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Change Logs

* Tue Feb 13 2018
- Fix build errors due to unsupported header include order with
  newer kernels >=4.15 (connman-1.35-include.patch).
* Tue Dec 26 2017
- Add symlink to network.service (connman-1.35-service.patch)
* Thu Oct 26 2017
- Change the mode of download_files (sr#521762)
- Remove connman-rpmlintrc (bnc#1057697)
- Add client as a recommended dependency
* Fri Oct 20 2017
- Remove unrecognized options: disable-gtk-doc, enable-threads,
  disable-iwmx, enable-session-policy
* Thu Oct 19 2017
- Add configuration file (/etc/connman/main.conf)
- Add ghost lines: main.conf connman connman-vpn
* Tue Oct 03 2017
- Add connman-1.35-resolvconf.patch
- Activate connman.service if the network services disabled
- Add info in /var/adm/update-messages
* Fri Sep 08 2017
- Remove obsolete macros
- Add polkit-agent-1 dependency
- Use the %tmpfiles_create macro
- Removal of ldconfig scriptlets from all packages
- Add connman-wait-online.service in post{un}
- Spec file cleanup
* Tue Aug 22 2017
- bump to 1.35
  besides other things contains fix for CVE-2017-12865
* Tue Oct 13 2015
- bumpt to 1.30
    Fix issue with pending DNS request during server change.
    Fix issue with empty strings in nameservers configuration.
    Fix issue with time servers during IP configuration change.
    Fix issue with 4-way handshake during roaming.
    Fix issue with open WiFi networks security.
    Fix issue with support for WiFi AnonymousIdentity.
    Fix issue with memory leak and DHCPv6 DUID handling.
    Fix issue with DHCP client and P2P interaction.
    Fix issue with handling provision file updates.
    Fix issue with VPN state updates.
    Disable 6to4 support by default.
- add keyring file
- clean with spec-cleaner
- fix builds for all possible distributions and architectures
* Fri Aug 07 2015
- bump to 1.29
  Fix issue with IPv6 autoconfiguration when disabled.
  Fix issue with IPv6 temporary route handling.
  Fix issue with IPv6 timers for nameservers.
  Fix issue with DHPCv6 and route configuration.
  Fix issue with DHCPv6 source port and buggy servers.
  Fix issue with DHCPv6 rapid commit option length.
  Fix issue with DHCPv6 rapid commit error handling.
  Fix issue with handling invalid WiFi passphrases.
  Fix issue with connecting Ethernet devices.
  Add support for Ethernet and VLAN usage.
* Fri Feb 06 2015
- bump to 1.28
  ver 1.28:
  Fix issue with DHCPv6 re-transmission timer.
  Fix issue with DHCP service ID option byte order.
  Fix issue with IPv6 connections and SLAAC/DHCPv6.
  Fix issue with telephony and IPv6 autoconfiguration.
  Fix issue with Bluetooth technology setting changes.
  Fix issue with WiFi autoscan interval calculation.
  Fix issue with WiFi and missing BSS signal strength.
  Add support for IPv4 information for WiFi Display.
  ver 1.27:
  Fix issue with memory leak in IP configuration.
  Fix issue with providing random numbers for DHCP.
  Fix issue with handling IN_MOVED_TO inotify events.
  Fix issue with channel selection for WiFi scanning.
  Add support for handling Bluetooth GN and PANU roles.
  ver 1.26:
  Fix issue with missing WiFi security provisioning support.
  Fix issue with immutable setting and provisioned services.
  Fix issue with scheduling DNS cache cleanup procedure.
  Fix issue with IPv6 Privacy setting on service removal.
  Fix issue with DHCPv6 CONFIRM message sending procedure.
  Fix issue with DHCPv6 lease expiration handling support.
  Fix issue with DHCPv4 networks and broadcast flag handling.
  Fix issue with DHCPv4 networks without gateway configuration.
  Fix issue with P2P Peer authorization handling.
  Fix issue with P2P Peer service registration.
  Add support for WiFi Display information elements.
  Add support for systemd-hostnamed integration.
  ver 1.25:
  Fix issue with handling rebind timer for DHCPv6.
  Fix issue with handling DHCP renew transaction.
  Fix issue with user supplied proxy settings and DHCP.
  Fix issue with extra status codes from captive portals.
  Fix issue with service idle state reset on failure.
  Fix issue with DNS label compression handling.
  Add support for experimental P2P Peer service.
  ver 1.24:
  Fix issue with handling slave interfaces.
  Fix issue with handling DHCPv4 broadcast flag.
  Fix issue with handling DHCPv4 lease expiration.
  Fix issue with handling WiFi auto-scanning timeout.
  Fix issue with handling domain and DNS server changes.
  Fix issue with double free and agent messages.
  ver 1.23:
  Fix issue with memory leak in technology handling.
  Fix issue with not removing host route of OpenVPN.
  Fix issue with double free in DHCP cleanup handling.
  Fix issue with handling DHCP method from oFono.
  Fix issue with IPv6-PD when disabling tethering.
  Fix issue with DNS proxy when disabling tethering.
  Fix issue with Bluetooth start and stop interaction.
  Fix issue with Bluetooth PAN networks on adapter change.
  ver 1.22:
  Fix issue with WPS state synchronization.
  Fix issue with DNS servers and default service.
  Fix issue with DHCP client and rebooting state.
  Add support for NTP exponential backoff handling.
  Add support for NTP kiss-of-death packet handling.
  Add support for Ethernet gadget networking.
* Tue Jul 15 2014
- Install connmanctl in connman-client package
* Wed Feb 19 2014
- bump to 1.21
    Hidden SSID scanning works again and the security mode of the found WiFi network is checked against the one requested (Tomasz Bursztyka).
    Fix failure when enabling Bluetooth using Bluez 5.x (Zhang Zhengguang)
    GTK-doc generated documentation hasn't seen any use in a long time and has become sufficiently broken in order to be removed (Ross Burton). Notice that ConnMan documentation still continues to exist in the ./doc directory.
    Fix a few minor issues discovered by Coverity (Daniel Wagner) and add DNS buffer validation (Jaehyun Kim).
    Properly handle proxies whether they are IP addresses or host names (Sjoerd Simons)
* Tue Dec 17 2013
- bump to 1.20
  ver 1.20:
    Fix issue with invalid cache of DNS proxy support.
    Fix issue with stopping DHCP for failed connections.
    Fix issue with not stopping IPv4 Link-Local state machine.
    Fix issue with service type handling for unknown interfaces.
    Fix issue with using interface names instead of indexes.
    Fix issue with resetting network retry counter on failure.
    Fix issue with using nameservers when its type is not enabled.
    Fix issue with fallback nameservers not being used.
    Add support for NTP version 3 protocol.
  ver 1.19:
    Fix issue with not correctly storing IPv4 method.
    Fix issue with changing the default service too early.
    Fix issue with service reference count and WISPr checks.
    Fix issue with service auto-connect handling and ordering.
    Fix issue with host and domain names when service changes.
    Fix issue with proxy result and WISPr handling.
    Fix issue with proxy reset when disconnecting.
    Fix issue with handling fallback nameservers.
    Add support for multiple agents.
* Tue Sep 24 2013
- Update to 1.18
* Sat Jun 08 2013
- Properly handle vpn service with systemd
* Sat Jun 01 2013
- Update to 1.15
- 1.12 never built (My Fault)
- Various bug fixes including to tethering, DHCPv6 and commandline
  client amoungst others
* Sat Mar 23 2013
- Update to 1.12
- New Bluetooth and VPN features amongst others
* Sun Nov 25 2012
- Meet Packaging Guidelines for systemd packages in openSUSE
- Remove some tabs from the spec file
* Fri Nov 23 2012
- fix dependency name