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Version: 2.49.92-bp150.1.5
* Wed Mar 14 2018
- Be aware that source tree of gnulib is GPL-3.0 or later
* Mon Mar 05 2018
- change xorg-x11-devel --> pkgconfig(x11), pkgconfig(xaw6)
  pkgconfig(xext), pkgconfig(xpm)
- Add explicit buildrequires on pkgconfig(zlib), glib2-devel,
* Mon Feb 12 2018
- Update 2.49.90 (pre-release 2.50)
  * Module WILDCARD has been removed.
    See <> for details.
  * Module REGEXP:
    + Function REGEXP:REGEXP-EXEC no longer accepts :BOOLEAN argument; use
    :RETURN-TYPE 'BOOLEAN instead.
    See <> for details.
  * Module RAWSOCK:
    + Function RAWSOCK:CONVERT-ADDRESS now returns byte vectors instead of
    See <>
    for details.
  * Mixing &OPTIONAL and &KEY in the same lambda list is a bad design
    and now triggers a STYLE-WARNING during compilation.
    See <> for details.
  * Redefinition warnings are now of type STYLE-WARNING.
    Some CLOS warnings are now of type STYLE-WARNING.
    See <>
    and <>
    for details.
  * FFI now converts REALs to FLOATs automatically as necessary.
  * New user variable CUSTOM:*MODULE-PROVIDER-FUNCTIONS* allows user to
    influence behavior of REQUIRE.
    See <> for details.
  * The readline-based completion facility is now more customizable.
    See <> for details.
    See <>
    for details.
  * Function EXT:STREAM-HANDLES returns the OS file handles for the stream.
    It has been present since 2.36 in package SOCKET but was not documented.
    See <> for details.
  * To help distributors distribute memory images of clisp applications in
    package repositories, clisp has three new command-line options:
    $ clisp [-K linking-set] -memfile-hash
    Prints the hash code of the mem file binary interface.
    $ clisp [-K linking-set] -memfile-hash-of mem-file
    Prints the hash code of the mem file binary interface that was used to
    create this mem-file.
    $ clisp [-K linking-set] -memfile-compatible mem-file
    Returns 0 or 1, depending whether this mem-file is compatible with the
    linking-set or not.
    See <> for how to use
    these options.
  * Module SYSCALLS:
    + New function POSIX:FILE-TREE-WALK calls nftw().
    See <> for details.
    + New function POSIX:GETDATE calls getdate().
    See <> for details.
    + New macro POSIX:WITH-SUBPROCESSES temporarily enables SIGCLD so that
    functions POSIX:WAIT, LINUX:wait and LINUX:waitpid work (bug#592).
    See <> for details.
    + Function POSIX:USAGE now accept an optional argument and returns a
    single value.
    See <> for details.
  * Module berkeley-db now supports Berkeley-DB 5.1.
    (Older versions are, of course, still supported).
    See <> for details.
  * Module pari now supports PARI 2.9.3 and most of the interface
    functions are generated automatically.
    See <> for details.
  * Fix documentation strings handling for structs (bug#561).
  * Fix SCREEN behavior when the window is resized.
  * Pass the top-level configure arguments --build= & --host=
    to the module configures (bug#566).
  * Fix PROBE-PATHNAME behavior on win32 and on open file streams (bug#570).
  * Fix handling of huge byte arrays on 64-bit platforms (bug#571).
  * Fix LOADing corrupt FAS files (bug#578).
  * Fix interaction of *DEFAULT-PATHNAME-DEFAULTS* with REQUIRE (bug#579).
  * Correctly bind *LOAD-PATHNAME* in LOAD (bug#584).
  * Fix OS:FILE-INFO on files with corrupt times (bug#581).
  * Make wrong keyword argument a STYLE-WARNING in the presence of
    :ALLOW-OTHER-KEYS T (bug#588).
  * Fix LOOP mixing WITH & Hash Table FOR (bug#585);
    avoid destructuring null patterns (bug#414);
    detect incomplete FOR clauses (bug#572);
    check whether DO clauses are compound forms (bug#711);
    warn on REPEAT before FOR (bug#604).
  * Fix SOCKET-CONNECT with non-0 timeout (bug#587).
  * Reduce consing in HANDLER-BIND et al (bug#582).
  * Implement :NO-HANG and :INTERACTIVE in WRITE-BYTE-SEQUENCE for all
    sequences, not just byte vectors (bug#586).
  * Fix protocol argument handling in POSIX:SERVICE (bug#596).
  * Fix (SETF (VALUES (VALUES) ...) ...) (bug#597).
  * Fix handling properties with "format=32" in NEW-CLX on 64-bit
    machines (bug#598); handle more host families in XLIB:ACCESS-HOSTS.
  * Do not ignore user-supplied print methods for user-defined
    SIMPLE-CONDITIONs (bug#605).
  * Better argument checking of FUNCALL on LAMBDA (bug#603).
  * All truenames now have non-NIL version component (bug#606).
  * Fix OS:FILE-STAT on very large files (bug#626).
  * Fix error that occurred when constructing the dispatch code of generic
    functions with a method that specializes on SEQUENCE (bug#628).
  * Improve dotted list detection in APPLY (bug#636).
    logical host as per ANSI (bug#638).
  * Fix run-time error reporting in compiled FORMAT calls (bug#631).
  * Fix symlink to directory handling (bug#625).
  * PCRE-EXEC returns character positions instead of byte positions.
  * Fix COMPILE-FILE-PATHNAME logical pathname handling (bug#677).
  * Streams returned by MAKE-STREAM may be passed to TRUENAME (bug#679).
  * Do not signal the CLOS:GF-ALREADY-CALLED-WARNING on Gray streams.
  * Improve consistency in declaration handling (bug#702).
  * Package locks are checked by DECLARATION and DEFTYPE (bug#701).
  * Allow spaces in file names of clisp scripts (bug#699).
- Remove obsolete patches clisp-2.39-clx.dif and clisp-arm.patch
- Modify patches
  * clisp-2.39-ia64-wooh.dif
  * clisp-2.49-configure.dif
  * clisp-2.49-personality.patch
  * clisp-2.49-rpath.dif
  * clisp-link.dif
  * clisp-linux.patch
* Thu Dec 07 2017
- Escape the usage of %{VERSION} when calling out to rpm.
  RPM 4.14 has %{VERSION} defined as 'the main packages version'.
* Thu Nov 09 2017
- Rename README.SuSE to README.SUSE, adhering to the correct
* Thu Sep 14 2017
- cfree() is missed now in (g)libc
* Thu Jul 27 2017
- Try to build on all platforms with new configure option
  - -enable-portability ... let us see if this works
* Thu Jul 27 2017
- Update to Mercurial source code from 2017/06/25
  aka test version 2.49.60+
- Modify the patches
  * clisp-2.49-configure.dif
  * clisp-2.49-gctoken.dif
  * clisp-2.49-rpath.dif
  * clisp-arm.patch
  * clisp-link.dif
- Remove patch modules_readline_readline.lisp.patch
  as now the version of readline library is automatically detected
* Fri Feb 10 2017
- Collect some informations on the build system for debugging
  a random error on sockets during test suite
* Thu Jan 19 2017
- Remove -L option on screen call dues API change, now we depend
  on environment variables only.
* Tue Nov 29 2016
- Update to Mercurial source code from 2016/11/28
  * which shows 2630 new lines in src/Changelog
  * Support of new CPU types as well as better 64bit architectures
- Remove patches clisp-glibc-fix.patch and clisp-hostname.patch
  as now upstream
- Modify the patches
- Add patch clisp-link.dif to get module asdf for console
  support well done
* Thu Oct 27 2016
- Add patch modules_readline_readline.lisp.patch to reflect the
  API change in libreadline in rl_readline_state(3) (boo#1007196)
* Fri Aug 14 2015
- add ppc64le to list of ExcludeArch
  related to src/lispbibl.d "CLISP not ported to this platform"
* Sat Jun 15 2013
- Add clisp-db6.diff to resolve compile abort with libdb-6.0
- Remove unused %xarch macro; use automirror-selection Source URL
* Tue May 14 2013
- Reintroduce my old patches
  + clisp-2.49-configure.dif -- Make sure to be able to use MYCLFAGS
  + clisp-2.49-gctoken.dif -- Make sure to use initialized token on
    garbage collection
  + clisp-2.49-clx_demos.dif -- Make CLX demos usable at runtime
  + clisp-2.49-postgresql.dif -- Enable postgresql SSL feature
  + re-add clisp-2.49-rpath.dif -- Do not use rpath but rpath-link
- Re-enable test suite
- Use screen to have a terminla around even in build system
* Thu Apr 18 2013
-  This (split up) package is one of three changes in order to make
  clisp build on armv7l and other platforms. (SR#172680)
* Wed Apr 03 2013
- src/socket.d (get_hostname): turn into a function and allocate the
  array in the caller to support gcc 4.7 [patch#3474660]
  fixes ppc socket.d failing test. (clisp-hostname.patch)
* Wed Nov 28 2012
- Fix build with glibc 2.17 (clisp-glibc-fix.patch)
  * rebase patches to -p1 as stated in the patching guidelines
  * update to libsegsev-2.10
* Fri Jul 27 2012
- Fix build with glibc 2.16 (clisp-linux.patch taken from Fedora).
* Fri Jul 13 2012
- disable stackoverflow tests in qemu builds (fixes arm)