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Change Logs

Version: 5.25-bp150.2.4
* Thu Nov 09 2017
- update to 5.25
  * Remove forced white background (Github #51)
  * Update bitbucket path in various places
  * Use "other" for infobar button type (Github #51)
  * Updated language files: Chinese (zh_TW), Italian (it),
  English (en_AU), Dutch (nl), French (fr), Hungarian (hu),
    Swedish (sv)
- add source file validation
* Sun Jan 08 2017
- update to 5.24
  * Fix startup crash when icon theme lacks 'gtk-new' or other
    icon with Arch patch. Thanks to anthraxx. Closes BZ #1386370
  * Initial file showing contributors
  * Add comments line in About dialog to translation file
  * Removed built-in help documentation until updated
    and translated
  * Updated language files: Ukrainian (uk), Hebrew (he),
    English (en_UK), Galician (gl), Italian (it) Finnish (fi)
- changes from 5.23
  * Fix Github #67 (Directories not scanning under Linux Mint 18
    KDE [LiveUSB])
* Thu Sep 22 2016
- update to 5.22
  * Directories not scanning if users home includes /sys or
    /dev (Github #61).
  * Fix all of Github #59 (max-scansize)
  * Fix to names of whitelisted directories with extra ";"
  * Update website in About dialog as
  * Begin digitally signing rpms again, like debs
  * Updated language files: pt_BR, en_AU, sv
- changes from 5.21
  * Update man pages to include updated URLs for bug reporting
  * Explicitly add archive scanning (Github #59)
  * Removed most monospacing as requested
  * Improved text layout
  * Updated language files: (ja), Indonesian (id), Polish (pl),
    Esperanto (eo), Spanish (es), Danish (da), Malay (ms)
* Sat Jan 23 2016
- Update to version 5.20
  * Remove nautilus as dependency for clamtk (BZ #1260284)
  * Updated language files: Khmer (km), Thai (th), Lao (lo),
    French (fr)
- Perform a spec-cleaner
- Add %{perl_requires} macro
- Install perl libraries into %{perl_vendorlib}
* Sun Jul 19 2015
- update to 5.19
  * Minor fix for History view and row selection (iter)
  * Minor tweak to improve display of objects scanned
  * Continue replacing Windows -> boxes
  * Updated language files: Korean (ko_KR), Italian (it)
* Tue May 12 2015
- update to 5.18
  * Improvements with Results window
  * Minor tweak on PUA-identified files
  * Add github bug reporting page to help documentation
  * Updated language files: Indonesian (id), Uzbek (uz),
    Finnish (fi), Ukrainian (uk), Galician (gl), German (de),
    Hebrew (he), English (en_UK), Chinese (zh_TW), Korean (ko_KR),
    Dutch (nl)
- changes from 5.17
  * Fix crash with Results window
  * Remove freecode references from help files
- changes from 5.16
  * Properly destroy Results window
  * Fix incorrect version in legacy build
  * Fix progressbar count issue for when recursive is
    not selected
  * Improve hidden files scanning/counting
  * Update website page to github
  * Updated language files: French (fr), Polish (pl)
* Fri Apr 03 2015
- update to 5.15
  * Speed up file count/progressbar when directory
    chosen for scanning is root (/) by switching to
    progressbar's activity mode (no % complete)
  * Minor fix to keep window open after closing Results
    when main window is open
  * Fix window doesn't always show
  * Updated language files: Sinhalese (si), Croatian (hr),
    Dutch (nl)
- changes from 5.14
  * Add more meaningful progressbar back; requires
    File::Find (usually bundled, shouldn't add new requirements)
  * Fix language file text gets inserted into Update process
    for some ridiculous reason
  * Add more obvious notice for files that are too big to upload
    for Analysis (32MB limit through API)
  * Add more meaningful messages when trying to scan
    files/directories if user does not have permissions
  * Fix for when quit button requires more than one click
  * Minor font tweak to prevent words from being cut off
  * Updated language files: Finnish (fi), German (de),
    Ukrainian (uk), English (en_CA), English (en_AU),
    English (en_GB), Russian (ru), Galician (gl), Malay (ms),
    Romanian (ro), Chinese (zh_TW)
* Sat Jan 24 2015
- update to 5.13
  * Fix for submitting new files in Analysis
  * Update for Virustotal API return results
  * Fix closing Results window exits program
  * Fix "extra" translation in Scan finish
  * Fix Results window doesn't show in some situations
  * Fix scan statistics not resetting after scan
- changes from 5.12
  * Fix for mouse focus issue in history window
    (Google Issue #29)
  * Add delete keybinding to history window
  * Fix error with analysis function where incorrect
    results were given
  * Add initial support for Trash. Thanks, Nikita!
  * Fix formatting issue when quarantining or deleting
    items in the Results panel
* Wed Nov 19 2014
- insert requires: gnome-icon-theme because of crash
* Mon Nov 17 2014
- update to 5.11
  * Fix for to right-click scan files with
    special characters
  * Minor improvements to the Update dialog; the new benefit
    is one-click signature updating vice two
  * Minor updates to help documentation (PUAs)
  * Minor improvement in Update Assistant
  * Updated language files: German (de), Brazilian
    Portuguese (pt_BR), Bulgarian (bg)
- changes from 5.10
  * Display total number of signatures properly. Thanks, Natalia!
  * Main window opens centered, which seems to prevent some
    display issues. Thanks, John!
  * Updated language files: Dutch (nl), Slovak (sk),
    Indonesian (id), French (fr), Polish (pl), Italian (it),
    Romanian (ro)
- changes from  5.09
  * Release proper version for Ubuntu legacy (Google Issue #25).
    Thanks, Thom!
  * Fix check for updates issue due to change of ClamAV
  * Updated language files: Uzbek (uz)
* Sun Aug 24 2014
- update to 5.08
  * Add missing proxy code (Google  Issue #20 ). Thanks, Uri!
  * Add the ability to submit files from results window
    to Virustotal
  * Minor tweak to improve redrawing of main window
  * Lots of language file updates
  * See all changes or check out the README
- added missing help
* Sun Jun 15 2014
- update to 5.07
  * Fix to make ClamTk show up again in Dash and
    other areas (clamtk.desktop);
    the OnlyShowIn portion from 5.06 removed it
  * Improve two tooltips in Settings panel
  * Minor fix to wording in Update panel
  * Standardize locale files permissions
  * Updated language files: Arabic (ar), German (de),
    Azerbaijani (az), English (en_AU), Galician (gl),
    French (fr), Tamil (ta), Ukrainian (uk), Uzbek (uz),
    Finnish (fi), Romanian (ro), Spanish (es), Hebrew (he),
    Asturian (ast), Czech (cz), Dutch (nl), Malay (ms), Slovak (sk)
* Wed May 07 2014
- added patch for visibilty in kde menu
* Mon May 05 2014
- update to 5.06
  * Add some extra arguments to scan to avoid scanning accidents
  * Actually remove zenity from dependencies (i.e.,
    from the build files); it was already removed from code in 5.05
  * Use ShowOnlyIn in .desktop file
  * Minor update for dpkg installation instructions in Help files
  * Minor display fix for the progressbar in the legacy version
    (Google Issue #17)
  * Temporary fix for incorrect text in Settings panel
  * Updated language files: Japanese (ja), Italian (it), German (de),
    Russian (ru), English (en_GB), Slovak (sk), Chinese (zh_TW)
  5.05 - Mar 14 2014
  * Preference to use single or double click in the
    main interface on the icons. No restart required
    (Google Issue #7)
  * Fix Analysis FileChooserButton reset issue (again).
    This time, ensure it is disabled after submitting
    a new file
  * Minor encoding fix for,
  * Minor fix to use current version, not 5.00, in $ua
  * Minor regex fix in selecting directories (
  * Removed last remnants of Gtk2::Tooltips, which
    is deprecated
  * Remove zenity portion which has never been used.
  * Remove non-Italian strings from Italian (it) language file
  * Standardize some words in
  * Minor cleanup
  * Updated language files: Slovak (sk), Chinese (zh_TW),
    Italian (it), Dutch (nl), Bulgarian (bg), Czech (cs_CZ),
    Ukrainian (uk), Uzbek (uz), German (de), Finnish (fi),
    Asturian (ast), Galician (gl), Spanish (es), French (fr),
    Portuguese (pt), Hebrew (he), Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR),
    Malay (ms)
* Sun Feb 16 2014
- update to 5.04:
  * Clear combobox text area after action
    (Launchpad #1276125).
  * Search button active without filename and
    update analysis reports (Launchpad #1276141).
  * Fix update problem (Google Issue #4, Launchpad #1273165).
  * Updated language files:  Polish (pl), German (de),
    Bulgarian (bg), Azerbaijani (az), Spanish (es), Uzbek (uz)
* Sun Jan 19 2014
- update to 5.03:
  * Re-add scheduler (Google Issue #1). This adds cron or cronie back as a dependency.
  * Update requirement for some distros to gnome-icon-theme-full, and
    gnome-icon-theme for some distros (Google Issue #2)
  * Remove extra gettext subs
  * Fix ugly copyright symbol
  * Minor help documentation and man page tweaks.
* Fri Jan 03 2014
- added missing requires for perl(Text::CSV), thanks to Gerrit Jan Eldering for
* Fri Jan 03 2014
- update to 5.02:
  * add gnome-icon-theme to requirements
  * update statusbar after saving update preferences
  * add missing icon in Nautilus context menu
  * remove unused (notify-send and more) code from
  * ensure FileChooserButton cannot be clicked with nothing (due to inability
    to reset)
  * remove deprecated encoding pragma
- changes from 5.01:
  * fix minimum Gtk2 version to >= 1.241
  * fix parsing issue on paths with spaces and special characters
  * update VT file size limit
  * correct quarantine sorting from lexical to spaceship operator (numerically
  * allow quarantine scrollwindow to actually scroll
  * results columns are now resizable
- changes from 5.00:
  * right-click file manager support; uses nautilus-python
  * use of Virustotal API; requires perl-JSON and perl-LWP-Protocol-https
  * now using Time::Piece instead of Date::Calc; it's a Perl built-in
  * now using Digest::SHA (sha256) instead of Digest::MD5
- changes from 4.46:
  * minor bug fix for recursive option
* Wed Aug 07 2013
- update to 4.45:
  * fixed and improved submit file for analysis functionality
  * updated translations: ast, bg, hr, da_DK, fi, lt, pl, es, th
* Thu Apr 18 2013
- updated to 4.44:
  * This version contains a minor fix, a couple improvements, and an updated
    language file.