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Change Logs

* Mon May 03 2021 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
- Update to version 5.4.1
  * Support WxPython version 4.1.0.
  * Support pyo version 1.0.3.
  * Removed presets from cecilia5 files.
    Moved them to ~/.cecilia5/presets folder
  * Added filter per grain in StochGrains.c5 an StochGrains2.c5
  * Allow the user to add a point on a line, without alteration,
    with Shift-Click.
  * NEW MODULE: AutoModFilter – Filter auto-modulated by an audio
    feature of its input sound
  * NEW MODULE: Binaural – Binaural 3D spatialization
  * NEW MODULE: MatrixReverb – Delay-line rotating-matrix reverb
  * NEW MODULE: StateVar2 – State Variable Filter with user-defined
    filter types
  * NEW MODULE: Stutterer – Read segments extracted from a sound
    loaded in memory
  * NEW MODULE: WaveScanSynth – Synthesis where the waveform is a
    small portion extracted from an audio signal
- Updated cecilia-setup.patch
* Sat Nov 23 2019 Bernhard Wiedemann <>
- Use convert -strip to not include build time in png (boo#1047218)
* Sat Nov 16 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Software entirely rewritten in python
  version 5.3.5:
  * Upgraded to python version 3.6.4, wxPython-4.0.1 and pyo
  * Better error handling when loading or running a cecilia5
  version 5.3.4:
  * Upgraded to python version 3.6.3, wxPython-4.0.0b2 and pyo
  * Fixed preferences path encoding on Windows.
  * Fixed unicode paths on MacOS when running as an application.
  version 5.3.3:
  * Upgraded to python version 3.6.2, wxPython-4.0.0b1 and pyo
  version 5.3.2:
  * Build against wxPython-4.0.0a2.
  version 5.3.1:
  * Better handling of non-ascii characters in preferences file.
  * Fixed standalone packaging on OSX.
  * Fixed curved line not showing on module initialization.
  * UltimateGrainer now allows a grain duration up to 10 seconds.
  version 5.3.0:
  * Migration of the application code to python3 and wxpython
    3.0.3 (phoenix) completed.
  * Source code cleanup (refactoring, removed dead and/or
    duplicated code).
  * Lot of fixed bugs.
  * Automatic saving of the module after creating or deleting a
  * Warning to save on quit.
  * The app now opens with the last used module (instead of the
    random chooser).
  * Revisited tooltip and html documentation.
  * On Windows, default preferences for input/output devices
    should be set to WASAPI devices.
  * Added ChenLee attractor to the ChaosMod plugin.
  * Added various modulation waveforms to BinModulator.c5
  * All modules have been tested and cleaned.
    New modules:
  * UltimateGrainer - A state-of-the-art granulation processing
  * RandomAccumulator - Variable speed recording accumulator
  * UpDistoRes - Arctangent distortion module with upsampling
    and resonant lowpass filter.
  version 5.0.8:
  * Record button now records in realtime (offline rendering is
    now triggered with Menubar->Action->Bounce to Disk.
  * User can set the starting point by moving the cursor above
    the grapher.
  * Drag and Drop file or folder on the input sound popup to
    loads sounds.
  * Right-click on sound popup opens a "Recent audio files"
  * Sliders can be controlled with MIDI or Open Sound Control
  * When moving a point on the graph, Alt key clipped the
    position on the horizontal axis while Shift-Alt keys clipped the
    position on the vertical axis.
  * Added two batch processing modes. Either every presets
    applied on the selected sound, or the current preset applied to
    every sounds in the folder.
  * Midi notes are automatically assigned to the sampler
    transposition and controller 7 to the master gain. Must be
    activated in the preferences.
  version 5.0.7:
  * Disabled duration slider while playing.
  * Fixed segmentation fault on preset changes.
  * Added a DropFileTarget on the Grapher (for .c5 or .py files).
  * Fixed opening soundfile player/editor on Windows and OSX.
  * Changed delay time before a popup close itself (when loosing
    focus) from 500 ms to 1000 ms.
  version 5.0.6:
  * Fixed memory leak occuring on each run play/stop (need pyo
  * Allow fraction notation in cgen (list entry in the
  version 5.0.5:
  * Disabled printing sound info for all sounds in the selected
  * Added new filter module, Vocoder. (need pyo to be up-to-date
    with sources).
  * Fixed wrong executable path generated by py2app (OSX app).
  * Removed Jack and Coreaudio from driver's list in bundled app
    on OSX (leaved them when running from sources).
  * Fixed bug: The red button doesn't turn off at the end of
  * cgen ignores trailing coma in poup entry.
  * Fixed bug: Do not quiery for the control panel if the
    interface doesn't exist yet.
  * Fixed bug in ListEntry widget when loading from a preset.
  version 5.0.3:
  * List in cgen popup window can now be entered as 'comma' or
    'space' separated values.
  * Fixed number of channels used by the audio Server.
  * Wait for the audio Server releasing soundcard's stream
    before allowing to play again.
  * Fixed saving .c5 file on Windows.
  * Added 2 filter modules: BrickWall.c5 and BandBrickWall.c5.
  version 5.0.2:
  * Automatically save a preset named "last save" when saving a
    module. On module loading, if "last save" preset exists, it is
  * Fixed display of the Channels menu.
  * Fixed bugs in sliders automation recording.
  version 5.0.1:
  * Fixed audio input/output selection.
  * Fixed BaseModule.addSampler "pitch" argument.
  version 5.0.0:
  * First beta release.
- Dropped cecilia-path-fix.dif and cecilia-CVE-2008-1832.patch
  (they no longer apply to new codebase)
- Added cecilia-setup.patch (courtesy of debian)
- Spec cleanup
Version: 2.0.5-bp150.260.3
* Sat Sep 17 2011
- Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
* Wed Sep 17 2008
- added %fdupes macro, because the package contained some
  duplicate files
* Wed May 21 2008
- Remove bogus version check that handled temp files insecurely
  (bnc#380502, CVE-2008-1832).
* Wed Jan 25 2006
- converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires
* Wed Feb 04 2004
- added option # norootforbuild in specfile
* Tue Jul 08 2003
- initial version: 2.0.5.