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Change Logs

Version: 2.5-bp150.2.4
* Sun Feb 18 2018
- new upstream version 2.5
  * Added some protection against causing a fork bomb when the
    throttled process is a parent to LimitCPU.
- includes 2.4
  * Introduced ability to watch children of the target process. This
    means forks of the process we are throttling can also be
    throttled, using the "-m" or "--monitor-forks" flags.
- includes 2.3
  * Applied patch to man page which fixes -s description.
  * Added --foreground, -f flag for launching target programs in the
    foreground. LimitCPU then waits for the target process to exit.
    Should be useful in scripts.
- rebase cpulimit-2.2-do_not_forget_version.patch
- cleanup with spec-cleaner
* Fri Dec 26 2014
- new upstream version 2.2
  + Escaped double-dashed in manual page to avoid
  warnings from Debian check tool.
  + Added -s --signal flag. This flag allows the user to
  specify an alternative signal to send a watched process
  when cpulimit terminates. By default we send SIGCONT.
  The -s flag can accept a number (1-35) or a written
- from version 2.1
  + Added the --quiet (-q) flag to make
  limitcpu run silently
  + Make sure error messages are printed to stderr.
  + Placed source code in Subversion (svn) repository.
  Accessable using the SVN checkout command. For
  details, please see the README file.
- from version 2.0
  + Added the -- flag to make sure child processes
  run with command line flags would not confuse
  + Corrected output of child process name in verbose mode.
- added cpulimit-2.2-do_not_forget_version.patch
* Wed Jul 24 2013
- Updated to version 1.9:
  + Added --kill (-k) and --restore (-r) flags to allow target
    processes to be killed and restored rather than simply
- Updates from version 1.8:
  + When displaying verbose output, cpulimit now redisplays the
    column headers every 20 lines.
  + Fixed limiting CPU usage on multicore machines when the desired
    usage limit is great than 100%.
* Fri Aug 24 2012
- Upstream update to version 1.7:
  * Minor code cleanup.
  * Make sure we do not try to throttle our own process.
  * Added "tarball" option to the Makefile to assist
    in packaging. Moved version number to the makefile.
  * Added version information to CPUlimit's help screen.
  * Detect the number of CPU cores on the machine and
    cap the % we can limit. 1 CPU means we can
    limit processes 1-100%, 2 means 1-200%, 4 means 1-400%.
  * Removed extra priority changes. We now only bump
    our priority once, if we have access to do so.
    Also simplified priority increases so it's flexible
    rather than "all or nothing".
  * Since we now attempt to detect the number of CPUs
    available, we also give the user the ability to
    override our guess. The -c and --cpu flags have
    been added for this purpose.
  * Commands can be launched and throttled by appending
    commands to the end of CPUlimit's argument list. For
    cpulimit -l 25 firefox
* Tue May 17 2011
- initial version (1.3)