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Change Logs

* Thu Mar 22 2018
- Update to 1.0+git.20170625 to fix build on AArch64:
  * Remove march native flag
  * Always define OS_NAME even for unknown architectures
  * Add AMD_Ryzen_5_1600.log
* Tue May 30 2017
- Update to version 1.0+git.20170525:
  * Add GTX 1080 Ti results
  * Remove non printable chars from log file
  * Add One Plus 3T results
  * Macbook pro results submitted by Harry Mallon
  * Rename Macbook_Pro_2013.log to Mac_Pro_Late_2013_.log
  * Not passing half as kernel argument
  * Fix uninitialized variable
  * Ignore ignored-attributes warning in g++, clang++
  * Enable support for FreeBSD.
* Sun Jan 22 2017
- Update dependencies
* Sun Nov 13 2016
- Update to version 1.0+git.20160805:
  * Add Galaxy S7 (Adreno 530) results
  * migrate to android studio
  * add missing x86 dummy folder
  * cosmetic ui layout changes
  * fix jumpdown list index
  * gpus only for snapdragon
  * update for new half-precision
  * add dummy folders for release
  * update android build files
- Change naming scheme
- Some small spec file cleanups
* Sat Jun 27 2015
- Update to version 0.0.0.git1422696808.9a39c0c:
  + Update
  + Handle mem alloc failures gracefully
  + Add results of Hawaii given by Schleimer Ben
* Thu Jan 15 2015
- Update to version 0.0.0.git1419703962.3df45ca:
  + Mali T628 results shared by Sebastian Schaetz
  + Added compute unit, clock frequency and clock frequency units to XML file
  + CMakeLists: Remove -march=native options in case of cross compilation
  + src/common: Implement roundtoPowOf2 with binary logic
  + Add AMD A10-7850K and GeForce GTX 750
  + Add Celeron N2930 and Core i5-4570
  + Support clang in cmake Add armv8 in android jni
  + Preserve isComputeInt and isComputeDP across platforms
  + Add integer compute (GIOPS) to A10-7850K results
  + Add results from monster GTX 980 submitted by Gosuke yosita
  + Link statically to libopencl-stub
  + Add missing symbol in logger_android Fix bug in roundToPowOf2
- minor specfile cleanup
* Tue Oct 07 2014
- initial package, version 0.0+git.1406390327.78b5cde:
  + 1. android logger interface. Renamed few files 2. Call stub reset api if required
  + Decrease work-group size to 128 for qualcomm platforms, with 256 kernel fails to launch
  + Update
  + Update README with proper formatting
  + Build program per device. Otherwise qualcomm platform fails to compile for 2 devices at 1 shot!
  + Adding march native in cmake for linux. Required for x86 Adding results of Apple Iris Pro & other devices submitted by users
  + Fix win32 warning
  + Android GUI app initial commit
  + Avoid OsLib setenv. It is not implemented in 4.2.2 Create a jni function to call setenv
  + Remove trailing white-spaces Update README. Android app available
  + Nexus-5 & Moto-G results