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Change Logs

* Mon Jun 08 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
- Update to 1.1.13:
  * rebuilt using a current Cython version, compatible with
    python 3.8, #5214
- Update to 1.1.12:
  * fix preload-related memory leak, #5202.
  * mount / borgfs (FUSE filesystem):
    + fix FUSE low linear read speed on large files, #5067
    + fix crash on old llfuse without birthtime attrs, #5064 -
    accidentally we required llfuse >= 1.3. Now also old llfuse works again.
    + set f_namemax in statfs result, #2684
  * update precedence of env vars to set config and cache paths, #4894
  * correctly calculate compression ratio, taking header size into
    account, too
  New features:
  * --bypass-lock option to bypass locking with read-only repositories
  Other changes:
  * upgrade bundled zstd to 1.4.5
  * travis: adding comments and explanations to Travis config/install
    script, improve macOS builds.
  * tests: test_delete_force: avoid sporadic test setup issues, #5196
  * misc. vagrant fixes
  * the binary for macOS is now built on macOS 10.12
  * the binaries for Linux are now built on Debian 8 "Jessie", #3761
  * docs:
    + PlaceholderError not printed as JSON, #4073
    + "How important is Borg config?", #4941
    + make Sphinx warnings break docs build, #4587
    + some markup / warning fixes
    + add "updating" to release checklist, #4999
    + add "rendering docs" to release checklist, #5000
    + clarify borg init's encryption modes
    + add note about patterns and stored paths, #4160
    + add upgrade of tools to pip installation how-to
    + document one cause of orphaned chunks in check command, #2295
    + linked recommended restrictions to ssh public keys on borg servers
    in faq, #4946
- Remove patch already included in 1.1.12:
  * 0001-rename-local-preload-function-to-not-overwrite-keyword-argument.patch
* Tue Jun 02 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
- Add patch to fix a memory issue that in some cases might make
  borg use more than 32 GB of memory for an operation that shouldn't
  consume any memory at all, thus forcing the kernel to kill the process:
  * 0001-rename-local-preload-function-to-not-overwrite-keyword-argument.patch
* Thu May 07 2020 Hans-Peter Jansen <>
- Add libb2 dependency, where appropriate (avoids bundling libb2)
- Remove outdated build fixes from spec
- Provide proper compile flags
- Install all available man files
- Disable 2 progress related tests, that fail for TW
* Sat Mar 14 2020 Hans-Peter Jansen <>
- Add fdupes build dependency
- break overlong lines in changelog
* Thu Mar 12 2020 Paolo Stivanin <>
- Update to 1.1.11
  * fixed potential index corruption / data loss issue due to bug in
    hashindex_set, #4829 Please read and follow the more detailled notes
    close to the top of this document.
  * upgrade bundled xxhash to 0.7.3, #4891 0.7.2 is the minimum requirement
    for correct operations on ARMv6 in non-fixup mode, where unaligned memory
    accesses cause bus errors. 0.7.3 adds some speedups and libxxhash 0.7.3
    even has a pkg-config file now.
  * upgrade bundled lz4 to 1.9.2
  * upgrade bundled zstd to 1.4.4
  * fix crash when upgrading erroneous hints file, #4922
  * extract:
  - fix KeyError for "partial" extraction, #4607
  - fix "partial" extract for hardlinked contentless file types, #4725
  - fix preloading for old (0.xx) remote servers, #4652
  - fix confusing output of borg extract --list --strip-components, #4934
  * delete: after double-force delete, warn about necessary repair, #4704
  * create: give invalid repo error msg if repo config not found, #4411
  * mount: fix FUSE mount missing st_birthtime, #4763 #4767
  * check: do not stumble over invalid item key, #4845
  * info: if the archive doesn't exist, print a pretty message, #4793
  * SecurityManager.known(): check all files, #4614
  * use stat() to check for repo dir, #4695
  * Repository.check_can_create_repository: use stat() to check, #4695
  * fix invalid archive error message
  * fix optional/non-optional location arg, #4541
  * commit-time free space calc: ignore bad compact map entries, #4796
  * ignore EACCES (errno 13) when hardlinking the old config, #4730
  * --prefix / -P: fix processing, avoid argparse issue, #4769
  New features:
  * enable placeholder usage in all extra archive arguments
  * new BORG_WORKAROUNDS mechanism, basesyncfile, #4710
  * recreate: support --timestamp option, #4745
  * support platforms without (e.g. Android with Termux), #4901 if
    we don't have, we just extract another copy instead of making a
  * support linux platforms without sync_file_range (e.g. Android 7 with
    Termux), #4905
  * ignore --stats when given with --dry-run, but continue, #4373
  * add some ProgressIndicator msgids to code / fix docs, #4935
  * elaborate on "Calculating size" message
  * argparser: always use REPOSITORY in metavar, also use more consistent
    help phrasing.
  * check: improve error output for matching index size, see #4829
* Wed Mar 11 2020 Paolo Stivanin <>
- fix building with python3
* Thu May 23 2019 Hans-Peter Jansen <>
- Update to version 1.1.10 (2019-05-16)
  + Compatibility notes:
  * When upgrading from borg 1.0.x to 1.1.x, please note:
  * read all the compatibility notes for 1.1.0*, starting from
  * borg upgrade: you do not need to and you also should not run
  * borg might ask some security-related questions once after
    upgrading. You can answer them either manually or via
    environment variable. One known case is if you use
    unencrypted repositories, then it will ask about a unknown
    unencrypted repository one time.
  * your first backup with 1.1.x might be significantly slower
    (it might completely read, chunk, hash a lot files) - this is
    due to the --files-cache mode change (and happens every time
    you change mode). You can avoid the one-time slowdown by
    using the pre-1.1.0rc4-compatible mode (but that is less safe
    for detecting changed files than the default). See the
  - -files-cache docs for details.
  + Fixes:
  * extract: hang on partial extraction with ssh: repo, when
    hardlink master is not matched/extracted and borg hangs on
    related slave hardlink, #4350
  * lrucache: regularly remove old FDs, #4427
  * avoid stale filehandle issues, #3265
  * freebsd: make xattr platform code api compatible with linux,
  * use whitelist approach for borg serve, #4097
  * borg command shall terminate with rc 2 for ImportErrors,
  * create: only run stat_simple_attrs() once, this increases
    backup with lots of unchanged files performance by ~ 5%.
  * prune: fix incorrect borg prune --stats output with --dry-
    run, #4373
  * key export: emit user-friendly error if repo key is exported
    to a directory, #4348
  + New features:
  * bundle latest supported msgpack-python release (0.5.6),
    remove msgpack-python from install_requires - by
    default we use the bundled code now. optionally, we still
    support using an external msgpack (see hints in,
    but this requires solid requirements management within
    distributions and is not recommended. borgbackup will break
    if you upgrade msgpack to an unsupported version.
  * display msgpack version as part of sysinfo (e.g. in
  * timestamp for borg delete --info added, #4359
  * enable placeholder usage in --comment and --glob-archives,
    [#4559], #4495
  + Other:
  * serve: do not check python/libc for borg serve, #4483
  * shell completions: borg diff second archive
  * release scripts: signing binaries with Qubes OS support
  * testing:
  * vagrant: upgrade openbsd box to 6.4
  * travis-ci: lock test env to py 3.4 compatible versions, #4343
  * get rid of confusing coverage warning, #2069
  * rename test_mount_hardlinks to test_fuse_mount_hardlinks, so
    both can be excluded by "not test_fuse".
  * pure-py msgpack warning shall not make a lot of tests fail,
  * docs:
  * add "SSH Configuration" section to "borg serve", #3988, #636,
  * README: new URL for funding options
  * add a sample logging.conf in docs/misc, #4380
  * elaborate on append-only mode docs, #3504
  * installation: added Alpine Linux to distribution list, #4415
  * usage.html: only modify window.location when redirecting,
  * add msgpack license to docs/3rd_party/msgpack
  * vagrant / binary builds:
  * use python 3.5.7 for builds
  * use osxfuse 3.8.3
- remove msgpack patch fix-msgpack-requirement.patch and borg_msgpack
  build conditional, since msgpack is bundled now (yeah!)