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Change Logs

Version: 20170711-bp150.2.5
* Wed Jul 19 2017
- bmake-strlcpy-explicit.patch was replaced by upstream's one.
- Update to version 20170711:
  * main.c: refactor to reduce size of main function.
    add -v option to always fully expand values.
  * meta.c: ensure command output in meta file has ending newline
    even when filemon not being used.
    When matching ${.MAKE.META.IGNORE_PATTERNS} do not use
    pathname via ':L' since any ':' in pathname breaks that.
    Instead set a '${.p.}' to pathname in the target context and
    use that.
* Tue Jul 18 2017
- Add bmake-strlcpy-explicit.patch: ensure strlcpy is not defined
- Do not de-FORTIFY the sources, use proper optflags. Above patch
  ensures strlcpy is not implicit declared.
* Sun Jun 18 2017
- Let's skip optflags macro using to fix all builds.
  "-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=0" for some reason doesn't fix x64.
* Fri May 19 2017
- Update to version 20170510
  * For full list of changes see provided Changelog
- Fix allow-overriding-compiler-variables.patch to work with new version
* Wed Apr 05 2017
- Update to version 20170326
  * For full list of changes see provided Changelog
- Use https url for downloading
* Wed Nov 23 2016
- Update to 20160926
  * Makefile (_MAKE_VERSION): 20160926
    + Merge with NetBSD make, pick up
    + support for .DELETE_ON_ERROR: (remove targets that fail)
  * Makefile MAN: tweak .Dt to match ${PROG}
* Wed Nov 23 2016
- Install the .mk files as well
- Use allow-overriding-compiler-variables.patch instead overwriting the
  installed file with
* Thu Sep 15 2016
- 20160818
  * its a neater number; pick up whitespace fixes to man page.
  * Merge with NetBSD make, pick up
    + meta.c: move handling of .MAKE.META.IGNORE_* to meta_ignore()
    so we can call it before adding entries to missingFiles.
    Thus we do not track files we have been told to ignore.
    + meta_oodate: apply .MAKE.META.IGNORE_FILTER (if defined) to
    pathnames, and skip if the expansion is empty.
    Useful for when checking DIRDEPS_CACHE.
    + meta.c: remove all missingFiles entries that match a deleted
    + main.c: set .ERROR_CMD if possible.
    + dir.c: extend mtimes cache to others via cached_stat()
    + meta.c: missing filemon data is only relevant if we read a
    meta file.
    Also do not return oodate for a missing metafile if gn->path
    points to .CURDIR
    + cached_realpath(): avoid hitting filesystem more than necessary.
    + meta.c: refactor need_meta decision, add knobs for
    missing meta file and filemon data wrt out-of-datedness.
* Tue Jun 14 2016
- 20160528
  * boot-strap, Makefile uses _MAKE_VERSION
- Removed bmake-MAKE_VERSION.diff so.
* Thu May 26 2016
- Added bmake-MAKE_VERSION.diff to fix MAKE_VERSION variable
  that fixes mk-configure package configure error.
* Wed May 25 2016
- 20160512
  * Merge with NetBSD make, pick up
    + meta.c: ignore paths that match .MAKE.META.IGNORE_PATTERNS
    this is useful for gcov builds.
    + propagate errors from filemon(4).
    + remove use of non-standard types u_int etc.
    + meta.c: apply realpath() before matching against metaIgnorePaths
    + allow makefile to set .MAKE.JOBS
  * Makefile (PROG_NAME): use ${_MAKE_VERSION}
* Sun May 15 2016
- 20160315
  * Merge with NetBSD make, pick up:
    + fix handling of archive members;
    + meta.c: treat missing Read file same as Write,
    in case we Delete it.
  * Rename variable to avoid interference
    with checks for ${MAKE_VERSION}.
* Wed Mar 16 2016
- 20160307
  * Merge with NetBSD make, pick up
    + var.c: fix :ts\nnn to be octal by default.
    + meta.c: meta_finish() to cleanup memory.
    + meta.c: allow meta file for makeDepend if makefiles want it.
    + var.c: add knob to control handling of '$$' in :=
    + var.c: add .export-literal allows us to fix
    post the changes to Var_Subst. Var_Subst now takes flags, and
    does not consume '$$' in :=
    + ar.c: preserve '$$' in :=
    + parse.c: add .dinclude for handling included makefile like
- Use correct package group
* Sun Dec 27 2015
- Update to 20151220
  * suff.c: re-initialize suffNull when clearing suffixes.
  * cond.c: CondCvtArg: avoid access beyond end of empty buffer.
  * meta.c: meta_oodate: use lstat(2) for checking link target in
    case it is a symlink.
  * var.c: avoid calling brk_string and Var_Export1 with empty
* Sat Nov 14 2015
- Update to 20151022
  * Makefile (MAKE_VERSION): 20151022
  * Add support for BSD/OS which lacks inttypes.h
    and really needs sys/param.h for sys/sysctl.h
    also 'type' is not a shell builtin.
  * var.c: eliminate uint32_t and need for inttypes.h
  * main.c: PrintOnError flush stdout before run .ERROR
  * parse.c: cope with _SC_PAGESIZE not being defined.
- For reso of changes see Changelog
- Tiny spec file polishing
* Mon Oct 05 2015
- Update to 20150910
  * Merge with NetBSD make, pick up
    + main.c: with -w print Enter/Leaving messages for objdir too
    if necessary.
    + centralize shell metachar handling
  * FILES: add metachar.[ch]
* Wed Aug 05 2015
- Update to 20150606
  * Merge with NetBSD make, pick up
    + o make.1: document .OBJDIR target
* Sun May 17 2015
- Update to 20150505:
  * Merge with NetBSD make, pick up
    + cond.c: be strict about lhs of comparison when evaluating .if
    but less so when called from variable expansion.
    + unit-tests/ test various error conditions
    + job.c: use memmove() rather than memcpy()
    + document different handling of '-' in jobs mode vs compat
    + fix jobs mode so that '-' only applies to whole job
    when shell lacks hasErrCtl
    + meta.c: use separate vars to track lcwd and latestdir (read)
    per process
    + meta.c: close meta file in child
  * Add Bitrig patch from
  * Makefile: use BINDIR.bmake if set. Same for MANDIR and
    SHAREDIR. Handy for testing release candidates in various
  * move initialization of savederr to block where it is used
    to avoid spurious warning from gcc5
* Fri Mar 06 2015
- Cleanups spec file with spec-cleaner
- Update to 20141111
  * Makefile (MAKE_VERSION): 20141111 just a cooler number
  * Makefile (MAKE_VERSION): 20141105
  * Merge with NetBSD make, pick up
  - revert major overhaul of suffix handling and POSIX compliance
  - too much breakage and impossible to make backwards
  - we still have the new unit test structure which is ok.
  - meta.c ensure "-- filemon" is at start of line.
  * test that result of getconf PATH_MAX is numeric
    and discard if not.  Apparently needed for Hurd.
  * Makefile (MAKE_VERSION): 20140830
  * Merge with NetBSD make, pick up
  - major overhaul of suffix handling
  - improved POSIX compliance
  - overhauled unit-tests
* Sat Sep 13 2014
- Update to 20140620.
- Enabled unit tests.