cassany <>
- Revert cgroup_manager from systemd to cgroupsfs for SLE15
  k8s default is cgroupfs and in can be modified at runtime by the
  `--kubelet-cgroups` flag. However this flag is deprecated and
  avoinding it is currently preferred over introducing it. In order
  to switch to systemd as the cgroups manager in SLE15 further analysis is
  required to find a suitable configuration strategy.
* Fri Nov 15 2019 Sascha Grunert <>
- Use single service macro invocation
- Add shell completions directories to files
* Thu Nov 14 2019 Sascha Grunert <>
- Add crio and crio-status shell completions
- Add crio-wipe and crio-shutdown services
- Update kubelet verbosity to `-v=2`
- Update conmon cgroup to `system.slice`
- Update crio.conf to match latest version
- Update to v1.16.0:
  * Major Changes
  * Add support for manifest lists
  * Dual stack IPv6 support
  * HUP reload of SystemRegistries
  * file_locking is no longer a supported option in the
    configuration file
  * Hooks are no longer found implicitally.
  * conmon now lives in a separate repository and must be
    downloaded separately.
  * Minor
  * All OCI mounts are mounted as rw when a pod is privileged
  * CRI-O can now run on a cgroupv2 system (only with the runtime
  * Add environment variables to CLI flags
  * Add crio-status client to conveniently query status of crio
    or a container
  * Conmon is now found in $PATH if a path isn't specified or is
  * Add metrics to configuration file
  * Bandwidth burst can only be 4GB
  * If another container manager shares CRI-O's storage (like
    podman), CRI-O no longer attempts to restore them
  * Increase validation for log_dir and runtime_type in
  * Allow usage of short container ID in ContainerStats
  * Make image volumes writeable by the container user
  * Various man page fixes
  * The crio-wipe script is now included in the crio binary (as
    crio wipe), and only removes CRI-O containers and images.
  * Set some previously public packages as internal (client, lib,
    oci, pkg, tools, version)
  * infra container now spawned as not privileged
* Mon Nov 11 2019 Richard Brown <>
- Switch to `systemd` cgroup driver in kubelet config also
* Thu Oct 24 2019 Sascha Grunert <>
- Switch to `systemd` cgroup manager in replacement for `cgroupfs`
* Thu Oct 17 2019 Richard Brown <>
- Remove obsolete Groups tag (fate#326485)
* Mon Oct 07 2019 Sascha Grunert <>
- Fix default apparmor profile to match the latest version