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Version: 3.6.7-bp150.2.1
* Thu Jul 05 2018
- Add cinnamon-settings-fix-symlink-vuln.patch by Matthias Gerstner
  to fix a symlink attack vulnerability (CVE-2018-13054,
  bsc#1083067, commit 66e54f4).
- Minor spec clean-up.
* Sat Feb 03 2018
- Changed dependency from python-pam to python2-python-pam
* Sun Dec 24 2017
- Update to version 3.6.7:
  * Online Accounts: Use translations.
  * cinnamonDBus.js: Have GetMonitors throw an error back to GDBus
    if something goes wrong.
  * menu-applet: Rework vectorBox.
  * Fix power applet spamming the log file with error messages on
    laptops (gh#linuxmint/Cinnamon#7114).
  * Spices description: Do not cut off the letter "n".
  * Xlets: Fix shown info for overwritten xlets.
* Fri Nov 24 2017
- Update to version 3.6.6:
  * Sound settings: Assign the selected device to the profile
* Tue Nov 21 2017
- Update to version 3.6.5 (changes since 3.6.3):
  * calendar applet: Just listen to the gsetting key for 24h to
    make sure the vertical panel default clock obeys global
    date/time settings.
  * st-theme.c: st_theme_resolve_url could assert with a theme
  * cinnamon-settings: Use icon buttons in the xlet management
  * Fixes crash if device.get_icon_name() is Null.
  * Allow showing seconds on a vertical panel.
  * Replace tabs with spaces.
  * calendar applet: Fix formatting.
* Sat Nov 18 2017
- Update to version 3.6.3:
  * Show-desktop: Disable peek-at-desktop by default.
  * menu applet: Recalculate applications list box height when the
    menu's allocation changes.
  * Applets: When setting an icon, make sure it's actually an
    St.Icon. Some applets (such as the keyboard applet) set
    _applet_icon to something other than an St.Icon, so it causes
    an error when trying to set the icon using one of the api
    functions. This was causing the keyboard applet not to show in
    the panel edit mode after a keyboard layout was added and
  * applet settings: Fix panel switch buttons not being hidden when
    there is only one panel.
  * Add Adwaita-dark thumbnails.
  * extension settings: Scan the system directory for extensions.
  * Initialise applet position to avoid drag and drop errors in
    edit mode occasionally the null applet position was being
    carried through to the writing of the new applet causing
    apparent drop failures, and to the disappearance of the
    highlighted drop box. Much visible weirdness with a very simple
  * workspace switcher: Fix an undeclared variable warning.
  * applet settings: Improve the logic for highlighting the panel.
    The panel is now only highlighted when there is more than one
    panel, and it's better about selecting and highlighting the
    correct panel when one is added or removed.
  * Fixed spacing. Add a missing semicolon.
  * popupMenu: Prevent a warning of this._triangle.
  * Clock applet: Respect a 12h/24h choice in the vertical mode.
* Sun Nov 12 2017
- Update to version 3.6.2:
  * st-texture-cache: Avoid potential null pointer dereference.
- Rebase cinnamon-no-gksu-requirement.patch.
* Thu Nov 09 2017
- Update to version 3.6.1:
  * Fix blurry and off-centred arrow in pop up submenus.
  * cinnamon-settings: Remove an ui file that is no longer used
    since the extension-settings-rework.
  * Fix xlets not installing if a file without an
    extension is in the po directory.
  * Edit elements with double click.
  * Fix Gtk-Message when running a dialogue.
  * window-list: Account for hidden items during DnD repositioning.
  * Spices: Don't fail if the spice directory is missing.
- Rebase cinnamon-wheel-and-sbin-path.patch.
* Sat Oct 28 2017
- Update to version 3.6.0:
  * See /usr/share/doc/packages/cinnamon/changelog
- Rebase cinnamon-network-user-connections.patch,
  cinnamon-settings-native.patch, cinnamon-no-gksu-requirement.patch.
* Sun Aug 20 2017
- Update to version 3.4.6 (changes since 3.4.4):
  * osdWindow.js: Always check the theme node on first showing - an
    actor's width isn't necessarily filled if it hasn't been
    explicitly set, causing the first few activations of the OSD to not show an accurate level bar.
  * cs_default: Fix an incorrect button label (but preserve
  * main.js: Remove an obsolete Meta enum member reference.
  * workspace.js: Use our normal prototype init method.
  * workspace.js: Initalise WindowClone._zoomStep to 0.
  * slideshow-applet: Fix a translation.
  * Create the file "~/.icons/default/index.theme" and
    set the selected cursor theme inside of it. This ensures other
    (non-gtk) applications end up using the same theme (though they
    are required to be restarted for these changes to take effect).
  * keyboard-applet: Applet icon vanishes when moved in edit mode.
  * cinnamon-json-makepot: Add keyword option, change language used
    by xgettext to JavaScript.
  * expoThumbnail: Correct a couple of calls with mismatched
    argument counts.
  * window-list: Set AppMenuButtons unreactive during panel edit
  * panel-launchers: Set PanelAppLaunchers unreactive during panel
    edit mode.
  * windows-quick-list: Fix argument warning.
  * Fix a reference to undefined actor._delegate warning.
  * ui/environment: Handle undefined actors in
  * ui/cinnamonDBus: Handle null xlet objects in
  * deskletManager: Initialise some variables and remove the
    variables that were initialised, probable typo
* Wed Jul 12 2017
- Require NetworkManager-gnome on openSUSE older than Leap 15.x
  still (boo#1047540).
* Sun Jul 09 2017
- Update to version 3.4.4:
  * classicSwitcher.js: Fix hidpi issues.
  * Fix parsing of accelerators that are
    shifted but not alpha-numeric characters.
  * Do not crash when an invalid xlet id is
  * window-list applet: Fix argument warning.
  * Add an issue template.
  * ui/settings: Handle undefined old settings values.
  * hotCorner.js: Fix hover delay callback.
* Wed Jun 28 2017
- Update to version 3.4.3:
  * panel-launchers: Put individual launcher actions back in the
    main popup, having an options and preferences submenu was a
    bit ambiguous.
  * panel-launchers: Remove an undeclared variable warning.
  * deskletManager: Correct a call to file.delete.
  * Add a menu item to toggle the on-screen keyboard.
- Use update-alternatives to create the default.desktop xsession.
* Wed Jun 21 2017
- Update to version 3.4.2:
  * st-texture-cache.c: Do not cache st_texture_cache_load_from_raw.
    Its only user is the Notification Daemon. These are transient
    images that were being stored in the cache that would never be
    evicted during theme changes (this does not just mean times
    when the user changed the icon theme).
  * l10n: Translate hardcoded string for settings reset
    confirmation dialogue.
  * Silence a few more warnings, new warnings.
  * expo, overview: Unreference actors that we destroy whenever the
    respective view closes.
  * Only allow a single instance to run.
  * Sound applet: Avoid spacing problem in vertical panel.
  * photoframe-desklet: Fix a few issues.
  * notificationDaemon.js: Silence an occasional warning.
  * Make switch widgets use "center" vertical
    alignment instead of "fill," to prevent the switch growing in
    height when the label text gets ellipsised (either through
    resizing of the window, or localisation).
  * Progress bar text initialises and resets.
  * cinnamon-settings-users: Restrict the size of user images, as
    they are displayed in the right view when a user is selected.
    If the image at /var/lib/AccountsService/icons/<user> is set to
    a ridiculously-sized image, it won't break the ui.
  * cs_user: Don't let large images break the ui - make sure we
    scale the selected image to an appropriate size.
    Also, don't crop user-selected images (but keep cropping webcam
    images) - it's strange to select an image file and have the
    ends of it cut off.
  * Fix picture preview in file
    selector to maintain a reasonable size.
  * Handle image previews better in the face chooser
  * Fix a Python 3 error.
  * window-list: Bring space around preview down and correct a
    calculation problem.
  * StScrollView: Queue redraws whenever the adjustments change, to
    prevent artifacts outside of the view itself.
  * StScrollView: More effective way of fixing the graphical
    artefacts generated during scrolling. This also appears to fix
    some unrelated tearing issues I was seeing in the menu while
  * main.c: Own onboard's dbus name to prevent it starting when
    gnome's a11y keyboard settings key is active
    (org.gnome.desktop.a11y.applications screen-keyboard-enabled).
    Also own caribou's daemon. Caribou's OSK won't interfere in a
    Cinnamon session, but its daemon will run needlessly in the
    background otherwise.
  * panel: Avoid cjs giving a warning that dummyPanels[i][j] is
  * systray applet: Make sure an icon actually got parented to
    this.manager_container before calling remove_child.
    This issue can occur during session startup.
  * spacer applet: Use a unique style class in the theme to prevent
    the applet from appearing active when hovered.
  * theme: Add applet-spacer class for spacer applet.
  * spacer applet: Use track_hover instead of a new style to
    prevent highlighting.
  * osdWindow: get the correct child allocation when calculating
    the width of the level bar. If a padding or margin is added to
    the level-bar style class, it was causing the parent bin to
    expand to accomodate the child's width plus its required
- Rebase cinnamon-wheel-and-sbin-path.patch,
* Wed May 24 2017
- Update to version 3.4.1:
  * Remove usage of GTK_POLICY_EXTERNAL.
  * checkBox.js: Remove extra unused argument which was causing a
    warning with new cjs/mozjs.
  * st-bin.c: Fix y_fill setter (it was setting x_fill to the value
    of the existing y_fill, before it is set in the same call).
  * menu applet: Fix keyboard navigation of recent context menu.
    Fix closing of same menu when switching to another category.
    Also fix closing when opening another recent's context menu.
  * menu applet: Notify when a recent file is activated that can't
    be accessed.
  * menu applet: Make missing file notification transient.
  * menu applet (vector box): Partially revert c0d37dd: there is
    flickering as events go from a button to the vector box and
    back. Remove the idle callback, and directly react to the enter
    even once more. To compensate, increase our
    maybeUpdateVectorBox delay timeout, which more or less fixes
    the original problem the above commit was attempting to fix.
  * menu applet: _select_category - only call displayButtons if the
    category has really changed.
  * menu applet: Fix keyboard navigation when a second recent
    context menu is toggled open.
  * Sound settings: Fix device icons.
  * Ignore files and directories in the config
    directory that aren't created by our settings api as well as
    instances that no longer exist.
  * Don't scrub the config directory on load.
    This is no longer necessary since xlet settings now ignores
    anything that isn't an active instance, and some applets need a
    place to store extra files so they get cleaned up on uninstall.
  * Fix a crash when there are no panels.
  * sound-applet: Remove extraneous arguments on add_actor calls.
  * radioButton.js: Remove an extra argument to add_actor.
  * window-list-applet: Fix undefined reference warning.
  * cinnamon-json-makepot: Add support to extract "title" and
    "units" keys on list elements.
  * User applet: Remove the ability to switch to guest with LightDM.
  * runDialog.js: Fix undefined variable warning.
  * Reorganise the default applets in the panel.
  * User applet: Remove trailing spaces.
  * Applets: Make TextIconApplet smarter and adapt to vertical
  * menu applet: Use _select_category to select recents and places,
    so we can cache the current selection more accurately and
    prevent needless calls to _displayButtons.
  * window list: Add a missing dependency to settings.
- Remove cinnamon-fix-gtk-3.14.patch.
- Rebase cinnamon-no-gksu-requirement.patch.
* Sun May 07 2017
- Update to version 3.4.0:
  * Fix gnome terminal losing desktop file association during
    Cinnamon restart.
  * cinnamon-json-makepot: Add support to scan for JS files inside
  * Start systray applet first
  * Use generic marshaller.
  * Pull functions out of loops in _refreshPlaces, _refreshApps...
  * Move uri assignment in _refreshRecent's while loop into new...
  * Use let instead of var in new handler functions.
  * panel: Rework allocation logic to avoid looping in edit mode
    this was causing the context menu animation to fail to complete
    causing the user not to be able to exit edit mode.
  * theme-node: Fix leak on stylesheet change.
  * cinnamon_dbus_acquire_name: Don't leak the result.
  * cinnamon_dbus_acquire_name: Don't leak error.
  * keyboard: Destroy the key's boxpointe.
  * Fix hotcorner hover delay timeout removal. This fixes a
    "Invalid or null source id used when attempting to run
    Mainloop.source_remove()" when leaving a hotcorner. The timeout
    is already destroyed by returning false in the callback, but we
    still knew about the timeout id and tried to remove the
    non-existing timeout.
  * st-box-layout: Don't report a paint volume when we have no
  * window-tracker: Fix a memory leak.
  * tooltips.js: Remove leftover logging.
  * Add cinnamon-stap-monitor utility.
  * panel.js: Couple fixes to previous commit. Let the panel
    sections cover the entire panel in edit mode. Clean up
    _allocate a bit - since we always have the centre zone occupied
    (artificially or naturally,) we don't ever need to handle cases
    where it isn't.
  * panel.js: Fix dnd pseudo-class style application for vertical
  * panel: Allow right and left panel zones to naturally fill space.
    Fix vertical allocate calculations in st-box-layout (align_end
    was only working for horizontal box layouts).
  * panel.js: Clean actor and style class names up, simplify some
    code that no longer needs to differentiate between vertical and
    horizontal panels.
  * Expose setting for floating widgets.
  * panel.js: Restore the "important" style flag, accidentally
    removed from panel zones.
  * expoThumbnail.js: Don't reposition thumbnails on
  * Use a stack to switch between default
    screensaver and plugin previews.
  * panel.js: Restore some allocation code mistakenly removed in a
    previous commit. This restores the behavior of allowing
    left/right panels to occupy more than half the panel if the
    centre zone is empty.
  * Sound applet: Fix a segmentation fault that happened when menu
    animations were disabled (gh#linuxmint/Cinnamon#5977).
  * cinnamon-desktop-editor: Use the default icon when file is
  * st-theme-node: Improve error reporting.
  * St: Support CSS margin property.
  * Fix cursor black background when taking screenshot.
  * JS API misc/util.js: Add spawnCommandLineAsync.
  * recent-applet: Fix wrong menu placement.
  * Cinnamon Tutorial: Add instructions for xlet l10n.
  * windowManager: Move handling of workspace switch effects to one
  * window-list: Don't lose our focus style class when opening the
    context menu.
  * Settings widgets range: Add an optional argument to show the
    current value of on the scale widget. This was originally the
    way it worked in the xlet settings, but with the rework, that
    functionality wasn't reimplemented. This rendered the settings
    of several applets less usefull.
  * Show desktop applet: Fix preview being stuck by
    keyboard-triggered menu open.
  * settings.js: Rebuild the settings file if it becomes corrupted.
    If the settings have already been loaded, we use the latest
    version we have, otherwise we restore from defaults.
  * vertical-panels: Make proper calculations for panel intellihide.
  * Keyboard applet: Always show something in panel edit mode.
  * Power applet: Always show something in panel edit mode
  * JS API util.js: Add doNotReap parameter to trySpawn ct. itzexor
  * util.js: Add documentation for spawn_async.
  * Add support to manage the systemd services available on the
  * Add a "Run now" button for when a row is selected.
  * Make sure applets that don't support vertical panels don't get
    dropped on a vertical panel. This was happening with at least
    some applets, causing them to "disappear", and could only be
    recovered by removing them from applet settings and re-adding
    them again.
  * cinnamon-settings: Fix some sliders being drawn backwards.
  * settings.js: Handle corrupt settings the right way. Fixes
    several issues with the previous implementation.
  * xlet settings: Add a list widget.
  * xlet settings: Fix the reference to new option added to wrong
  * Settings: Add support for lightdm-settings.
  * xlets-about-dialog: Show timestamp if exists else show version
    & show "more info" button.
  * spawn_async: Clean the callbacks up after we're done.
  * looking-glass: Use bracket notation for property accessors when
  * Environment: Don't fail in toString().
  * looking-glass: Set null results' value to "[null]".
  * Fix panel timeout spinbuttons jumping around
  * Add Manjaro Support in System Info (gh#linuxmint/Cinnamon#6387).
  * systray: Add CSS class to permit theming.
  * systray-applet: Don't crash in on_applet_removed_from_panel.
  * st-theme-node: Remove a double declaration that gives a
    compiler warning.
  * Start inode/directory application instead unregistered
    x-scheme-handler/file in case of unmounted bookmarks.
  * st-entry: Change the variable type to avoid a compiler warning.
  * Add a chooser for "inode/directory" to be able to choose the
    default file manager.
  * xlet-settings: Add a missing string for l10n.
  * st-box-layout: Remove an unused variable.
  * panel.js: Refactor Panel._showPanel and Panel._hidePanel.
  * panel.js: Don't clip the panel box shadow when showing after
  * cs_accessibility: Restore previous theme when disabling
    High Contrast.
  * Remove panelMenu.js, which is unused but for 2 applets.
    There are a bunch of applets that import it but don't use it,
    all of which can be fixed now.
  * hotcorners: Remove the icon option.
  * Handle the numpad entering in entry.
  * Remove aclocal from as autoreconf runs it.
  * Fix for non translated applet names on Remove context menu items.
  * [Xlets] Expose config deletion request to xlet.
  * modalDialog: Avoid a js warning.
  * utils: Add check-js, to scan for runtime-breaking javascript
    syntax errors.
  * Adjustments after enabling margin for st.
  * Save appropriately sized .face for
  * cs_mouse: Add new settings to control acceleration/sensitivity.
  * power-applet: Add support for warning and error style classes.
  * Rework individual panel page to simplify code, fix
    some bugy behaviour, and improve readability.
  * Update keybindings.js.
  * Adapt Cinnamon to multi-process CSD.
  * messageTray: Show critical notifications in fullscreen.
  * Replace panel widgets with backended ones.
    This will hopefully ensure that the widgets are consistent with
    the rest of Cinnamon in terms of behaviour and appearance, as
    well as easier to maintain.
  * panel.js: Keep track of panelPosition and monitor changes.
  * panel.js: Refactor _moveResizePanel.
  * layout.js: Don't include clipped off areas in input region.
  * README file to reStructuredText file.
  * St: Margin: Remove margin:auto from menu applet and default
    theme. This avoids warning messages as margin:auto is not
    supported. And it also means third party theme developers will
    not copy non-functional CSS. The warning messages for the
    programmatic insertion of margin:auto in the menu applet were
    particularly cryptic.
  * st: Fix a couple icon/text-shadow bugs.
  * cinnamon-json-makepot: Fix for undefined global name.
  * Update
  * Use St.Icon instead of fetching icons from St.TextureCache.
  * all: Adapt to changes for the new cjs (gjs 1.48/mozjs38).
  * panel.js warning fix.
  * osdWindow: Fix the level bar display.
  * Remove memory info stuff from looking glass, cinnamon-global.
  * control: Adjust version reqs for libcjs.
  * all: Some additional warning fixes due to gjs 1.48.0->1.48.2
  * panel-launchers: Fix the panel launcher animation.
  * melange: don't freeze on quit with custom log watchers.
  * desklet.js: Ignore an extra argument to setContent().
  * js/ui/tooltip.js: Check if this.mousePosition is defined.
  * Move this.mousePosition initial assignment to TooltipBase.
  * Supress CJS mozjs38 warnings in applet, dbusMenu, indicator...
  * Correct indentation.
  * main.js: Improve logging of GLib.Errors and objects
  * menu-applet & panel-launchers: Add new mouse cursors while.
    dragging applications (gh#linuxmint/Cinnamon#5859)
  * l10n: Update POT file.
  * l10n: Generate additional files.
- Rebase cinnamon-settings-native.patch.
- Add cinnamon-fix-gtk-3.14.patch: Add GTK+ 3.14 compatibility.
* Thu Jan 26 2017
- Fix password changing in cinnamon-wheel-and-sbin-path.patch.
* Sun Jan 08 2017
- Update to version 3.2.8:
  * menu applet: Only construct one context menu for recent files,
    and re-use it.
  * menu applet: Don't reconstruct recent files, just re-order,
    add, remove as required.
  * menu applet: Fix a couple of minor leaks (actors created but
    never added to a container - being GInitiallyUnowned, they
    never get their floating ref sunk, and so can't be unreffed.
    Fix a prototype mismatch, and just rename GenericButton to
    NoRecentDocsButton, since that's the only user of it.
  * Fix tuples for Python 3.6.
  * tooltips.js: Add a hide timer to check if a tooltip should hide
    itself, but for various reasons never got to act on a
    leave-event (due to vagaries in event reporting).
  * recent applet: Rework to be non-destructive when updating the
    recent list (this brings a lot of the recent changes to the
    menu applet over to this one).
  * recents, applets: Couple of warning clean ups.
  * network applet: Remove a useless log warning. At some point
    more than a year ago we started getting these (possibly a
    change to NetworkManager), they have no value whatsoever, but
    fill up the log.
- Rebase cinnamon-network-user-connections.patch,
* Fri Dec 23 2016
- Update to version 3.2.7:
  * cinnamon-settings: Do a better job of handling long labels.
  * Update polling frequency to make the mouse tracking smoother.
  * Layout: Ignore NaN numbers when updating regions.
* Thu Dec 15 2016
- Update to version 3.2.6:
  * See /usr/share/doc/packages/cinnamon/changelog
- Rebase cinnamon-settings-xscreensaver-path.patch,
  cinnamon-no-gksu-requirement.patch, cinnamon-fallback-icewm.patch.