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Change Logs

* Tue Jun 05 2018
- Refactor %license usage to a simpler form
* Mon Jun 04 2018
- Make use of %license macro
* Wed Apr 04 2018
- Remove creating subvolumes. This should be in another package (kubernetes-kubelet)
* Mon Jan 29 2018
- Use full/absolute path for mksubvolume
- Change snapper Requires to a Requires(post)
* Thu Jan 18 2018
- Add snapper as a requirement, to provide mksubvolume
* Mon Jan 15 2018
- Make /var/lib/cni writable
* Tue Dec 19 2017
- Remove the dependency with the cni-plugins
- Recommend the cni-plugins
* Mon Aug 28 2017
- Update to version 0.6.0:
  * Conventions: add convention around chaining interfaces
  * pkg/types: safer typecasting for TextUnmarshaler when loading args
  * pkg/types: modify LoadArgs to return a named error when an unmarshalable condition is detected
  * Update note about next Community Sync, 2017-06-21
  * types: fix marshalling of omitted "interfaces" key in IPConfig JSON
  * Update and document release process
  * scripts/ Add in s390x architecture
  * cnitool: add support for CNI_ARGS
  * README plugins list: add Linen CNI plugin
* Mon Apr 10 2017
- Update to version 0.5.2:
  * Rename build script to avoid conflict with bazel
  * Enable s390x build
  * Update community sync detail
  * Added entry for CNI-Genie
  * travis: shift forward to Go 1.8 and 1.7
  * spec/plugins: fix 'ip'->'ips' in the spec, bump to 0.3.1
  * libcni: Improved error messages.
  * libcni: Fixed tests that were checking error strings.
  * Documentation: Added documentation for `cnitool`.
* Thu Mar 23 2017
- Update to version 0.5.1:
  * Add link to community sync
  * pkg/ip: do not leak types from vendored netlink package
  * pkg/ip: SetupVeth returns net.Interface
  * pkg/ip: improve docstring for SetupVeth
  * Added Romana to list of CNI providers...
  * plugins/meta/flannel: If net config is missing do not return err on DEL
  * plugins/*: Don't error if the device doesn't exist
* Wed Mar 22 2017
- Update to version 0.5.0:
  * Documentation: Add conventions doc
  * noop: allow specifying debug file in config JSON
  * Spec/Conventions: Update to include plugin config
  * spec: add network configuration list specification
  * api,libcni: add network config list-based plugin chaining
  * Update
  * skel: adds PluginMainWithError which returns a *types.Error
  * testutils: pass netConf in for version operations; pass raw result out for tests
  * types: make Result an interface and move existing Result to separate package
  * macvlan/ipvlan: use common RenameLink method
  * plugins/flannel: organize test JSON alphabetically
  * pkg/ipam: add testcases
  * spec/plugins: return interface details and multiple IP addresses to runtime
  * spec, libcni, pkg/invoke: Use OS-agnostic separator when parsing CNI_PATH
  * pkg/utils/sysctl/sysctl_linux.go: fix build tag.
  * pkg/utils/sysctl/sysctl_linux.go: fix typo.
  * invoke: Enable plugin file names with extensions
  * Update details on port-mappings
  * Update with feedback
  * More markups
  * spec: Remove `routes` from Network Configuration
  * docs: consolidate host-local documentation
  * pkg/ns: refactored so that builds succeed on non-linux platforms
  * Fix grammar
  * plugins/main/ptp: set the Sandbox property on the response
  * README: List multus as 3rd party plugin
  * Replace Michael Bridgen with Bryan Boreham
  * pkg/ns, pkg/types: refactored non linux build fix code to
  * pkg/ip: refactored so that builds succeed on non-linux platforms
  * vendor: Update vishvanana/netlink dependency
  * libcni: up-convert a Config to a ConfigList when no other configs are found.
  * docs: CNI versioning for 0.3.0 upgrade
  * docs: Edits to v0.3.0 upgrade guidance
  * docs: minor improvements to 0.3.0 upgrade guidance
  * docs: add small upgrade instructions
  * docs: minor improvements to spec-upgrades
  * docs: fill-out and correct version conversion table
  * docs: table formatting is hard
  * pkg/testutils: return errors after restoring stdout
  * pkg/types: misc current types testcase cleanups
  * Minor rewording about default config version
  * spec,libcni: add support for injecting runtimeConfig into plugin stdin data
  * Check n.IPAM before use it in LoadIPAMConfig function
  * do not error if last_reserved_ip is missing for host local ipam
  * add test for ensuring initial subnet creation does not contain an error
  * fix unrelated failing tests
* Wed Mar 01 2017
- Update to version 0.4.0:
  * plugins/noop: return a helpful message for test authors
  * host-local: trim whitespace from container IDs and disk file contents
  * travis: roll forward the versions of Go that we test
  * MAINTAINERS: hi CaseyC!
  * ipam/host-local: Move allocator and config to backend
  * ipam/host-local: add ResolvConf argument for DNS configuration
  * spec: notice of version
* Thu Feb 23 2017
- Initial version