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Version: 0.7.0-bp150.2.4
* Thu Jan 11 2018
- Update to 0.7.0
  * Support for curses was removed (only ncurses is supported)
  * Remove help2man dependency
  * hlsearch option added (off by default). Improves searching
    and displaying of searching functionality within CGDB. If
    enabled, and previous search exists, CGDB will display search
    results using the Search highlighting group. The IncSearch
    highlighting group is used to display the active search. The
    hlsearch option highlights previous searches in the source
    window, the gdb window when in scroll mode and the file dialog
  * Assembly code support.  Assembly code will be shown when no
    source code is available. The option 'set disasm' allows you
    to show mixed source/assembly when both are available.
  * Add support to enable/disable showing assembly code in CGDB.
    Disabled by default. The 'set disasm' enables showing mixed
    assembly mode by default. See the documentation for more
  * Add the :logo command to cgdb. This tells CGDB to display a
    logo in the source window.
  * Initial Rust syntax highlighter.
  * Support vi type <digit>j and <digit>k motions. Previously only
    typing j or k with out a number was supported.
  * Support for vim like marks. Showmarks option was introduced
    to show the marks in the source window. Default is true.
    You can disable the viewing of marks using 'set noshowmarks'.
  * Color support. Default is enabled.
  * Ansi escape codes representing color will show correctly.
    Configurable with the `set debugwincolor` option.
  * Add the winminwidth option- it controls the minimum width that
    a window can be resized.
  * Support for vertical or horizontal splitting of the CGDB/GDB
    windows. You can change the window orientation by using the
    command 'set winsplitorientation=horizontal or vertical'.
    horizontal is the default orientation. Type Ctrl-w to switch
    between vertical and horizontal viewing.
  * Remove the TTY mode and TTY window. It is now recommended to
    attach to your program from a separate terminal.
  * -w command line option. CGDB will wait to start until either
    a debugger is attached to it, or until a key is written to it's
    stdin. Useful for debugging CGDB itself.
  * Added scroll mode in addition to the existing GDB command mode.
    To enter scroll mode, type 'page up' when in GDB mode and to
    exit type 'q', 'i' or 'Enter'. In scroll mode, you can scroll
    through the GDB output. You can also search the GDB output with
    the /, ?, n and N keys. Vim marks are also supported.
  * Extended support for the vim G command when in CGDB mode.
    [<number>]G works as it does in vim now.
  * Support for 'executinglinedisplay' and 'selectedlinedisplay'
    configuration options. It allows you to configure how CGDB
    displays both the currently executing line and the currently
    selected line. Default for executing line is set to
    longarrow. Default for selected line is set to block. The
    'arrowstyle' option has been deprecated (but still supported).
    Use 'executinglinedisplay' instead.
- Cleanup spec file with spec-cleaner
* Thu Apr 02 2015
- Update project and download url
- Update dependencies
- Cleanup spec file with spec-cleaner
- Update to 0.6.8
  * Fix issue #40, the map commands were adding additional new lines
    to the mappings. For instance, 'imap a b' in the ~/.cgdb/cgdbrc
    file would cause a to map to 'b<cr>' instead of just 'b'.
  * Added feature from issue #29, added 'until' command to CGDB.
  * Updated autotools configuration files to satisfy warnings and
    recommendations produced by autotools when run.
  * Fix issue #49, a gcc compiler warning.
  * Fixed a hang consuming 100% CPU usage on OS X Mavericks (github #48).
  * Fixed a hang when quitting cgdb while inferior is running
    (github #1 and #5 and #46). This was believed to be fixed in the last
    release but I've finally reproduced the issue and fixed it for good.
* Fri Jun 14 2013
-update to 0.6.7
  - Changed documentation license from GFDL to GPL (github #6).
  - Fixed a hang on MacOS when quitting cgdb while inferior is
    running (github #1 and #5).
  - Fixed a crash when pressing 'n' in source window (github #5).
  - Fixed a bug opening files (and toggling breakpoints in files)
    with special characters (e.g. space) in their names.
* Tue Feb 14 2012
- fix build on sle11-sp1
* Thu Jan 12 2012
- change license to be in format
* Sat Sep 17 2011
- Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
- Use %_smp_mflags for parallel build
* Wed Sep 07 2011
- update to cgdb-0.6.6
  - Fixed a segfault on 64-bit systems in rline.c due to a missing
    prototype of cgdb_malloc. Thanks to Pietro Cerutti for
    reporting and diagnosing this one!
  - Fixed a bug in the file dialog. When searching for a file, and
    you hit enter to select it, CGDB would sometimes skip to the
    next file that matches and open that file instead.
  - No longer set the prompt to (gdb) on startup.
* Wed Dec 22 2010
- clean up specfile
* Wed May 26 2010
- require gdb
* Mon Jan 04 2010
- update to cgdb-0.6.5
  * Turn autosourcereload to on by default. This matches GDB's
  * Add support for :up and :down in the cgdb status bar.
    Thanks Benoit Pierre for reporting this.
  * Enhanced tgdb in a2 mode. It now understands GNAT's
    pre-instance-choice, instance-choice, post-instance-choice
  * Made searching and :commands a little more vi-like. If you abort a
    search, you can still recall the last search with 'n' or 'N'.
  If you backspace to the beginning of the line, a :command
  or /search is aborted.
  * Added some new cgdb commands.
    :c is now a synonym for :continue
    :f is now a synonym for :finish
    :n is now a synonym for :next
    :r is not a synonym for :run
    :s is now a synonym for :step
    :start is a new command that will send "start" to the debugger
    :kill is a new command that will send "kill" to the debugger
  * Shortcut mode has been removed from cgdb. If you liked it, you can
    put these commands in your cgdbrc file,
    map r :run<CR>
    map c :continue<CR>
    map f :finish<CR>
    map n :next<CR>
    map s :step<CR>
    and you will get the same functionality. Do not forget that,
    F5 is the same as 'run'.
    F6 is the same as 'continue'.
    F7 is the same as 'finish'.
    F8 is the same as 'next'.
    F10 is the same as 'step'.
    are always available.
  * Added a feature to CGDB which allows it to ask readline what key
    sequence it uses for the Home and End keys. That way, if the terminfo
    database is wrong, but the OS vendor modified /etc/inputrc, CGDB will
    have a working Home and End key.
  * CGDB fully supports the use of maps now. The feature is similar in
    nature to the vim map feature.  It supports map, unmap, imap
    and iunmap. The map/unmap work in CGDB mode and the imap/iunmap
    work in GDB mode.
  * Added the cgdbmodekey configuration option. This allows the user to
    change the key that switches them from GDB mode to CGDB mode. The
    default value is the Escape key. This is useful for users that want
    to use readline in vi-mode.
  * Fixed a bug in CGDB where the Insert and Delete keys were not
    recognized properly all of the time.
* Thu Mar 19 2009
- prepare for contrib
* Fri Jul 18 2008
- change source file format to bzip2
* Thu Jul 17 2008
- initial package