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Change Logs

* Thu Sep 30 2021 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Backport change from cppcheck:
  * 0001-Fix-compilation-with-recent-glibc-where-SIGSTKSZ-is-.patch
* Sat Mar 06 2021 andy great <>
- Update to version 15.0.0.
  * bug fixes
  * Fixed: hiding line number margin is no longer possible
  * Find In Files: should now load faster on Windows
  * Fixed: File System Workspace: keep the last 'File mask'
    value used
  * Language Server Protocol: Initialized notification to the
  * Prevent hangs under Wayland when changing Workspace View
  * Properly save/load workspace breakpoints and avoid mixing
    between two different workspaces breakpoints
  * File System Workspace: when 'remote development' is enabled,
    do not attempt to remote save a file that is not part of our
    source tree or was opened by the SFTP plugin
  * Fixed: crash when switching between themes
  * gdb does not display local variables properly
  * Creating a new file from the context menu in the File System
    Workspace - does not add it to git or svn
  * Outline: honour the general background theme colour
  * Bootstrap wizard: if the user select Default profile, load
    all plugins
  * Fixed crash in codelite-terminal when executed with
  - -command
  * Fixed: SFTP overrides file attributes if these were modified
    after the file was loaded into CodeLite
  * LLDB settings: keep the full path for debugserver
  * Fixed: cppcheck is now working from the context menu again
  * File System Workspace: set the default working directory to
    the workspace folder
  * PHPdoc return value is not handled correctly
  * Changes
  * Displaying the parent folder in the tab label is now optional
  * Git push: just execute git push without prompting the user to
    select remote
  * By default, show minimal list of buttons in the toolbar when
    first time installing CodeLite
  * By default, enable minimal list of plugins (by profile type)
  * File System Workspace: split the settings into 2 different
    files: a local and shared file. The content in the "local"
    files is kept under .codelite/ directory in the workspace
    folder and is not to be saved into git or any source control
    the * default .workspace file contains properties that should
    be shared
  * File System Workspace: added 'working directory' field
  * Language Server Protocol: optimized the traffic between
    LSP <-> CodeLite by adding checksum checks before calling LSP
    to re-parse a file
  * Language Server Protocol: added support for implemented
    'extDocument/documentSymbol' protocol message
  * PHP: update PHP xdebug UI view to fit the IDE look
  * Language Server Protocol: added an option to pass environment
    variables + initialization options directly from the UI
  * GDB: Honor user's ~/.gdbinit file
  * File System Workspace: added an option to use remote build
  * Internal changes to how GDB communicate changes to CodeLite
  * Appearance: honor *system* dark themes
  * Language Server Protocol: install the user code completion
    provided by clangd automatically
  * Creating or deleting a folder via the 'Explorer' view, will
    automatically sync PHP workspace
  * file system workspace: extend the default file extensions to
    show with *.py, *.rb, *.php and *.php
  * python support: adjust method document style to match the
    NumPy method as described here:
  * [PHP] Find functions in context when inserting PHPDoc
  * [PHP] Add return type to signature
  * [PHP] Add nullable type to signature in auto-complete
  * [PHP] Hint nullable and default values
  * [PHP] Handel parsing of by reference values in PHPDoc
  * [PHP] Allow parsing of nullable types from PHPDoc
  * [PHP] Handle parsing PHP 7.1 nullable types
  * [PHP] Handle common mistakes when parsing PHPDoc
  * [PHP] Add missing native types
  * [PHP] Group tags in generated PHPDoc
  * [PHP] Set return type to mixed when unspecified
  * Callgraph is no longer included in the default installer of
  * File System Workspace: added the ability to exclude folders
    from the workspace. The folders are still visible, but they
    will be excluded in * various operations, like Find In Files,
    Parsing etc
  * Full parsing of workspace is roughly 30% faster now
  * Renamed default build system from "CodeLite Make
    Generator" -> "CodeLite Makefile Generator"
  * Added new Build System: CodeLite Makefile
    Generator - UNIX - which generates UNIX compatible Makefiles,
    even when on Windows (useful for cygwin / MSYS environments)
  * contextual highlight is no longer done using the SQLite
    symbol database, as a result it should feel much more faster
  * Git reset: added a WARNING icon to the dialog + Cancel
    button (which is now the new default)
  * Navigation bar now also displays "git blame" info
    (author + commit hash + date) for the current line
  * UI updated to the Preferfences and Colour and fonts dialog
  * Refined dark theme support by removing various border which
    might look bright on dark theme
  * Language Server Plugin: you can now mark an LSP as SSH. This
    will execute it on a remote machine instead (you still need
    to make sure that it is installed on the remote machine)
  * Quick Debug: it is now possible to debug over SSH from. Just
    state the account + binary to debug and CodeLite will do the
  * Language Server Plugin: opening a header file will now
    automatically send the implementation file (cpp) to the active
    LSP for parsing. This way we make sure that goto-definition
    will work immediately
  * Implemented a proper "switch to workspace" functionality.
    It is now possible to call Open Workspace without the need
    to the currently opened one. In addition, CodeLite will now
    display a dialog that will list the last opened workspaces
  * PHP Find In Files: 1. Starting find-in-files from the context
    menu will force the find-in-files dialog to use the selected
    dialogs from the tree view *this are transient paths and will
    not be remembered* 2. Starting find-in-files from any other
    way, will use the last used settings
  * Fixed: find in files offset is broken when non ASCII text is
    presented in the editor
- Rebase fix_compilation_JSON_wxWidgets.patch.
* Wed Nov 25 2020 andy great <>
- Update to version 14.0.2.
  * Increased the external tools limit from 10 -> 20
  * wxCrfater: Wrap the include statements part of the generated
    code with // clang-format {on|off} block this will disable any
    include sorting done by clang-format which might break
  * New project dialog re-written and simplified
  * Diff View : added "find" command
  * Added menu option: Help -> Report an issue
  * Various font fixes in the code completion windows
  * Diff frames now start maximized
  * Diff View: all the toolbar commands can now be executed from
    the keyboard
  * New build system. the old Default was renamed and now is called
    Default (DEPRECATED). The new build system performs a full out
    of the source tree build. The entire build artifacts are placed
    in a single folder under the workspace path, this is similar to
  * New workspace type introduced: The File System Workspace
  * Improved startup time by reducing the number of syscalls
  * Language Server Protocol: discard code-completion responses if
    a new request was already sent to the server
  * Use PATH to search binaries instead of hard coded /usr/bin/
  * UI: Updated the tabs drawing (mainly the "DEFAULT" and the
    "MINIMAL" styles)
  * wxCrafter: UI update: the right side view no longer has a
    splitter, instead it only uses tabs
  * Debugger->Attach to process dialog: the process ID is now also
    used for filtering
  * File System Workspace: save all modified files before the build
  * Increase the code completion box width
  * Restart all LSP once a build process is completed
  * SFTP: once we open the SFTP browser to view a remote server,
    keep the session
  * Simplify the LSP configuration dialog
  * UI updates to the tab drawings
  * Language Server Plugin: support for auto inclusion of missing
  * Language Server Plugin: auto detect ( by clicking the Scan
    button ) installed LSPs currently supported:
    `python-language-server` and `clangd`
  * VIM plugin imporvements
  * New Class dialog simplification
  * Outline tab: remove the search text control, you can now use
    Ctrl-F search a symbol
  * Fixed clang compiler detection. On OSX, also search for clang
    compiler installed by brew
  * Bash editor: make $ a valid word character
  * More DPI aware changes
  * File System Workspace: dont use the 'Quick Debug' for starting
    debug session
  * File System Workspace: store the breakpoints when the
  workspace is closed
  * File System Workspace: add an option to choose debugger in
    the settings dialog
  * Code completion: don't add extra > or " when choosing an entry
    from the #include completion list
  * Code completion: constructor items are marked with the proper
    icon in the completion list
  * Code completion: template items are now completed in the
    editor in the form of: vector<|> where "|" marks the caret
  * Quick Find All / Add Next (Ctrl-K) -> honour the find bar
    options (wholeword, match case etc)
  * LSP: added an option to restart the LSPs
  * Performance improvements
  * Auto search and detect LSP (clangd, python)
  * C++ parser thread will now parse also files without standard
    C++ extension which defined as such under
    'Settings->Code Completion->General'
  * Visual updates to the 'Replace In Files' view
  * GDB: limit the number of displayed elements of arrays / object
    with a configurable value. The default is set to 100
  * File system workspace: added an option to hide specific file
    types from the view, with reasonable defaults:
  * Python: typing """ followed by an ENTER, generates and insert
    a block comment
  * Python: support Ctrl-/ and Ctrl-Shift-/ for inserting block /
    line comments
  * Docker: auto detect docker binaries
  * Docker: make the 'build' Dockerfile command work out of the
    box without setting anything in the 'Build' tab
  * LSP plugin: added 'Find Symbol' to the editor's context menu
  * Fullscreen is now persistent between restarts
  * SFTP plugin: support ssh-agent
  * Language Server Plugins: support connecting an already running
    LSP server (can be on a remote machine)
  * Reload File: keep the folding + bookmarks set on the file
  * Separated between the 'smart paren/bracket' and 'auto add
    closing paren/bracket' functionalities in the UI. i.e. these
    2 now have 2 different checkboxes in the UI
  * C++ class generator: use .hpp file by default instead of .h
  * When loading wxCrafter view, expand the top level node item
  * C++ class wizard: support file system workspace
  * Give the git log dialog a Close button
  * Make the dialog Close when ESC is pressed
  * When offering a list of possible terminals in
    Settings > Preferences >Terminal, don't include ones that are
    not currently available on the user's system
  * wxCrafter: should now also be working with File System
  * CodeLite's SFTP plugin now uses ssh-agent
  * The stop build button in the c++ workspace's mini toolbar was
    removed. The build button now changes its icon to 'stop' while
    a build is in progress
  * C++ workspace: added the option to stop an executed program
    from the mini workspace toolbar
  * Debugger: use better default values
  * Auto prompt for LSPs when first time installing CodeLite
  * codelite-make keeps coredumping when using a project with a
    custom makefile
  * View Navigation Bar hotkey does not toggle check mark
  * Regression: C++ open resource allows multiple selection
  * How to make Navigation Bar appear by default ?
  * Subversion plugin : path information missing
  * Fixed: codelite crash when deleting the last panel in main box
    sizer, or delete the main box sizer
  * Fixed: GDB shows a message box when SIGPIPE is captured
  * Debugger doesn't work on Mac with codelite
  * Debugger doesn't show backtrace when program receives SIGPIPE
  * Fixed: Language Server plugin can now handle binary output
    returns from the various servers (e.g. clangd in some cases
    returns binary data integrated into the completion results)
  * Fixed: find in files output is now sorted by A-Z
  * Changing font for build ouptut window does not work
  * Fixed: failed to start LSP server when the command contains
    spaces with backslashes in it (e.g. "C:\Program Files\..."
  * Fixed: project settings (C++): hitting ENTER in the environment
    page, dismisses the dialog
  * Unable to create new project
  * Fixed: find in files hangs when Enable pipe filter is checked
    and the content before the first pipe is empty
  * Fixed: Pressing keyboard LEFT arrow in tree views does not jump
    to parent node
  * Fixed: delay on tab switching on GTK3 with slow machines
  * Implemented handling for SQLite error: disk I/O error
  * Fixed: delay on tab switching on GTK3 with slow machines
  * Implemented handling for SQLite error: disk I/O error
  * wxCrafter Panel Cannot be resized correctly
  * Gnome terminal does not work casued by
    4e270fb42bd8b1a8f5fc72817cda9005e8ea44e4. Change it back.
  * Fixed: when choosing a template function from the code
    completion, the inserted code block is shuffled
  * File System workspace: update the files cache when a new file
    is created
  * Fixed possible buffer overflow
  * Fixed: SFTP bookmarks does not work
  * clDiffFrame, used e.g. by git Diff View, can now be closed with
    the ESC key
  * Make Ctrl-C in the Output tab of the Debugger Panework work
- Updates since 12.0.0.
  * Make alphabetical sorting of the Notebook tabs' dropdown menu
    optional from settings->preferences->windows & tabs
  * Remove the Trace output tab. Instead of the Trace tab, all the
    log messages are now redirected to CodeLite log file
  * Spell checker plugin "Continuous" mode is now persistent
    between runs
  * Make Ctrl-C over an empty line copying the entire line optional
  * spellcheck: a bit more false positive reduction in continuous
  * Navigation bar: allow the user to place it below or above the
    editor control
  * (feature request) Show number of chars and/or bytes in text
    selection in the footer
  * (feature request) Add possibility for renaming folders
  * lldb: added run-to-caret and jump-to-caret.
  * lldb: added option to dislay thread name to threads pane
  * lldb: added add watch context menu in editor and remove watch
    context menu in locals view
  * lldb: expanded locals recursively and don't re-expand
    previously collapsed items
  * lldb: added a thread context menu with suspend/resume.
  * lldb: quickly add inner class members into the watch view
  * lldb: support changing the display format (similar to gdb)
  * Make the Ctrl-TAB and Ctrl-Shift-TAB configurable
  * Feature Request: move editor tab left/right functionality
  * subversion plugin : cannot handle unversioned files
  * Feature request: Find In Files: all files relative from
    workspace (and down)
  * wxCrafter: added support for subclassing wxToolBar and
  * New Notebook style was added
  * Detach Editor now allows to DnD editors from the main notebook
    to the detached frame
  * Database explorer UI revamped
  * Support customizing the captions colours
  * Added syntax highlight for Dockerfile
  * New plugin: Docker, now edit build and execute Docker
    containers from CodeLite
  * ToolBar: support customisation
    (choose which tools are displayed)
  * CodeLite is now more friendly with the dark themes
  * Use new controls for trees and table based views
  * Allow building a header file (by compiling its CXX counterpart)
  * Don't execute post build commands when compiling a single file
  * Adjust doxygen settings when using /*!
  * Make CodeLite compile and run against GTK3
  * All bitmaps were replaced with a consistent clear bitmaps
    (two sets created: for dark and normal themes)
  * Terminal support in CodeLite simplified. There is a single
    location where you can choose which terminal
    (from a predefined list of terminals) to use, this selection
    now affects all terminals launched by CodeLite
  * wxCrafter: support wxMiniFrame
  * WebTools plugin: Node.js debugger re-written to support newer
    versions of Node.js
    (The Node.js project changed the debugger protocol)
  * The debugger toolbar is now a floating toolbar that shows when
    debug session starts
  * No more splash screen
  * Find in Files dialog feature req
  * It is now possible to perform find in files in the SFTP tree
  * CppCheck updated to version 1.85
  * CodeLite now accepts folder path as a command line argument and
    opens it in the "Explorer" view. If a workspace file exists in
    the path given, the workspace is loaded instead of opening the
  * Support document code completion (i.e. hitting Ctrl-Space in a
    block comment will suggest the various document keywords
    (e.g. @param @brief etc.)
  * NodeJS debugger: added the ability to copy the backtrace into
    the clipboard
  * Implement PHP comments fold
  * Added support to Language Servers
  * Find In Files: the Look In and File mask fields are now kept
    and loaded per workspace type. Sensible defaults are used per
  * Find In Files: the Look In field is now a free text field
  * Language Server plugin: auto restart the LSP once new
    compile_commands.json is generated
  * New plugin: EOSWiki - support blockchain development using
  * Find In Files: allow to exclude folder from the search by using
    wild card syntax. For example, to exclude all content from
    node_modules folder, you can add to the Look In field this
    line: -*node_modules*
  * Better dark theme support for OS with no dark theme
  * CodeLite diff plugin: support folders diff Ctrl-Alt-F by
  * Added support for pinned projects view. A pinned projects gives
    a quick access to the project context menu without the need to
    search for the project item in the C++ workspace view
  * Files opened via the SFTP no longer displays the "cloud" icon
  * Allow spell checker plugin to work with multiple CodeLite
  * Fixed: Ctrl-Shift-P -> Svn Commit does not work
  * Fixed: Checking "Use Codelite's built-in terminal emulator"
    requires uninstall/reinstall
  * Fixed: crash when editing keyboard shortcut
  * Fixed: Doxygen tweaks use wrong line ending
  * Fixed: OSX: at times, the nodejs debugger did not start
  * Copy & paste functions in SVN Commit dialog are not available
  * Right clicking on vdir with physical one does not default new
    template wizard to that directory
  * New Class and New Template Wizard do not enforce same filename
  * wxCrafter: Fixed: when using in frame mode, make sure that all
    dialogs shown from wxC, are parented to this main frame and not
    CodeLite's one
  * wxCrafter: Fixed: Top level windows (Frame, Dialog and Top
    level Panel) did not honor the common properties (bg colour,
    fg coluor, hidden, focused and disabled state)
  * wxCrafter: Fixed: When in frame mode, use CodeLite' wxAUI
    docking art for UI persistency
  * wxCrafter: Fixed: All generated files are now formatted
    according to CodeLite's formatter settings
  * wxCrafter: Fixed: Honor the "Format Inherited Classes" setting
  * Fixed: debugger arrays are displayed incorrectly in the Locals
    & Watches view
  * Fixed: code completion window is not positioned correctly on
    multiple screens with different resolutions
  * Fixed: unable to select virtual directory in various wxCrafter
  * When starting CodeLite from the command line with a file name
    as input, don't show the welcome page
  * Fixed: creating a C++ workspace by dragging a folder from the
    file manager does not work if the folder has special chars in
    it's name
  * Fixed: Memcheck generates malformed XML file path, cannot
    create file and fails to start
  * Fixed: codelite-make broken
  * Fixed: CMake plugin regression (missing double quotes in the
    generated link_directory entries)
- Add fix_compilation_JSON_wxWidgets.patch to work around wxWidgets
  builds on openSUSE cause Codelite to fail to compile.
- Add fix_node_env-script-interpreter.patch, Fix RPMLINT warning
- Remove codelite-disable-new-version-check.patch, not applicable.
- Fix position-independent-executable-suggested by adding -pie flag.
* Mon Mar 18 2019 Mariusz Fik <>
- Fix again rpath for plugins.
* Fri Mar 01 2019 Martin Pluskal <>
- Small packaging cleanups
* Tue Feb 26 2019 Francescodario Cuzzocrea <>
- Update to upstream version 12.0:
  * Plenty of changes - see
- Remove upstreamed patches"
  * fix-use-system-sqlite3.patch
  * fix-no-return-in-nonvoid-function.patch
* Mon Nov 05 2018 Martin Pluskal <>
- Fix changelog
- Run spec-cleaner
- Drop conditions for old distros
* Mon Oct 29 2018 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Trim marketing wording from description.
* Sat Oct 27 2018
- Don't disable rpath, plugins need that