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Change Logs

* Fri Apr 03 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
- prepare turning off python support when we drop python2 in TW
  we can add a conditional around the bcond for python-gtk
* Mon Feb 24 2020 Carsten Ziepke <>
- Update to 3.17.5
  + Inline Git patches now have colour syntax highlighting
    The colours of these, and patch attachments, are configurable on
    the 'Other' tab of the Display/Colors page of the general
  + The previously hidden preference, 'summary_from_show', is now
    configurable within the UI, on the 'Message List' tab of the
    Display/Summaries page of the general preferences, 'Displayed in
    From column [ ]'.
  + 'Re-edit' has been added to the message context menu when in the
    Drafts folder.
  + Additional Date header formats are supported:
  - weekday, month, day, hh, mm, ss, year, zone
  - weekday, month, day, hh, mm, ss, year
  + LiteHtml viewer plugin: scrolling with the keyboard has been
  + The included tools/scripts have been updated:
  - converted to Python 3
  - converted to Python 3
  - converted to Python 3
  - has been replaced with (that is, instead of
  - and its documentation have been updated
  - 'fm' ( has been removed; 'google'
    has been replaced by 'ddg'
  - the outdated script has been removed
  + Updated manuals
  + Updated translations: British English, Catalan, Czech, Danish,
    Dutch, French, German, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish,
    Traditional Chinese, Turkish
  + bug fixes: claws#2131, claws#4237, claws#4239, claws#4248,
    claws#4253, claws#4257, claws#4277, claws#4278, claws#4305
  + Misc bugs fixed:
  - Fix crash in litehtml_viewer when  tag has no href
  - removed "The following file has been attached..." dialogue
  - MBOX import: give a better estimation of the time left and
    grey out widgets while importing
  - Fixed "vcard.c:238:2: warning: ‘strncpy’ output truncate
    before terminating nul copying as many bytes from a string
    as its length"
  - RSSyl: Fix handling deleted feed items where modified and
    published dates do not match
  - fix bolding of target folder
  - when creating a new account, don't pre-fill data from the
    default account
  - respect 'default selection' settings when moving a msg with
    manual filtering
  - Fix printing of empty pages when the selected part is
    rendered with a plugin not implementing print
  - Addressbook folder selection dialogs: make sure folder list
    is sorted and apply global prefs to get stripes in lists.
  - when user cancels the GPG signing passphrase dialogue,
    don't bother the user with an "error" dialogue
  - Fix imap keyword search. Libetpan assumes keyword search is
    a MUST but RFC states it is a MAY. Fix advanced search on
    MS Exchange
  - fix SHIFT+SPACE in msg list, moving in reverse
  - revert pasting images as attachments
  - Fix help about command-line arguments that require a
  - Printing: only print as plain text if the part is of type
  - fix a segfault with default info icon when trying to print
    a non-text part.
  - Run spec-cleaner
  - Removed remove-MarkAll-from-message-menu.patch (claws#4278)
* Fri Jan 10 2020 Jean Delvare <>
- Drop add-MarkAll-to-folder-menu.patch. After discussion,
  upstream rejected it at least in this form.
* Sat Nov 23 2019 Jean Delvare <>
- Add a test on build-time libetpan version to require the proper
  version at run-time (boo#1157594)
* Fri Nov 22 2019 Jean Delvare <>
- Move "Mark all read/unread" menu entries where they belong.
  remove-MarkAll-from-message-menu.patch (claws#4278)
  add-MarkAll-to-folder-menu.patch (claws#4278)
* Thu Oct 24 2019 Libor Pechacek <>
- Make litehtml plugin build on Tumbleweed.
* Mon Jul 29 2019
- Update to 3.17.4:
  * New HTML viewer plugin: Litehtml viewer
  * Added option 'Enable keyboard shortcuts' to the 'Keyboard
    shortcuts' frame on /Configuration/Preferences/Other/Miscellaneous
  * Compose: implemented copying of attached images to clipboard
  * Compose: images and text/uri-list (files) can now be attached by
    pasting into the Compose window
  * Python plugin: window sizes are now remembered for the Python
    console, the 'Open URLs' and the 'Set mailbox order' windows.
  * Fancy plugin: the download-link feature now follows redirections
  * MBOX export: the Enter key in the dialogue now starts the export
  * The date (ISO format) has been added to log timestamps
  * Update translations
  - bug 1920, 'No automatic NNTP filtering'
  - bug 2045, 'address book blocks focus on email window'
  - bug 2131, 'Focus stealing after mail check'
  - bug 2627, 'Filtering does not work on NNTP'
  - bug 3070, 'misbehaving text wrapping when URL chars are present'
  - bug 3838, 'Canceled right-click on message list leaves UI
    in inconsistent state'
  - bug 3977, 'Fix crashes when some external APIs fail'
  - bug 3979, 'Hang (with killing needed) during action which
    extracts attachments'
  - bug 4029, 'segfault after deleting message in a window'
  - bug 4031, 'fingerprint in SSL/TLS certificates for ...
    (regress error)'
  - bug 4037, 'Fix some small issues'
  - bug 4142, 'Translation error on Russian'
  - bug 4145, 'proxy server for sending doesn't work'
  - bug 4155, 'remember directory of last saving'
  - bug 4166, 'corrupted double-linked list'
  - bug 4167, 'Max line length exceeded when forwarding mail'
  - bug 4188, 'STL file is sent not as an attachment but as its
    base64 representation in plaintext'
  - CID 1442278, 'impossible to trigger buffer overflow'
  - Make key accelerators from menu work in addressbook window
  - save checkbox choices of display/summaries/defaults prefs
  - Do not throw an error when cancelling 'Save email as...'.
  - occasional crash on drag'n'drop of msgs
  - possible stack overflow in vcalendar's Curl data handler
  - crash when LDAP address source is defined in index, but
  - support is disabled
  - crash in Fancy plugin if one of the MIME parts has no
  - -ID
  - a few small memory leaks in scan_mailto_url()
  - configure script for rare cases where python is not
  - incorrect charset conversion in sc_html_read_line().
  - markup in 'key not fully trusted' warning in pgpcore
  - use after free in rare code path in rssyl_subscribe()
  - several memory leaks
  - verify_folderlist_xml() for fresh starts
  - printf formats for size_t and goffset arguments.
  - alertpanel API use in win32 part of mimeview.c
  - pid handling in debug output of kill_children_cb()
  - incorrect pointer arithmetic in w32_filesel.c
Version: 3.17.3-bp151.3.3.1
* Fri Jul 24 2020 Alexandros Toptsoglou <>
- Update to 3.17.6:
  * It is now possible to 'Inherit Folder properties and processing
  rules from parent folder' when creating new folders with the
  move message and copy message dialogues.
  * A Phishing warning is now shown when copying a phishing URL, (in
  addition to clicking a phishing URL).
  * The progress window when importing an mbox file is now more
  * A warning dialogue is shown if the selected privacy system is
  'None' and automatic signing amd/or encrypting is enabled.
  * Python plugin: pkgconfig is now used to check for python2. This
  enables the Python plugin (which uses python2) to be built on
  newer systems which have both python2 and python3.
  Bug fixes:
  * bug 3922, 'minimize to tray on startup not working'
  * bug 4220, 'generates files in cache without content'
  * bug 4325, 'Following redirects when retrieving image'
  * bug 4342, 'Import mbox file command doesn't work twice on a row'
  * fix STARTTLS protocol violation (CVE-2020-15917 boo#1174457)
  * fix initial debug line
  * fix fat-fingered crash when v (hiding msgview) is pressed
  just before c (check signature)
  * fix non-translation of some Templates strings
Version: 3.17.3-bp151.1.3
* Sat Jan 05 2019
- Updated to version 3.17.3:
  + Add support for TLS Server Name Indication (SNI). This enables
    the sending of your hostname, if available, to the server so
    that it can select the appropriate certificate for your
    domain. This is useful for servers which host multiple domains
    on the same IP address. This is a hidden Account preference,
    'use_tls_sni', and is enabled by default.
  + SSL/TLS certificate manager: The Delete key will now delete
    the selected certificate.
  + Window sizes are now remembered for the 'Apply tags' and
    SSL/TLS certificate manager windows.
  + Bug fixes:
  * claws#3519, 'Links including umlauts are broken'.
  * claws#4134, 'Save message to' option not set when it should
  * Prevent the Tools/SSL/TLS Certificates dialogue from
    crashing when certificate filenames contain a fingerprint.
  * Build on GNU Hurd.
  * Various build fixes when building without GnuTLS.
- Changes from version 3.17.2:
  + Message List: A context menu has been added to the column
    headers, it has two entries: a new option, 'Lock column
    headers', and 'Set displayed colums'.
  + Folder List:  A context menu has been added to the column
    headers, containing 'Set displayed columns'.
  + Preferences: The Display/Summaries option page has been split
    into three notebook pages: Folder List, Message List, and
    Defaults. The Message List page contains the new 'Lock column
    headers' option. The Defaults page contains several new
    options for new folders.
  + New Folder Properties: It is now possible to control signing
    and encrypting options on the Compose page. By default it
    follows the Account preferences, but they can be overridden to
    always sign and/or encrypt, or never sign/encrypt.
  + Saving sent messages: The global preference, 'Save sent
    messages', can now be overriden by the Folder Property and
    Account preferences. The global preference no longer needs to
    be activated for the Account Preference, 'Put sent messages
    in ...' option to function. Likewise, the Folder Property,
    'Save copy of outgoing messages to this folder instead of
    Sent', no longer relies on the global preference being set.
  + SSL/TLS certificates: The SHA-256 fingerprint is now
    displayed, and the MD5 fingerprint has been removed.
  + SSL/TLS certificates list: Status and Expiry columns have been
    added, and expired and invalid certificates are now clearly
  + QuickSearch: body searches are now quicker.
  + QuickSearch: symbols used in Extended searches are now
    expanded in the 'Edit' dialogue.
  + Re-editing: Flags and tags are now preserved when re-editing a
  + PDF Viewer plugin: Ctrl+scroll now zooms.
  + Tools: added script, which breaks thread
    references for the selected messages; has been
    updated and now requires perl 5.14.1.
  + The legacy "sylpheed-claws" symlink is no longer installed in
    the bindir.
  + Bug fixes:
  * claws#3418, 'Building on a Cross Compiling toolchain doesn't
  * claws#3889, 'Address and quoted message inconsistent in
  * claws#4114, ' Fix argument quoting'.
  * claws#4115, 'autogen: avoid unwarranted re-configure'.
  * claws#4120, 'New cert files are created in $HOME instead of
    in ~/.claws-mail/certs'.
  * claws#4121, 'Moving a subfolder in another folder erases its
    processing rules' (sic).
  * claws#4132, '"Mark all as (un)read" dialog appears when
    acting on 1 message only'.
  * claws#4133, 'trying to read message from an NNTP group (with
    all expired articles.'.
  * Regression where mail was not being checked at startup when
    it should have been.
  * Show correct address:port in SOCKS5 proxy connection failure
  * Prevent unexpected loss of drafted message.
  * Quicksearch eating keypresses it didn't handle.
  * Reply from mainwindow menu and toolbar when mainwindow's
    messageview is hidden.
  * CID 1438531 Fix wrong test leading to dead code.
  * CID 1439871 and validate Unicode char strictly.
  * CID 1439996 and remove unnecessary comparison.
  * RSSyl: lost processing rules when renaming folder.
  * Annoyance where your current reading is disturbed when a
    new msg is filtered into the current folder.
  * Don't leave the user in limbo when privacy system is 'none'
    and auto signing/encrypting is set.
  * Several memory leaks.
  + Translation updates.
- Drop bug3889-fix_rev0.patch as this is now upstreamed.
- Drop deprecated macros handled by file triggers.
- Disable jpilot for SLE builds.
* Tue Oct 02 2018 Michal Suchanek <>
- Update bug3889-fix_rev0.patch to new upstream fix (claws#3889,
* Thu Sep 13 2018 Michal Suchanek <>
- Update Do-not-use-msginfo_list-for-compose.patch to upstream
  bug3889-fix_rev0.patch (claws#3889)
* Wed Sep 12 2018
- Re-add Do-not-use-msginfo_list-for-compose.patch
  Faulty behaviour without (claws#3889)
- Fix license warning
* Mon Aug 27 2018
- Update to 3.17.1:
  bug fixes:
    o bug 4072, 'Crash when clicking 'reply' or 'reply with quote''
    o Account signature: Warn and fail rather than crashing when
    format string is faulty.
* Fri Aug 17 2018
- Add texlive-* dependencies for creation of manual
- bsc#1105222: Remove Do-not-use-msginfo_list-for-compose.patch
  Faulty behaviour
- Update to 3.17.0:
  * SOCKS proxy support has been added.
  * Accounts can now have their own auto-check intervals, or follow the
    global interval.
  * in the options for 'default selection when entering a folder',
    'first [...]' has been renamed to 'oldest [...]', and
    'newest [...]' items have been added.
  * Message List: when changing sort key by clicking column header,
    the sort direction is now preserved
  * Message View: keypress handling for scrolling, (PgUp/Down, Space,
    Backspace), has been improved.
  * the Network Log now displays output from LDAP operations.
  * "Go to last error" has been added to the Log Window context menu.
  * Filtering/Processing: "mark_as_spam" is no longer a final action,
    since it does not move the marked message.
  * Filtering/Processing: Resent-From and Resent-To have been added in
    Any/All header(s) (in Address Book) matcher rules.
  * when a Return-Receipt request is received by an unknown address,
    the user is now required to choose which Account to send it from.
  * Colour Labels: confirmation is asked for when clearing or
    overriding existing colour labels.
  * Address Book: basic contact merging has been added.
  * NetworkManager support: ported from libnm-util/libnm-glib to libnm.
  * Dillo plugin: this HTML rendering plugin is now once again
  * RSSyl plugin: the modified time is no longer considered when
    matching deleted items.
  * RSSyl plugin: Handle 404 and other fetch failures better.
  * Attachment Remover plugin: the user is now notified about what has
    been done when processing multiple selections.
  * SpamAssassin plugin: added support for compression (the server must
    have compression enabled, and the local spamc too).
  * SpamAssassin plugin: disabled SSLv3.
  * when using the hidden preference, hide_timezone, the time in the
    Date header is converted to UTC.
  * various other UI improvements.
  * many behind-the-scenes improvements.
  * bug fixes:
  o bug 3754, 'interactive auth dialogs pops endlessly'
  o bug 3919, 'manual filtering does not move spam'
  o bug 3936, 'LDAP StartTLS does not work for addressbooks'
  o bug 3947, 'Build break with --disable-libsm
  - -enable-crash-dialog'
  o bug 3957, 'Claws-Mail 64bit crashes when saving a draft'
  o bug 3960, 'Sends unencrypted emails when encryption fails'
  o bug 3971, 'Deleted rss feed item reappears as unread on
  feed refreshing'
  o bug 3973, ''select all' in summaryview does not
  automatically focus the summaryview'
  o bug 3978, '"From" column displays both name and email
  address for Outbox'
  o bug 3984, 'Copy-paste in find/filter field works
  o bug 3985, 'an empty progress bar remains after POP mail
  check completes'
  o bug 3986, 'IMAP quick search using non-ASCII characters
  creates an infinite loop'
  o bug 3993, 'Claws Mail connects to IMAP server when it
  should not'
  o bug 4014, '"Work offline" doesn't seem to affect RSS'
  o bug 4022, 'Closing "Account Preferences" window opens "Edit
  Accounts" window if "Edit Accounts" window has
  been opened before at least once'
  o bug 4023, 'Fix some small issues'
  o bug 4033, 'Claws Mail crashes [malloc(): memory corruption]
  while trying to save account password greater
  than 136 chars'
  o bug 4056, 'Impossible to disable overriding of offline
  o bug 4058, '# in extended search description window should
  not be translated'
  o bug 4068, 'Claws Mail hangs when getting news from a
  certain feed'
  o actionsrc was not updated after mailbox name change
  o two crashes caused by bad GtkListStore management in
  o wrong malloc of clamd_socket struct, (CID 1220477)
  o vCalendar: possible access to uninitilized folder pointer
  (CID 1402515)
  o vCalendar: mismatch and unneeded display of unavailable
  folder class in warning (CID 1434197)
  o vCalendar: Skip whitespace chars at the beginning of ics
  o buffer overrun, always writing at buffer size + 1. (CID
  o wrong use of pointer-to-array as an array CID 1434191)
  o sensitivity of few preferences widgets of the SA plug-in
  o compilation using --enable-generic-umpc
  o crash in quicksearch keypress handling
  o quoting in reply to format=flowed message
  o HTML  header handling
  o 'sort_type' is lost when changing 'sort_key' from
  /View/sort the bug was apparent with a descending sort
  o Return-Receipts: MDN mail-accountname leak
  o auth retry in Managesieve - wrong state variable was being
  o memory leaks
* Sun Jul 08 2018
- Replace enchant-devel with pkgconfig(enchant), current version
  does not support enchant-2. Fixed upstream for next version.
- Replace NetworkManager-devel with pkgconfig(libnm), align with
  what configure looks for.
* Mon Oct 09 2017
- Fix Reply to all replying to random people (claws#3889)
  + Do-not-use-msginfo_list-for-compose.patch
Version: 3.16.0-bp150.2.3.1
* Wed Nov 21 2018 Michal Suchanek <>
- Fix Reply to all replying to random people (claws#3889, boo#1116917)
- Fix license warning
Version: 3.16.0-bp150.1.3
* Wed Dec 20 2017
- Drop imap-Fix-use-after-free.patch: upstreamed
- Update to 3.16.0:
  * Reworked Preferences dialogs, adding new options
  * Compose: more UTF-8 list-item characters have been added
  * GPG: full key/signature fingerprints are now shown instead of the
    short versions
  * SSL Certificate Manager: added support for ipv6 addresses
  * CLI: the --insert option has been added to --compose, to allow
    inserting files from the command line
  * The HTML parser now supports all entities
  * Tools: a simple bash completion helper has been added,
  * Updated and added translations
  * Many bug fixes. For complete list please view ChangeLog file
* Tue Nov 07 2017
- Disable fancy (HTML messages) plugin and drop build requires on
  libwebkit, this can be re-enabled when code is updated to later
  releases of libwebkit, see claws#3763.
* Wed Aug 30 2017
- update to 3.15.1
  * Bug fixes:
    o bug 3348, 'Contact pictures not deleted when contact is
    o bug 3721, 'Fails to build in Debian kfreebsd-*'
    o bug 3744, 'Crash upon deleting tags.'
    o bug 3822, 'AttRemover deletes message and fails to create
    new one when disk is full'
    o bug 3828, '"Re-edit" should not recycle the Message-ID
    o bug 3835, ' fails with invalid test on line 33'
    o bug 3855, 'segfault at startup with old profile and IMAP
    o bug 3866, 'slibtool causes compile failure'
    o fix crash in sieve manager window when no account has sieve
    o fix incorrect labels in folder selection dialog.
    o fix RSSyl feeds getting renamed to "Untitled feed".
    o fix Resent-Date value.
    o Fix typo around libarchive in
- rename claws-mail-3.15.0_libcanberra-gtk3.patch to
- refreshed libcanberra-gtk3.patch and imap-Fix-use-after-free.patch
* Wed May 03 2017
- Fix bug in imap_session_authenticate with imap-Fix-use-after-free.patch
* Fri Apr 28 2017
- Ensure neutrality of descriptions.
  Trim instructions and redundant mentions of license.
* Fri Apr 21 2017
- add conditional handling for vcalendar plugins to only build on
  distros which still support it
- also prepared conditional build support for tnef
* Fri Apr 21 2017
- update to 3.15.0
  * More granular options on when to open a selected message have
    been added. There are now several checkboxes on the
    Display/Summaries page of the Preferences which allow a greater
  * Compose window: Show the total size of attachments on the
    Attachments tab.
  * Compose window: Bcc has been added to the headers drop-down
  * Folder list: Top-level folders can now be copied.  They are
    created as regular folders in the target mailbox.
  * Folder selection dialogue: Left/right keys collapse/expand
    rows.  Further keypress will move the cursor to parent or first
    child, respectively.
  * Menu items: 'Mark all unread [recursively]' has been added to
    the folder context menu, message list menu, and the main window
    menu and toolbar.
  * Toolbar actions: Mark, Unmark, Lock, Unlock, Mark [all] read,
    Mark [all] unread, Ignore Thread, Watch Thread, and Delete
    Duplicate Messages have been added to the main window toolbar's
    Actions list.
  * Account compose signature: The value of the signature file now
    takes a path relative to the user's home directory in addition
    to a full path.
  * Icon Themes: Support for SVG themes with icon scaling
    capabilities has been added. This requires libRSVG 2.40.5 or
  * Hidden preferences: colours for specifying Tags, QuickSearch,
    and auto-filled header values have been added, both foreground
    and background. Respectively, tags_color, tags_bgcolor,
    qs_active_color, qs_active_bgcolor, qs_error_color,
    qs_error_bgcolor, default_header_color, and
  * Hidden preferences: warn_sending_many_recipients_num, if
    greater than zero, a warning dialogue is shown when the number
    of recipients exceeds the number given.
  * GData plugin: This plugin now requires libgdata version 0.17.2
    or newer.
  * TNEF parser plugin: This plugin now uses an external libytnef.
  * vCalendar plugin: This plugin now uses an external libical,
    version 2.0.0 or newer is required.
  * Mail Archiver plugin: - updated to support some of the
    compression formats up to libarchive 3.2.2
  * Several minor UI improvements.
  * Updated manual in English and Spanish.
  * Updated man page.
  * Updated translations: Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Danish,
    Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian Bokmål,
    Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, and Turkish.
  * Bug fixes:
    o bug 3251, 'A translated In-Reply-To header is sent
    o bug 3571, 'recipient list lost and truncated'
    o bug 3574, 'Template addressing'
    o bug 3582, 'Select folder dialogue does not tell what is
    selecting for'
    o bug 3673, 'Be more friendly instead of "configure: error:
    'encrypt'-function not found."'
    o bug 3734, 'undefined symbol error with flex-2.6.2'
    o bug 3740, 'Templates information dialog can't be closed
    with WM button'
    0 bug 3741, 'Deleting an account doesn't delete imapcache'
    o bug 3742, 'Attaching file with plus sign in filename via
    drag and drop doesn't work'
    o bug 3762, 'redirect fails'
    o bug 3764, 'Use external libical instead of the internal
    o bug 3775, 'Error in string at src/mainwindow.c:4726?'
    o bug 3777, 'Weird news dates for some RSS feeds'
    o Debian bug 846170, 'incorrect IMAP UID handling'
    o Allow sending empty messages in Session (just \r\n).
    o fix some main window menu sensitivity issues
    o make up/down key navigation obey 'always_show_msg'
    o fix text selection when double-clicking quoted text and
    'collapse quoted text on double click' is turned off
    o fix 'Go to' moving off current, unopened msg, and dialogue
    to go to next folder
    o obey 'always_show_msg' on "no more [...] msgs. go to next
    o make Go to/[Next|Prev] sort order aware
    o don't ignore auto-account selection when forwarding on IMAP
    and NNTP accounts
    o on first run, use --alternate-config-dir (if set) on prefs
    migration. prevents useless creation of ~/.claws-mail
    o fix colouring of auto-filled headers
    o don't remove the To when changing account
    o Honour autosave_encrypted preference when using external
    o Fix 'search folder' not working in some cases
    o Fix build on OSX.
    o fix memory leaks
    o when renaming folder, only update summaryview folder name
    if the current folder is being renamed
    o sensitise trayicon's 'get mail' and 'exit'
    o Handle timezones correctly in vCalendar.
    o Do not hardcode resolv.conf location
    o fix building with --disable-deprecated
- added BR to enable more features:
  - libical-devel (vcalendar plugin)
  - libgdata-devel (google data plugin)
  - librsvg-devel (scalabable icons support)
  - libcanberra-gtk{,3}-devel enhanced notifications support
- disable the tnef_parse as we are lacking the required library
- drop use-xdg-open-as-default-mime_open_command.patch:
  included upstream
- added claws-mail-3.15.0_libcanberra-gtk3.patch:
  allow finding the gtk3 version of the library if we build with
* Thu Mar 02 2017
- Compface support requires the devel pkg, not just the main pkg
* Thu Feb 16 2017
- Use xdg-open (instead of gedit) as default mime_open_command
* Wed Nov 16 2016
- Update to version 3.14.1:
  * 'hide_timezone', a new hidden preference that sets the timezone
    of date fields sent over the network to the unknown timezone
    value as specified in RFC 5322 3.3.  Default value is false
    (i.e., send available timezone information).
  * 'rewrite_first_from', a new hidden preference which  works
    around a limitation of some servers with 'overly-liberal
    parsers'. When this is turned on and the
    Content-Transfer-Encoding is set to 8bit or 7bit, in a message
    body starting with 'From ' the 'From ' will become '=46rom '
    (i,e, encoded form of 'F') and the Content- Transfer-Encoding
    will be changed to Quoted-Printable. When it is turned off no
    such modification will be made but it is very likely that an
    MTA will convert the 'From ' to '>From '. See RFC 4155 for
    further details. Default value is '1', turned on.
  * Templates: it is now possible to attach a file, using
    '|attach_output{sub_expr}' or '|A{sub_expr}', 'sub_expr' is
    evaluated as a command-line to get the filename name from,
    using an absolute /path/to/filename.
  * IMAP mailboxes which show subscribed folders only are now
    indicated by a green folder icon.
  * The Icon Legend has had the missing folder icons added and
    also has an improved layout.
  * Drafted messages: Do not add Message-ID for draft, unless the
    message already has one. A Message-ID header is now only added
    when queuing a message, and any existing Message-ID and
    References headers in drafts, if there are any, are kept.
  * Disable hiding threads and messages in draft folders.
  * The /View/Go to/... actions now respect the 'Open message when
    selected' option.
  * In the UI 'POP' is used instead of 'POP3', 'IMAP' instead of
    'IMAP4', 'SSL/TLS' instead of 'SSL'.
  * GnuTLS: Enforce "strong enough" Diffie-Hellman prime even when
    using older versions of GnuTLS library.
    Since GnuTLS 3.1.7, this minimum size is dictated by the
    priority string, and currently (GnuTLS 3.3.0) the "safe-enough"
    value is 1008 bits. We set this minimum size explicitly for
    older GnuTLS versions.
    Users who are affected by this (their servers use DH prime
    smaller than 1008 bits) can override this by using a priority
    string starting with the keyword "LEGACY". However, this
    keyword only works with GnuTLS 3.3.0 or newer.
  * RSSyl plugin: Enable keeping old items by default.
  * vCalendar plugin: The ics file name is now used for the WebCal
    subscription folder name.
  * vCalendar plugin: Use hours/minutes for vcalendar alert time.
  * Notification plugin: Add support for unity/messaging menu.
  * PDF Viewer plugin: The icons are now themeable.
  * Updated manual in English and Spanish.
  * Updated translations: Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Czech,
    Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian,
    Norwegian Bokmål, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish,
    Traditional Chinese, and Turkish.
  * Bug fixes:
  - bug 2918, 'Notification Popup icon is hardcoded'
  - bug 3207, 'Claws segfaults when closing LDAP-enabled address
  - bug 3515, 'Ctrl-Shift-X opens multiple external editors'
  - bug 3638, 'GData Plugin fails after initial Google handshake'
  - bug 3665, 'Fix config script for macOS'
  - bug 3666, 'Typos in Turkish translation'
  - bug 3667, 'segfault in imap_session_authenticate'
  - bug 3675, 'RSSyl crash when opening Atom feed'
  - bug 3676, 'RSSyl crash when opening Atom feed with XML depth
    >= 3'
  - bug 3678, 'Segfault when trying to add new account'
  - bug 3684, 'Socket error with POP3 using TLS client
  - bug 3697, 'Export to mbox' causes crash'
  - bug 3705, 'active account Mail Address corrupted when address
    in Message-ID is used'
  - bug 3711, 'Usage of (s)'
  - bug 3712, 'Name of the example domain in the translation'
  - fix non-resizeable Icon Legend dialogue
  - Fix a potential bug in vcalendar's libical
  - Fix potential crash in vcalendar's icalcomponent_vanew() on
    64-bit archs.
  - Fix regression: show simple text/calendar with plugin.
  - Fix crash in vcalendar passwords handling on prefs save.
  - Few miscellaneous fixes for RSSyl.
  - several memory leaks.
  - Don't check for encrypt() on FreeBSD.
  - Add OpenBSD CA cert path.
  - Do not process folder marks when just refreshing summaryview
* Mon Aug 08 2016
- Update to version 3.14.0:
  + Passwords can now be secured with a Master Passphrase.
  + Passwords: The password storage method has changed. All
    passwords are now stored in a separate file,
    and use a stronger encryption than previously. Existing
    passwords are moved to the new file automatically, in the old
    format. The new format will be used whenever old passwords are
    changed or when a Master Passphrase is used. All new passwords
    are saved using the new format, irrespective of whether a
    Master Passphrase is used or not. Further information can be
    found here:
  + Compose window: Removed the outer scrollbar from header area.
  + Message view: The HTML to plain text converter now indicates
    list items with a hyphen (-), adds a line break after ,
    and indents text within blockquotes.
  + Main window: Changed default /View/Show or hide/Menubar
    shortcut to Ctrl+F12.
  + SSL certificates list: Added automatic scrollbar.
  + Address book: Double-clicking datasources now opens the edit
  + Forwarding: The external editor is now automatically used when
    forwarding as attachment, if the preference is set.
  + Preferences: Automatic mail checking can now be configured in
    hours, minutes and seconds.
  + Preferences: The 'next_on_delete' hidden preference now
    applies to trashing or moving, in addition to deleting, a
  + Command line: Added -geometry to set geometry for main window.
  + IMAP: Added SASL 'PLAIN' and 'LOGIN' authentication methods
    for accounts. Renamed the old plaintext 'LOGIN' to
  + IMAP: The acccount preference, 'Move deleted mails to trash
    and expunge immediately' has been removed.
  + Notification plugin: Added 'Get mail from account...' to the
    SysTray module's menu.
  + Notification plugin: Focus the widget between
    iconify/deiconify events.
  + Tools: Added tools/, which can be used to fix
    thread parenting for two or more messages.
  + Documentation: Updated man page and manual.
  + Updated translations.
  + Bug fixes:
    claws#2518, claws#2781, claws#3028, claws#3213,
    claws#3573, claws#3581, claws#3603, claws#3610,
    claws#3616, claws#3623, claws#3629, claws#3652,
    claws#3653, claws#3658
* Fri Jan 22 2016
- Update to version 3.13.2 (CVE-2015-8708):
  + Bugs fixed: claws#2358, claws#3557, claws#3584.
  + Updated translations.
* Mon Dec 21 2015
- update to version 3.13.1 (CVE-2015-8614, boo#959993):
  + When attaching files with no suffix, e.g. Makefile, the correct
    mime type is now found.
  + Added support for a whole range of extra TLDs.
  + '?' is used instead of '-->' in the Message List when sender is
    yourself. (Only visible if the hidden pref 'enable_swap_from'
    is set to 0.)
  + An external editor can now be embedded in the Compose window.
    This depends upon the 'Text editor' option (/Configuration/
    Preferences/Message View/External Programs) having a suitable
    value, such as 'gvim -f --socketid %w %s'.
  + Address Book: address books can now be searched.
  + A hidden pref has been added, 'next_on_delete'. This controls
    the message selection when a message is deleted. A setting of
    '0' which cause the previous, older message to be selected,
    a setting of '1' will cause the next, newer message to be
  + PDF Viewer plugin: Support for encrypted (password protected)
  + RSSyl plugin: The feed preferences window appearance has been
  + The --enable-new-addrbook configure option has been renamed to
  - -enable-alternate-addressbook.
  + Windows: Re-enabled regexps.
  + Updated man page.
  + Misc bugs fixed:
  - better fix for crash after broken pgp keyring update, and
    bogus EOF message on verifying sigs of missing keys
  - building on OpenBSD
  - libetpan version test
  - folder renaming for IMAP on Windows.
  + Bug fixes:
    claws#1959, claws#2490, claws#3151, claws#3375,
    claws#3557, claws#3454, claws#3480, claws#3513,
    claws#3541, claws#3559, claws#3561, claws#3562,
    claws#3563, claws#3566. deb#01375.
  + Updated translations.
* Thu Oct 15 2015
- update to version 3.13.0:
  + Preferences are now saved to disk immediately on pressing OK or
  + New preferences have been added for default sorting of the
    message lists. They are found in the 'Message list' frame of
    the Display/Summaries page of the general preferences. These
    options only apply to newly created folders.
  + The menu item 'Delete thread' has been moved to the Message
    menu. Previously clicking it would not delete the thread, but
    just move it to the Trash folder. Now it will delete the
    thread. An additional menu item has been added, 'Move thread to
    trash', which implements the original behaviour.
  + Compose window: By default it is no longer possible to add
    user-defined headers, with only those pre-defined in the drop
    down menus being possible. To restore the old behaviour, a new
    hidden preference has been added: 'type_any_header', setting
    this to 1 restores the old behaviour.
  + Automatic account selection is now also applied when you reply
    to one of your own messages, e.g. from the Sent folder.
  + Folder list: The Left and Right cursor keys now collapse or
    expand the currently selected folder tree item. The Left cursor
    key also moves the selection to parent folder, if current
    folder is within a collapsed tree.
  + Folder list: The Home and End keys now move the selection to
    the first folder and last folder in the tree.
  + Account Auto-configuration: when errors occur, a more detailed
    error message is shown.
  + GnuPG plugins:
  - An option has been added to specify the location of the GnuPG
  - A new hidden preference has been added which limits the
    number of results returned when using your keyring for
    address auto-completion: 'autocompletion_limit'. The default
    value is 0, which means there is no limit, any other number
    will limit the results to that number.
  + Python plugin: Folder has been added to MessageInfo objects.
  + The GeoLocation plugin is no longer included.
  + The user manual has been updated.
  + The man page has been updated.
  + Misc bugs fixed:
  - make 'date' (not thread date) the default sort when
    clicking column header to switch to date sort.
  - Several memory leaks in RSSyl.
  - IPv6 now works on Windows, for connections not handled by
  - GPG preferences initialization.
  - Possible crash when gpg is upgraded to gpg-v21
  - Save temporary file in mime temporary directory when using
  right-click/Open image instead of saving in current working
  - Crash in address completion when matching group name.
  - Correct handling of RFC3339 timestamp format with second
  - Building on GLib older than 2.25.
  + Bugs fixed: claws#2115, claws#3209, claws#3253, claws#3263,
    claws#3296, claws#3352, claws#3454, claws#3473, claws#3475,
    claws#3483, claws#3507, claws#3516, claws#3524, claws#3531.
  + Updated translations.
- Dropped gdata-plugin requirements: gdata-plugin dropped upstream.
* Thu Jul 23 2015
- Update to version 3.12.0:
  + New plugin: ManageSieve. Manage sieve filters on a server using
    the ManageSieve protocol.
  + Filtering/Processing:
  - Increase range for age matcher condition.
  - 'mark_as_spam' now only marks as spam, it does not do an
    additional move.
  + Compose window:
  - From line gets its own label with mnemonic.
  - More intuitive right-click behaviour in attachments list.
  + QuickSearch: 'Cc' added to the mixed search:
  + Folder list: Added 'Mark all read recursively' to context menu.
  + Support for Mac-cyrillic encoding.
  + IMAP: Support for SCRAM-SHA-1 authentication mechanism.
  + PGP plugins: Display validity of signatures.
  + Bogofilter plugin: 3rd spam handling option, 'Only mark as
  + RSSyl plugin: Per-feed support for HTTP basic auth.
  + Several layout improvements to preferences pages.
  + Updated user manual.
  + Updated man page.
  + Bugs fixed: claws#1769, claws#1901, claws#2435, claws#2577,
    claws#2601, claws#2965, claws#2981, claws#3211, claws#3321,
    claws#3345, claws#3349, claws#3351, claws#3354, claws#3364,
    claws#3365, claws#3380, claws#3389, claws#3407, claws#3419,
    claws#3421, claws#3432, claws#3438, claws#3466, deb#771360,
    deb#771737, deb#779824.
  + CVE fixed: CVE 2010-5109.
  + Misc bugs fixed:
  - Fix LDAP access using TLS protocol.
  - claws-mail.desktop installation.
  - Compose window Subject mnemonic.
  - Archiver plguin: compatibility with libarchive 2.8.x.
  - Remove draft when cancelling a message written with an
    external editor.
  - Remove superfluous dynamic link against libarchive.
  - Fix labels referring to 'SSL' instead of 'TLS'.
  - Allow single-click to select mailboxes in the mailbox order
  - set encoding to UTF-8.
  + Updated translations.
- Dropped fix_categories_and_recover_keywords_in_desktop_file.patch
  as fixed in upstream
- Dropped recover_desktop_file_installation.patch: fixed upstream.
- Dropped recover_desktop_file_installation_part2.patch: fixed
- Set pkgconfig(libgdata) BuildRequires: conditionally for 1330 and
  newer as the needed version is an unstable branch. Due to this,
  conditionally pass --enable-gdata-plugin to configure. As a
  result, libgdata is not beeing built for any current version of
* Sat Nov 01 2014
- Update to version 3.11.1:
  + Use 'gnutls_priority' hidden account preference for POP3 and
    STARTTLS connections, in addition to SMTP.
  + RSSyl plugin: Enable use of .netrc to store network
  + Remove dependency on intltool.
  + Remove appdata.
  + Updated translations: Norwegian Bokmål.
  + Bug fixed: claws#3306, claws#3308
- Removed intltool BuildRequires: no longer needed.
- Removed --enable-appdata from %configure (dropped in upstream).
- Add fix_categories_and_recover_keywords_in_desktop_file.patch
  from upstream git to fix categories and recover keywords in
  desktop file.
- Add recover_desktop_file_installation.patch from bugzilla
  (claws#3320) and recover_desktop_file_installation_part2.patch
  from upstream git to recover desktop file installation.
* Wed Oct 29 2014
- Add libexpat-devel BuildRequires: new dependency for the RSSyl
  plugin, which was completely rewritten in 3.11.0.
* Wed Oct 22 2014
- Pass --enable-appdata to %configure.
* Wed Oct 22 2014
- Pass --enable-appdata to %configure.
* Wed Oct 22 2014
- New build requirement: intltool.