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Change Logs

* Tue Apr 18 2017
- Update to version 0.8.14:
  * Handle _NET_WM_MOVERESIZE ClientMessages.
    Fixes the whisker menu resize bug.
  * Improve horizontal and vertical maximizing.
  * Remove the "Number of Desktops" option.
  * Fix a crash when displaying special characters in gtk-window-decorator.
  * Set rotate and wall default flip bindings to None.
    Fixes a problem where edges of screen are unclickable by default.
  * Fix potential for skydome silently failing to render.
  * Don't fallback for exceeding max texture size.
  * Improve --button-layout behavior for gtk-window-decorator.
  * Update translations.
- Workaround /usr/@DATADIRNAME@/locale/ on openSUSE Leap 42.1 and
- Rebase compiz-suse-defaults.patch.
- Only switch gtk-window-decorator to Gtk3 on openSUSE Leap 42.3
  and newer.
* Wed Mar 22 2017
- Switch gtk-window-decorator to Gtk3 after Marco.
* Sun Apr 10 2016
- Update to version
  * Drop glib-gettext dependency.
    This fixes usage of with newer glib.
  * Change default Blue filter to Gaussian.
  * Fix broken appearance on HiDPI with GTK+ 3.10+ (if scaling is on).
    For now scaling is just disabled completely.
  * Fix for some cases when cursor settings were ignored by
* Thu Mar 24 2016
- Update to
  * Include forgotten into the tarball,
    needed for --enable-menu-entries.
- Solve libcompizconfig dependency loop.
* Thu Mar 17 2016
- Update to
  * Increase maximum Mipmap LOD for Blur plugin.
  * Probably fix "white glitches" that happen on resize in
  * Fix right click near top edge of maximised windows in
  * Fix a X11 Drawable leakage in gtk-window-decorator.
* Sat Feb 13 2016
- Update to 0.8.12:
  * Move into gtk-window-decorator.
  * Add an optional libcompizconfig build dependency that makes it
    so gtk-window-decorator can honour MATE or GNOME Flashback
    cursor theme settings, and also read shadow settings without
    D-Bus plugin from CCSM.
  * annotate plugin changes:
  - Implement shape drawing.
  - Fix shape drawing code to always call cairo_save before
    drawing and cairo_restore after drawing.
  - Implement centered shape drawing with a toggle keybinding.
  - Unify stroke and line width options.
  - Fix longstanding damage bugs.
  - Use stroke colour for freedraw mode.
  - Improve transparent colours rendering.
  - Change default stroke width to 3.0.
  * Move plugin-matecompat image to ccsm project.
  * Add Desktop Wall plugin from compiz-plugins-main project.
  * Fix Desktop Wall settings of arrow and gradient thumbs colors.
  * Fix gtk-window-decorator crash when a window is hanged.
- Require compiz-plugins and libcompizconfig.
- Merge compiz-fusion-plugins-main-defaults.patch from
  compiz-plugins-main into compiz-suse-defaults.patch.
- Enable D-Bus plugin by default.
* Thu Dec 17 2015
- Update to 0.8.10:
  * Add mate-window-decorator: Marco native settings monitor for
  * Add all relevant checks from compiz-manager.
  * Remove scripts, modify desktop menu entries and disable by
  * gtk-window-decorator: Make it possible to build with Gtk3.
  * Add a compiz-decorator script that tries to detect the best
    suitable decorator.
- Remove compiz-add-manager-checks.patch: merged upstream.
- Remove compiz-decorator, gnome-window-decorator, compiz.desktop
  from sources: added upstream.
- Rebase compiz-suse-defaults.patch.
* Sat Dec 12 2015
- Bring compiz-decorator back: Compiz must handle Emerald-only
- Set back compiz-decorator as a default decorator in
- Fix crashes in gnome-window-decorator.
- Force compiz-gnome bigger priority than compiz-emerald if
  MATE or GNOME session is installed by supplements.
- Simplify compiz-decorator: no need to fallback if decorator is
  missing as it can't be (requirement).
- Do not change default resize mode in compiz-suse-defaults.patch.
- Do not even suggest Marco in compiz-gnome: gtk-window-decorator
  only need a library for supporing Metacity decorations.
- Remove bug-449168-avoid-independent-output-painting.diff:
  considered harmful.
- Modify compiz-add-manager-checks.patch: do not start Compiz
  without --replace when other WM is running.
- Do not generate MATE Control Centre keybindings after all:
  support is removed from upstream.
* Wed Nov 25 2015
- Rename compiz-default-settings.diff to
- Rename mate-window-decorator to gnome-window-decorator to point
  out it's not DE-centric.
- Adjust gnome-window-decorator so it will start accepting custom
  options properly (transparently as gtk-window-decorator does).
- Remove compiz-decorator: automatical decorator detection lost its
  meaning with the KDE decorator loss.
- Set gnome-window-decorator as a default decorator in
- Modify compiz-suse-defaults.patch to center windows by default.
- Do not default Expo plugin: can be annoying.
- Drop compiz-unmanaged-window-position.patch: was fixed upstream,
  reverse applying is a mistake.
* Fri Nov 20 2015
- Add compiz-add-manager-checks.patch: add all relevant checks
  from compiz-manager; and pciutils dependency.
- Get from Ubuntu packages a script to generate MATE Control Centre
  keybinding XML's.
* Mon Nov 09 2015
- Update to 0.8.9.
- Update dependencies and license.
- Split libdecoration0.
- Split plugins from compiz to compiz-plugins, make compiz
  recommend compiz-plugins and compiz-plugins to recommend
- compiz-gnome to recommend compiz-plugins-main and suggest ccsm.
- compiz-gnome doesn't have to depend on GNOME Control Centre and
- Rebase compiz-default-settings.diff.
- Remove dummy compiz-kde4 package.
- Do not recommend compiz-emerald.
- Merely suggest compicc instead of recommending.
- Drop kde-compiz.desktop and startkde-compiz: no longer used.
- Remove compiz-kde-4.9.patch, kde-auto-comp.diff,
  compiz-global_Region_define.patch: KDE-related.
- Restore standalone locales, place in compiz-lang.
- Change compiz-devel group to "Development/Languages/C and C++".
- Tickle default enabled plugins.
- Move matecompat and svg plugins from compiz-gnome to compiz.
- Adjust compiz-decorator script for MATE.
- Add mate-window-decorator wrapper that adjusts gwd settings with
  Marco or Metacity ones.
- Drop support of old openSUSE.
- Add baselibs.conf.
* Mon Oct 20 2014
- enable build for %arm and aarch64
* Thu Aug 14 2014
- disable metacity; fix compile error due to private function changes
- remove unused compiz-gtk_widget_visible.patch
* Wed Jul 10 2013
- Drop kde4 package for 13.1, KWin has dropped support for compiz
  with 4.11 release.
- Spec cleanup
* Tue Feb 26 2013
- Added support for translation-update-upstream.
* Fri Jan 18 2013
- fixing build in Factory
* Sat Nov 17 2012
- compiz-kde-4.9.patch:
  taken from gentoo to fix compilation with kde-4.9
* Fri Jun 01 2012
- license update: HPND and GPL-2.0+
  SPDX format (and the majority of the MIT-like licenses are actually HPND
  - see
* Sat May 12 2012
- correct the license format
* Sat May 12 2012
- add xsessions start script to run Compiz-KDE from the display manager