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Change Logs

Version: 1.9.14-bp154.1.19
* Sun Aug 16 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
- update to 1.9.14:
    spinbox.tcl: fix error about unsupported option
  - disabledforeground when using themed widgets.
    Thanks to Gerhard Reithofer and Christian Werner.
    Ticket [071fc80f14]
    mainframe.tcl: Add optional parameter "Top" to internal
    function "MainFrame::_create_menubar" to allow to use
    a menu button for the main menu (Hack).
    The mainframe may be initialized with "- menu {}".
    Then, the menubutton may be created and the menu may
    by added by:
    MainFrame::_create_menubar .mf $mitems $menubutton.
    Allow to skip a main menu level by empty menu label.
    Purpose: support commands/checkboxes at first level.
    scrollframe.tcl: use Tk8.7 TIP 518 virtual event
    <<NoManagedChild>> to resize client frame to 1x1 when
    last child is unmapped.
    dialog.c: For Unix, also Bind KP_Enter for default dialog
    button invokation. Ticket [3e31f04367].
    Thanks to Jos for the proposal.
    Spanish translation enhanced by Neko.
    Ticket [a947e33526]
    color.tcl: replace the help widget by balloons bound to the
    widgets. Ticket [2cc70ce1cb]
    color.tcl: New option -command allows to get a callback
    when the user does an unvalidated choice.
    New option -background and command SelectColor for
    window background.
    TitleFrames, Dynamic help and Aqua native buttons used.
    Show current choice by highlighting, not focus, to avoid
    conflict with keyboard traversal.
    Shows entry widget for numerical color input/output.
    New option -help to show a help area.
    Patch by Keith J. Nash
    Ticket [75101bf5ce]
    Translators: Jima (es), Vogel (fr), Marcus (nl), Ian (da)
    Ticket [a947e33526]
    notebook.tcl (+man,demo): Add possibility to NoteBook
    to add an image at the right of each tab.
    Ticket [15e19fe9ec]. Patch by Keith J. Nash.
    MessageDlg.html: Documented the use of the native widget for
    "MessageDlg -type !user" and the limited set of recognized
    options. Ticket [8edade3cea] by Gerhard Reithofer
    listbox.tcl: Listbox did not scroll to current item on
    startup. Ticket [ae238d5a7]
    lang/da.rc, lang/es.rc, lang/fr.rc, lang/no.rc:
    Translations non portable on utf-8 systems.
    File encoding changed to utf-8. Ticket [6c91e43d76]
    tree.tcl: Tree lines are black by default even if background
    is black. Ticket [ed4c1dab46]
    listbox.tcl: 8.4 compatibility was broken due to the use of
    min/max math functions. Ticket [0aef856302]
    dynhelp.tcl: Drop the assumption that all windows
    screen are the same size (of fix dated 2009-06-26)
    and use the virtual screen information to place the bubble
    help. Ticket [b64e03e548].