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Change Logs

Version: 1.10-bp150.2.4
* Mon Mar 05 2018
- Update to new upstream release 1.10
  * The option "--loose-trailing" has been added.
  * The test used by clzip to discriminate trailing data from a
    corrupt header in multimember or concatenated files has been
    improved to a Hamming distance of 3.
  * The "-S" option now keeps input files unchanged.
* Thu May 11 2017
- Update to version 1.9:
  * The option '-l, --list' has been ported from lziprecover.
  * It is now an error to specify two or more different operations
    in the command line (--decompress, --list or --test).
  * Compression time of option '-0' has been reduced by 6%.
  * Compression time of options '-1' to '-9' has been reduced by 1%.
  * Decompression time has been reduced by 7%.
  * In test mode, clzip now continues checking the rest of the
    files if any input file is a terminal.
  * Trailing data are now shown both in hexadecimal and as a string
    of printable ASCII characters.
  * Three missing chapters have been added to the manual, which
    now contains all the chapters of the lzip manual.
* Sat May 28 2016
- Update to version 1.8:
  * main.c: Added new option '-a, --trailing-error'.
  * main.c (decompress): Print up to 6 bytes of trailing data
    when '-vvvv' is specified.
  * decoder.c (LZd_verify_trailer): Removed test of final code.
  * main.c (main): Delete '--output' file if infd is a terminal.
  * main.c (main): Don't use stdin more than once.
  * lzip.texi: Added chapter 'Trailing data'.
  * configure: Avoid warning on some shells when testing for gcc.
  * Detect the existence of install-info.
  * testsuite/ A POSIX shell is required to run the tests.
  * testsuite/ Don't check error messages.
- Run internal testsuite
* Thu Aug 06 2015
- Update to new upstream release 1.7
  * The option "-0", which produces a compression speed and ratio
  comparable to those of gzip, has been ported from lzip.
* Wed Oct 01 2014
- Update to new upstream release 1.6
  * Compression ratio of option -9 has been slightly increased.
  * Copying of file dates, permissions, and ownership now behaves
  like `cp -p`. (If the user ID or the group ID cannot be
  duplicated, the file permission bits S_ISUID and S_ISGID are
  * The license has been changed to GPL version 2 or later.
* Tue Sep 23 2014
- Drop gpg-offline build-time requirement; this is now handled by
  the local source validator
* Wed Oct 02 2013
- Update to new upstream release 1.5
  * Clzip now shows the progress of compression at verbosity
  level 2 (-vv).
* Sat Jun 08 2013
- Use more robust make install call; remove redundant %clean
  section; wrap description at 70 cols; GPG signature verification
* Mon Apr 01 2013
- update to 1.4:
  * Multi-step trials have been implemented
  * Compression ratio has been slightly increased
  * Compression time has been reduced by 10%
  * Decompression time has been reduced by 8%
* Thu Mar 29 2012
- update to 1.3:
  * inability to change output file attributes has been downgraded from error
    to warning
  * a small change has been made in the "--help" output and man page
* Mon May 23 2011
- initial version (1.2)