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Version: 0+20201022.e10add0-bp154.1.20
* Wed Dec 02 2020
- Update to version 0+20201022.e10add0:
  * nvme/038: Test removal of un-enabled subsystem and ports
  * nvme/037: Add test which loops passthru connect and disconnect
  * nvme/036: Add test for testing reset command on nvme-passthru
  * nvme/035: Add test to verify passthru controller with a filesystem
  * nvme/034: Add test for passthru data verification
  * nvme/033: Simple test to create and connect to a passthru target
  * nvme: Add common helpers for passthru tests
  * nvme: Search for specific subsysnqn in _find_nvme_loop_dev
  * common/xfs: Create common helper to verify block device with xfs
  * common/xfs: Create common helper to check for XFS support
  * common/fio: Remove state file in common helper
  * zbd/003: Reset zones when the test device has max_active_zones limit
  * block/004: Provide max_active_zones to fio command
  * common/rc: Add _test_dev_max_active_zones() helper function
  * nvme: support rdma transport type
  * common: move module_unload to common
  * nvme: support nvme-tcp when runinng tests
  * tests/nvme: restrict tests to specific transports
  * nvme: make tests transport type agnostic
  * nvme: consolidate some nvme-cli utility functions
  * nvme: consolidate nvme requirements based on transport type
  * nvme/005: add the missing _have_program nvme
  * common/multipath-over-rdma: make block scheduler directory optional
  * zbd/002: Check write pointers only when zones have valid conditions
  * zbd/005: Enable zonemode=zbd when zone capacity is less than zone size
  * zbd/004: Check zone boundary writes using zones without zone capacity gap
  * zbd/002: Check validity of zone capacity
  * zbd/rc: Support zone capacity report by blkzone
  * Remove partition rereading tests for reverted fixes
  * tests/srp/rc: Separate login parameters with a comma
  * srp tests: Use _{init,exit}_scsi_debug() instead of duplicating these functions
  * common/multipath-over-rdma: Log mkfs output
  * srp, nvmeof-mp: Use no_path_retry instead of queue_if_no_path
  * tests/nvmeof-mp/rc: Make login failures easier to debug
  * block/012: add comment explaning second --setro
  * tests/srp/rc: Fix a shellcheck warning
  * tests: mark tests with CAN_BE_ZONED=1
  * common/cpuhotplug: fix ALL_CPUS
  * tests/srp/rc: Do not pass an empty string to dd
  * zbd/007: Add --force option to blkzone reset
  * Fix ./check: line 275: LAST_TEST_RUN["$key"]: unbound variable
  * Fix unquoted integer shellcheck errors
  * travis: update shellcheck URL
  * tests/srp/rc: Make the SRP tests pass against kernel v5.7
* Fri May 01 2020 Petr Cervinka <>
- Update to version 0+20200430.bff70b0:
  * Fix unintentional skipping of tests
  * Add a test that triggers the blk_mq_realloc_hw_ctxs() error path
  * Introduce the function _configure_null_blk()
  * Use _{init,exit}_null_blk instead of open-coding these functions
  * Make _exit_null_blk remove all null_blk device instances
  * common/fio: do not use norandommap with verify
* Thu Apr 02 2020 Sebastian Chlad <>
- Add blktrace to recommended as some tests require it
* Wed Mar 25 2020
- Update to version 20200307.cd11d00:
  * Support skipping tests from test{,_device}()
  * Show last run for skipped tests
  * Skip tests based on SKIP_REASON, not return value
  * nbd/003: fix compiling error with gcc version 4.8.5
  * nbd/003:add mount and clear_sock test for nbd
  * nvme/018: Reword misleading error message
  * nvme/018: Ignore message generated by nvme read
  * tests/srp/015: Add a test that uses the SoftiWARP (siw) driver
  * common/multipath-over-rdma, tests/srp: Make it easy to use siw instead of rdma_rxe
  * common/multipath-over-rdma: Rename two functions
- Apply spec-cleaner
- Change version format in service file
- Add GPL-3.0 to license list
- Add to doc section
* Thu Oct 17 2019 Richard Brown <>
- Remove obsolete Groups tag (fate#326485)
* Sun Nov 25 2018 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Move /var/lib/blktests to /usr/lib/blktests, packages don't
  deliver variadic data.
* Thu Nov 22 2018 Michael Moese <>
- Fix package dependencies: nvmetcli is not needed, some packages
  can be missing (changed to Recommended:)
* Thu Nov 22 2018 Michael Moese <>
- fix the %files section: change %{_sharedstatedir} to %{_localstatedir}/lib
* Thu Nov 22 2018 Michael Moese <>
- change %{_sharedstatedir} to %{_localstatedir}/lib
* Thu Nov 22 2018 Michael Moese <>
- Correct the package category, System/Benchmarks is wrong
-> System/Benchmark
* Thu Nov 22 2018 Michael Moese <>
Move the installed files from /usr/share to /var/lib
* Thu Nov 22 2018 Michael Moese <>
move the installed files from /usr/local to /usr/share
* Wed Nov 21 2018 Michael Moese <>
- clean the .spec
* Wed Nov 21 2018 Michael Moese <>
- fix the group of the package
* Wed Nov 21 2018 Michael Moese <>
- Add the blktests.spec file
* Wed Nov 21 2018 Michael Moese <>
Add new package for "blktests", the linux block layer testing framework