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Change Logs

* Wed Nov 20 2019 Simon Lees <>
- %make_jobs is depricated replaced by %cmake_build
- Use %autosetup to simplify maintenance
* Tue Oct 08 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 0.4.2
  Support for new devices:
  * Harpoon RGB Pro
  * Ironclaw RGB
  Important bugfixes:
  * GUI no longer crashes if an animation has no keys set
* Tue Aug 27 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 0.4.1
  Important bugfixes:
  * Specified keyboard layout is no longer being reverted on
  * Pipe animation no longer quits if it can't read data
  * Media keys work again on the legacy K65
  * Daemon no longer crashes on quit on macOS
  * Devices are now re-activated after resume on Linux
  * Gradient animation no longer flickers with dithering enabled
  * HiDPI has been disabled by default due to screen resolution
  * Max DPI is now per-device
  * Extra words are now filtered from the device name
  * gpg2 is preferred over gpg for signature verification
  New features:
  * An uninstall button has been added for macOS users that
    allows complete uninstallation, including older versions
  * Life animation has a new transparent preset
  * Confirmation dialog boxes have been added when deleting
    profiles, modes, and animations
  * Animation preview now gets temporarily disabled while
    ckb-next is out of focus
  * Support for multiple animation paths has been added
  * Pollrate can now be changed through the GUI
  Notes for packagers:
  * Udev rules are now installed by default in /lib/udev/rules.d.
  * Udev rule installation path can be changed with
  * Init systems can manually be force-enabled with
    FORCE_INIT_SYSTEM in cmake
- Refreshed ckb-next-use-run.patch and ckb-next-systemd.patch
* Wed May 29 2019 Bernhard Wiedemann <>
- Add 422.patch to fix animations dir (boo#1135528)
* Sat Mar 09 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 0.4.0
  Support for new devices:
  * K70 RGB MK.2 LP
  * M65 RGB Elite
  * M95 Legacy
  Important bugfixes:
  * ST100 now works on macOS properly
  * Strafe RGB MK.2 logo is mapped to the right LEDs, and media
    buttons are positioned correctly
  * A buffer overflow causing the daemon to crash or hang has
    been fixed
  * quickinstall can now run correctly with multibyte characters
    in the path
  * Rename now works correctly in the Profile Manager context
  * Animations with no presets no longer get loaded to prevent
  * K70 Lux is now marked correctly as monochrome
  * ckb-next can be built again with Qt 5.2
  * Save to hardware now gets disabled in the context menu for
    unsupported devices
  * Settings backend has been changed to ini for macOS,
    preventing silent configuration data corruption
  * The K55, the ST100 and the Polaris now have working default
  * A few cases that may cause the GUI to crash have been found
    and fixed
  * Blank animation names are no longer allowed
  New features:
  * GUI has gained a monochrome tray icon option
    (QSystemTrayIcon only)
  * Device brightness can be controlled by scrolling on the tray
    icon on Linux systems that support it (AppIndicator or KDE)
  * Profiles and modes can now be changed with the --profile and
  - -mode arguments passed to the GUI binary
  * New Conway's Game of Life animation
  * New 'snake' animation
  * New 'pipe' animation, allowing the user to send rgb data
    from external applications
  * Music Visualizer (mviz) is now supported on macOS, and has
    been reworked to function correctly
  * A --version argument has been added to the daemon
  * On Linux, the udev rule has been renamed and moved
  * On Linux, for builds with libappindicator, it can be force
    enabled/disabled by setting the CKB_NEXT_USE_APPINDICATOR
    environment variable
  * On Linux, libappindicator support is also enabled if the Qt
    platform theme is gtk2 (Useful for Unity on Ubuntu 19.04)
  * The restart command has been removed from the daemon
  * Threads are now named for easier debugging
  * Signal handler has been rewritten
  * A few unneeded packets are no longer being sent to M65 mice
  * Only Red channel data is being sent to monochrome devices
- Refreshed ckb-next-systemd.patch and ckb-next-udev.patch
* Thu Jan 10 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Trim filler wording from description.
* Tue Jan 08 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 0.3.2
  Important news:
  * This version fixes a major bug for the Scimitar Pro, causing
    the daemon to not properly interface with the mouse. This
    could require manually reflashing the mouse firmware if a
    firmware update was performed with 0.3.1 or earlier.
  * An updater has been created to more quickly push bugfixes to
    users, especially for those on macOS.
  * There is a new Space Invaders-like minigame that can be
    played as an animation, thanks to @mvladimirovich.
  Support for new devices:
  * Strafe RGB MK.2; by accidental omission from the previous
  * K66
  Important bugfixes:
  * The Scimitar Pro now defaults to v2.xx endpoints
  * The DPI LED on mice now changes in sniper mode
  * The GUI will warn if uinput cannot be loaded on Linux
  * The "Save to Hardware" button on the Scimitar and Glaive has
    been greyed out due to a current lack of support
  * Thanks to the efforts of @Kedstar99, the codebase compiles
    with much fewer warnings
  * Binding commands to wheels will now repeat properly
  * QuaZip is no longer required for daemon-only builds
  * KissFFT is now built as a static library
  * Symbolic links are now created in /dev/input/by-id for evdev
  * Fixed a regression for devices using the legacy protocol
  Note for packagers:
  * If ckb-next is updated through a package management system,
    `-DDISABLE_UPDATER=1` should be passed to CMake
  version 0.3.1
  Support for new devices:
  * K70 RGB MK.2
  * K70 RGB MK.2 SE
  New major features:
  * The GUI now has a generate ckb-next-dev-detect report button
  Important bugfixes:
  * Rapidfire keyboards have a workaround on shutdown
  * Bugfix for independent X/Y DPI
  * The new Strafe NRGB has firmware updates now
  * The GUI pops up a warning when trying to bind the Windows
    key with Winlock enabled
  * The GUI now has a DPI indicator
  * The K68 NRGB winlock light now lights up
  * The GUI handles SIGINT/SIGTERM cleanly, avoiding stalled
  * Strafe sidelights now save state on GUI start
  * Original Strafe NRGB's sidelights now toggle correctly
  * ckb-next-dev-detect is now installed to the system and added
    to PATH
  version 0.3.0
  Support for new devices:
  * K55 RGB
  * K68 RGB
  * K90 Legacy
  * Katar RGB
  * Polaris RGB
  * ST100 RGB
  New major features:
  * Use URB Interrupts to read data from devices
  * Profile Import/Export
  * Keyboard Layout autodetection
  * CMake build system
  * Relocation of binaries
  * No single global layout for all devices in the GUI
  Important bugfixes:
  * Deadlock on daemon exit
  * Support for K95 Platinum profile switch key
  * Keymap corruption on the GUI
  * Pulseaudio GUI deadlock
  * Use udev to detect the appropriate endpoint max packet size
  * Ignore devices in BIOS mode
  * Disable save to hardware for unsupported devices
  * Keymap patches for K68
  * Workaround for linux kernel out-of-bounds write
  * Memory leaks on firmware update
  version 0.2.9
  Important changes:
  * Significantly lower CPU usage on idle
  * Add support for K95 Platinum
  * Add support for K68
  * Add support for (new) Strafe non-RGB
  * Add support for Glaive
  * Add support for Harpoon
  * Add support for Corsair firmware v3
  * Add support for pt\_br layout
  * Add support for Japanese layout
  * Add macro delays to the GUI
  * New FIRMWARE file structure
  * GUI warning when daemon is not running
  * udev rule to remove joystick tag
  * Dynamic keymap patching
  * Require Qt >=5.2
  * Numerous small fixes and improvements
  version 0.2.8
  * `ckb` is now `ckb-next`, __but the binaries will be renamed
    in `v0.2.9`__
  * Numerous PRs from `ckb` merged
  * SIGSEGV when deleting copied profile is fixed
  * `make debug` target on Linux is fixed
  * Heat map animation issues fixed
  * Compilation of the music visualizer fixed
  * Hardware profile loading error on firmware 2.05 fixed
  * Project's own firmware table created, signed and populated
    with new devices
  * Arch Linux and Fedora/CentOS packages added
- Dropped ckb-external-quazip.patch (no longer necessary)
- Refreshed ckb-use-var-run.patch as ckb-next-use-run.patch
- Added ckb-next-systemd.patch, ckb-next-no-cmake-modules.patch
  and ckb-next-udev.patch
* Thu Aug 25 2016
- Update to version 0.2.6
- Use external quazip only when available
- Replaced ckb-fix-desktop-file.patch with %suse_update_desktop_file
- Replaced ckb-daemon-path.patch and ckb-animations-path.patch
  with macros for consistency.
* Sun Apr 17 2016
- Add hicoler folder, too
* Sun Apr 17 2016
- Fix icon folder
* Fri Apr 15 2016
- Initial package
  * Use /var/run instead of /dev/input for communication with the
  * move the daemon and the animations into the libexec folder