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Change Logs

* Wed Apr 11 2018
- Update to 0.9.5
  * Fix resize by mouse behavioral change
  * Disable 4 default options (IGNORE_EWMH_FOCUS,
* Thu Mar 29 2018
- Update to 0.9.4
- Changes
  * The following events: node_{manage,unmanage} are now
- Additions
  * New monitor/desktop/node descriptors: any, newest.
  * New node flag: marked.
  * New monitor descriptor: pointed.
  * New wm command: --reorder-monitors.
  * Receptacles are now described in the manual.
  * New --follow option added to node -{m,d,n,s} and desktop
  - {m,s}.
  * The subscribe command now has the following options: --fifo,
  - -count.
  * New settings: ignore_ewmh_fullscreen, mapping_events_count.
* Tue Mar 27 2018
- split completion scripts into sub-packages
- fix lint errors
- cleanup with spec-cleaner
- compile with %optflags
- delete _service file
- remove manual desktop database config
* Sun Sep 24 2017
- Created _service file
- Update to 0.9.3
- Changes
  * *click_to_focus* is now a button name. Specifying a boolean is
    deprecated but will still work (`true` is equivalent to `button1`).
- Additions
  * `node -r` now accepts a relative fraction argument.
  * An option was added to `query -{M,D,N}` in order to output names
    instead of IDs: `--names`.
  * New rule consequence: `rectangle=WxH+X+Y`.
  * New settings: `swallow_first_click` and `directional_focus_tightness`.
* Fri Feb 10 2017
- Update to 0.9.2
- Changes
  * Monitors, desktops and nodes have unique IDs, `bspc query -{N,D,M}`
    returns IDs and events reference objects by ID instead of name.
  * `bspc` fails verbosely and only returns a single non-zero exit code.
  * The `DIR` descriptor is based on [right-window](
  * The `CYCLE_DIR` descriptor isn't limited to the current
    desktop/monitor anymore. (You can emulate the previous behavior
    by appending a `.local` modifier to the selector.)
  * `bspc query -{N,D,M}` accepts an optional reference argument
    used by certain descriptors/modifiers.
  * Monitors are ordered visually by default.
  * The following settings: `border_width`, `window_gap` and
    `*_padding` behave as expected.
  * External rules also receives the monitor, desktop and node
    selectors computed from the built-in rules stage as subsequent arguments.
  * The `focus_follows_pointer` setting is implemented via enter
    notify events.
- Additions
  * Nodes can be hidden/shown via the new `hidden` flag.
  * Node receptacles can be inserted with `node -i`. An example
    is given in `git show e8aa679`.
  * Non-tiled nodes can be moved/resized via `node -{v,z}`.
  * The reference of a selector can be set via the `{NODE,DESKTOP
    ,MONITOR}_SEL#` prefix, example: `bspc node 0x0080000c#south -c`
    will close the node at the south of `0x0080000c`.
  * Node descriptors: `<node_id>`, `pointed`.
  * Node modifiers: `hidden`, `descendant_of`, `ancestor_of`, `window`,
    `active`. Example: `bspc query -N 0x00400006 -n .descendant_of` returns
    the descendants of `0x00400006`.
  * Desktop descriptor: `<desktop_id>`.
  * Monitor descriptor: `<monitor_id>`.
  * Settings: `pointer_motion_interval`, `pointer_modifier`,
    `pointer_action{1,2,3}`, `click_to_focus`, `honor_size_hints`.
  * Event: `pointer_action`.
  * `bspc` shell completions for `fish`.
- Removals
  * The `pointer` domain. Pointer actions are handled internally.
    You need to remove any binding that uses this domain from your
  * Settings: `history_aware_focus`, `focus_by_distance`. Both
    settings are merged into the new `DIR` implementation.
  * `monitor -r|--remove-desktops`: use `desktop -r|--remove` instead.
  * `wm -r|--remove-monitor`: use `monitor -r|--remove` instead.
* Wed Oct 05 2016
- change sxhkd and dmenu to be recommended, not required
- move to pkgconfig deps, add desktop-utils handling
* Fri Jul 15 2016
- Initial packaging of bspwm
Version: 0.9.10-bp154.1.20
* Mon Nov 30 2020 Avindra Goolcharan <>
- Update to version 0.9.10:
  + Additions
  - New node descriptor: first_ancestor.
  - New node modifiers: horizontal, vertical.
  + Changes
  - The node descriptors next and prev might now return any node.
    The previous behavior can be emulated by appending .!hidden.window.
  - The node descriptors pointed, biggest and smallest now return
    leaves (in particular pointed will now return the id of a
    pointed receptacle). The previous behavior can be emulated by
    appending .window.
  - The query command now handles all the possible descriptor-free
    constraints (for example, query -N -d .active now works as
  - The rules can now match against the window's names (WM_NAME).
  - The configuration script now receives an argument to indicate
    whether is was executed after a restart or not.
  - The intermediate consequences passed to the external rules
    command are now in resolved form to avoid unwanted
    code execution.
- Package config to /etc/.skel
- Ran spec-cleaner
* Wed Jun 10 2020 Florian Besser <>
- Update to version 0.9.9:
  * Fix a memory allocation bug in the implementation of wm --restart.
  * Honor single_monocle when the hidden flag is toggled.
- includes 0.9.8:
  * Fix a potential infinite loop.
  * Fix two bugs having to do with single_monocle.
  * Honor removal_adjustment for the spiral automatic insertion scheme.
* Wed Jun 10 2020 Florian Besser <>
- Add -fcommon to CPPFLAGS to make it build with gcc10
* Fri Mar 22 2019 Xaver Hellauer <>
- Fix suggestions for bspwm-fish-completion
* Wed Feb 27 2019 Luke Jones <>
- Update 0.9.7:
  * Bug fix for "single_monocle does not work for the first node on
  a desktop"
- From 0.9.5 to 0.9.6
- Additions
  * New wm command: --restart. It was already possible to restart
    bspwm without loosing the current state through
  - -{dump,load}-state, but this command will also keep the
    existing subscribers intact.
  * New settings: automatic_scheme, removal_adjustment.
    The automatic insertion mode now provides three ways of
    inserting a new node: spiral, longest_side (the default)
    and alternate. Those schemes are described in the README.
  * New settings: ignore_ewmh_struts, presel_feedback,
  * New node descriptor: smallest.
  * New desktop modifier: active.
- Changes
  * The focused and active modifiers now mean the same
    thing across every object.
  * Fullscreen windows are no longer sent to the above layer.
    Within the same layer, fullscreen windows are now above floating
    windows. If you want a floating window to be above a fullscreen
    window, you'll need to rely on layers.
  * Pseudo-tiled windows now shrink automatically.
- Removals
  * The paddingless_monocle setting was removed (and subsumed).