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Version: 4.0.0-bp152.1.1
* Thu Apr 23 2020 Michael Vetter <>
- BuildRequire gobject-introspection and let deps autodetect
- BuildRequire on pkgconfig(systemd) so OBS can use systemd-mini
- Remove desktop_database_post macros
- Don't recommend lang package. Supplement is added already
- Remove python3-configparser seems not needed anymore
* Mon Apr 20 2020 Michael Vetter <>
- Update to 4.0.0:
  * The application was updated to run on Python 3 instead of Python 2
  * Add cleaner for Discord
  * Clean more of Google Chrome: IndexDB.
  * Clean more of Firefox: cookies, history.
  * Clean much more of Opera.
  * Clean much more of gPodder
  * Improve responsiveness of application window while cleaning
  * Fix cleaning custom folders when overwrite open was enabled
  * Fix cleaning VLC
  * Fix the application window not appearing or disappearing
  * Fix pop-up notification when cleaning is finished
  * Fix copy button in diagnostics window
  * Fix cleaning VLC on older Linux distributions
  * Fix pop-up notification when cleaning is done
- See
* Mon Mar 23 2020 Michael Vetter <>
- Update to 3.9.0:
  * Initial support for Python3
  * Update translations
  * Fix LookupError: unknown encoding: idna
  * Fix UPX path
  * Fix pop-up notification
* Fri Feb 21 2020 Mathias Homann <>
- Update to version 3.2.0
  * Add labels to the toolbar icons (suggested by Rogério Brito).
  * BleachBit 3.2.0 on Windows 10
  * Refactor Miro cleaner to use multi-value variables (thanks to Tobias-B-Besemer).
  * Move VIM deep scan option to the deep scan cleaner, so the VIM cleaner can automatically hide on systems where it is not needed.
  * Fix the error message Fix OperationalError: no such column: lower_term when cleaning Google Chrome and related browsers (reported first by sibernetik).
  * Fix: Do not delete ~/.htpasswd (reported by ZerooCool).
  * Fix: the clipboard was not cleared (reported by SenpaiSharp).
  * Fix: delete Google Chrome Favicons, even when the History file is missing (reported by sibernetik).
  * Specific to Linux
  - Show a three-part version number 3.2.0 instead of a two-part version number like 3.2.
  - Clean the DNF package manager (thanks to klslz).
  - Improve application launcher and AppStream information (thanks to terrycloth).
  - Fix: work without X session and without GTK package (reported by graysky2).
  - Fix: RPM packages did not build for Fedora 30 and 31.
  - Fix: add missing dependencies to RPM package (thanks to toluschr).
  - Fix: remove unresolved RPM dependency to python2-gobject-devel.
  - Fix: do not require the python-scandir package on Ubuntu 16.04 because it was not available until Ubuntu 18.04 (reported by ediowar).
  * Developers
  - Maintainers of Linux packages: please note improved launcher, improved AppStream, and multiple fixes to dependencies.
- Update to version 3.0.0
  * Add ability to make chaff, an anti-forensics system. It generates novel documents inspired by 2600 Magazine or messages inspired by Hillary Clinton's publicly-released emails.
  * Add the command line option --wipe-free-space to wipe the free space in a path.
  * Add a new option to enable debug logging. Find it in the Preferences dialog or as the new command line option --debug.
  * Improve scanning speed. This could be most noticable in preview, deep scan, when deleting many small files, and during startup. In some cases, the improvement is greater than 10x. (Thanks to Paweł Polewicz.)
  * Avoid crash on startup when configuration is corrupt. (Reported by notdexterslab.)
  * Improve actual speed of application startup.
  * Improve cleaners: aMule, FileZilla, Midnight Commander, VLC, and Vuze. (Thanks to Tobias-B-Besemer.)
  * Overhaul cleaner for Thunderbird. (Bug reported by pitsi.)
  * Fix the error NameError: global name '_' is not defined.
  * Graphical user interface
  - Upgrade the graphical toolkit from GTK+ 2 to GTK 3. (Special thanks to Maël Lavault, Tristan Stenner, and Max Khon.)
  - Add dark mode.
  - Add a new stop button to the toolbar. (Suggested by shellaaaron.)
  - Remember the window size and position and whether it was full screen. (Suggested by BBUser.)
  - Make startup seem faster by showing the GUI while loading cleaners in background. (It's also actually faster.)
  - Make the error prettier when update check fails. (Suggested by Tobias-B-Besemer.)
  - Fix various file-encoding errors. (Thanks to Radoslav Stoyanov and others. Reported by jonfre, Tobias-B-Besemer, Mike, ediowar, and others.)
  - Reorder the delete/cancel buttons to a more logical order. (Suggested by hydrogenpi).
  * Specific to Linux
  - Add packages for Debian 10 and Ubuntu 19.04.
  - Improve detection that Google Chrome is running.
  - Delete VIM swap files. (Thanks to petrohs.)
  - Fix wiping FAT32 with more than 4GB free space. (Fixed by jamazi)
  - Whitelist the mount point for Flatpak. (Reported by Ub3rZ4cH.)
  - Whitelist the working directory for the Bluetooth daemon. (Reported by iromeister.)
  * More
  - Do you use GPG? I have a new key for signing releases.
  - You can now donate using GitHub sponsors. In the first year, they match your donation and don't charge processing fees! (There are still other ways to donate including PayPal, credit card, and Bitcoin.)
  - Did you know, the first BleachBit release was December 2008, almost 11 years ago?
  * Developers
  - Packagers: please note multiple changes in dependencies and installed files.
  - Add search="" to delete the top directory and all its contents. It is equivalent to search="walk.all" to delete the contents (files and directories) followed by search="file" to delete the empty top directory.
  - Add the multi-value variable $$ProgramFiles$$, which expands to %ProgramFiles% and %ProgramW6432$%.
* Thu Mar 21 2019 Sebastian Wagner <>
- update to version 2.2:
  * To shred paths from the clipboard, open your operating system's file browser, and copy some files to the clipboard. In BleachBit, click File - Shred Paths from Clipboard. Unlike drag-and-drop, this still works on Windows when running as administrator.
  * Major cleaning improvements for Google Chrome, Chromium, and Firefox.
  * Clean modern versions of Opera based on Chromium.
  * Wipe free space from the command line with the new command --wipe-free-space (idea from Thomas).
  * Improve startup time of application. On some systems, it can be significant.
  * Increase resolution of application icon (thanks to totalCaesar659).
  * Add cleaner for Waterfox (thanks to danielk43).
  * Clean more of aMule (thanks to Pere Orga).
  * Fix: deep scan crashed when encountering paths with special characters (reported by thecsw).
  * Specific to Linux
  * Improve AppData registration (thanks to Harald H).
  * Clean more localizations (thanks to Tristan Stenner).
  * Fix: notifications on Gnome (thanks to Djaler).
  * Fix: percent symbol was not allowed in whitelist path (reported by bbusr).
  * Fix: memory could not be cleaned when swap was larger than 16 GiB (reported by apd_1985).
  * Fix: run BleachBit without X display, such as in cron (reported by isleno).
- update to version 2.1:
  * Click Help - System Information, and there should be a line that starts Git revision.
  * Open your operating system's file browser, and copy some files (that you don't need) to the clipboard. In BleachBit, click File - Shred Paths from Clipboard.
  * Test the following cleaners that had major changes: Adobe Flash, Google Chrome, Chromium, Opera, Firefox, Waterfox.
  * Clean non-default profiles in Firefox
  * Use the command line option --wipe-free-space.
  * Run a deep scan. (Preview is sufficient.) Verify there are no errors.
  * Clean memory on a system with a swap partition greater than 16 GiB.
  * Run BleachBit without X, such as in cron.
- Change URL to HTTPS.
* Thu Aug 16 2018
- Use noun phrase in summary.
* Wed Aug 08 2018
- add upstream signing key and verify source signature
Version: 2.0-bp150.3.3.1
* Tue Aug 07 2018
- Add missing dependency python-xml (boo#1104093).
Version: 2.0-bp150.2.4
* Fri Mar 02 2018
- Update to version 2.0:
  * Add drag-and-drop support (thanks to contractor Pavel). Try dropping files onto the main application window.
  * Fix preservation of thumbnails on Google Chrome and Chromium .
  * Fix error Favicons is version 36 or 38 when cleaning Google Chrome and Chromium.
  * Fix DatabaseError: no such table: moz_favicons for some Firefox profiles.
  * Use HTTPS encryption when automatically checking for software updates.
  * Add software categories to bleachbit.desktop (thanks to Hugo Lefeuvre).
  * Whitelist Bluetooth daemon (reported by Timo Ollech).
  * Fix purging of GTK recently used resources list.
  * Improve Liferea cleaner (reported by Theatre-X).
* Wed Sep 20 2017
- Update to 1.17
  * There is a fix for handling special characters in usernames (LP#1347644).
  * Files can be dragged dropped onto the BleachBit window for shredding.
  * Enable "overwrite contents" and clean SQLite databases.
  * Clean HexChat (X-Chat).
  * 19 cleaners now use the XDG directory specification.
  * AppData information in the GNOME and KDE Software centers.
  * Clean journald.
  * Clean apt - autoremove.
  * Whitelisting should protect both the link source and target (LP#1455959).
- Drop appdata.patch, accepted upstream
* Tue Jul 11 2017
- drop obsolete requirements on python-gnome and python-gobject2
* Sat Sep 10 2016
- Add appdata.patch for
* Sun Jul 03 2016
- Update to 1.12
  * Fix error Favicons is version 32 with Google Chrome 51 (reported by Holger)
  * Fix cleaning of Thumbnails in new Chromium and Google Chrome (reported by ineuw, patrick)
  * Fix crash with corrupt BleachBit.ini (reported by BitBleacher)
  * Fix error UNIQUE constraint failed error cleaning Firefox (reported by danjackson1 and gravy45)
  * Update EasyTAG cleaner (thanks to devmapper0)
  * Update Epiphany cleaner (thanks to devmapper0)
  * Update Evolution cleaner (thanks to skquinn)
  * Update GNOME cleaner (thanks to devmapper0)
  * Update KDE cleaner for KDE 4 on openSUSE (thanks to Mailaender)
  * Remove bleachbit-kde-patch.patch
  * Update Rhythmbox cleaner (thanks to devmapper0)
  * Update Thumbnails cleaner (thanks to devmapper0)
  * Update Transmission cleaner (thanks to devmapper0)
  * Update X11 cleaner (thanks to devmapper0)
  * Switch from GnomeVFS, which is deprecated, to GIO (reported by MM)
  * Do not repeat Google Chrome cache in preview (reported by Daniel Che)
  * Fix retention of translations for Chinese
  * Whitelist iBus Pinyin (reported by Josiah Hunter)
* Sun Mar 20 2016
- Update to 1.10
  * Speed up identification of files using regular expressions by 5% to 50%
  * Allow relative paths with --shred command line argument (reported by Eva Putnam).
  * Add descriptions for cleaners (thanks to theatre-x).
  * Fix resizing of preference dialog (thanks to Anton Bobov).
  * Warn when deleting passwords on Firefox (reported by Theatre-X).
  * Accept abbreviations T and F in bleachbit.ini configuration (reported by Ken Wallace).
  * Show a user-friendly error message when checking for updates fails because of a network error (reported by Gary).
  * Improve logging of errors. Some errors are more informative, and on Windows, errors are unlikely to cause a popup message about bleachbit.exe.log.
  * Add an option to show file sizes as IEC units (1 KiB = 1024 bytes) instead of SI units (1 kB = 1000 bytes; thanks to Tristan Stenner).
  * Clean passwords on Firefox version 32+.
  * Clean Google Chrome cookies for non-default profiles.
  * Clean more autofill on Google Chrome (reported by pcdoctor01). If you are logged in to Google Chrome, it may automatically restore some of these values from your online Google account unless you disable the option Show addresses and credit cards from Google Payments in the autofill page of Google Chrome settings.
  * Add size column to side tree control (thanks to Ivor Hewitt).
  * Clean more localizations (thanks to Tristan Stenner).
  * Add localization codes (thanks to Tristan Stenner).
  * Fix memory cleaning on Ubuntu 15.10 and other distributions (reported by Richard Pearse).
  * Fix harmless error that localizations.xml is unusable (thanks to Tristan Stenner).
  * Do not show localizations at the base level (reported by BBUser).
  * Do not show Windows Explorer cleaner on Linux (reported by Tomás F. L.).
  * Fulfill Fedora license file location change.
  * Do not delete xauth under KDE (reported by mike).
  * Remove deprecated key encoding in bleachbit.desktop.
  * Drop support for Mandriva, which is dead.
  * Do not show cleaner is unusable message in the console (except when debug mode is enabled or in non-final releases).
* Sun Nov 01 2015
- Update to version 1.8
  * In Preferences, there is a new option "Confirm before delete"
    that disables the confirmation.
  * When BleachBit starts, the window is centered.
  * The tool "Shred Settings and Quit" in the File menu is fixed.
  * Added cleaning for Opera passwords.
  * Shrink storage size of BleachBit icon.
  * Add descriptions to many cleaners).
  * Add a new command line option --debug-log that logs debug messages
    to a file.
  * Replace hard-coded localizations cleaning system with CleanerML entries.
  * Whitelist /tmp/fsa for FSArchiver.
  * Suppress GTK+ warning in console.
  * Add packages for Debian 8, Fedora 21, and Ubuntu 15.04.
  * Remove packages for Fedora 19 and Ubuntu 13.10.
  * In CleanerML, a cleaner description can have a translation hint.
  * Set up Travis CI for better testing.
  * Improve unit tests.
* Tue Dec 02 2014
- Update to 1.6
  * Google Chrome: fix error "Favicons is version 29"
  * Google Chrome: clean application cache directory.
  * Google Chrome and Chromium: in the Preferences (JSON) file
    clean a list of HTTP servers that used SPDY, which can be used
    to track servers to which the browser was connected
  * Firefox: clean more session restore files
  * Firefox: clean bookmark backups using a new option called
  * The auto-hide option, which was removed in version 1.0,
    is available again.
  * Specific to Linux
  - Google Chrome: delete Sync Data Backup
  - Chromium: delete application cache directory
  - Print a message when root account is being cleaned to avoid
  - Whitelist more KDE IPC files under /tmp/ to fix problem
    launching BleachBit as root
* Wed Sep 10 2014
- Update to 1.4
  * Firefox: Fix DatabaseError: no such table: moz_hosts
  * Firefox: Purge the table moz_hosts in places.sqlite for the
    option url_history
  * Firefox: Delete Necko Predictive Network Actions
  * Firefox: Delete more session restore files
  * Google Chrome: fix error cleaning autofill_dates
  * Adobe Reader: use wildcards instead of specific versions
  (thanks to theatre-x)
  * Clean netMRL history in VLC media player (thanks to tiemay)
  * Clean GIMP version 2.8 (thanks to tiemay)
  * Improve support for Liferea (thanks to Lars Windolf)
  * Specific to Linux
  - Pass control of the ~/.cache/mozilla directory from the
    System - Cache cleaner to the Firefox - Cache cleaner
  - Clean additional locale directories (thanks to tstenner)
  - Clean .mask files in Easytag (thanks to tiemay)
  - Clean more history in the Links web browser (thanks to tiemay)
  - Add packages for CentOS 7 and RHEL 7
* Tue Jun 17 2014
- Version bump to 1.2 with various small fixes.
* Thu May 15 2014
- Added patch to change KDE's Cleaning Path from .kde to .kde4
  * bleachbit-kde-patch.patch
* Sun Nov 24 2013
- updated to 1.0
- Changes:
  o The command line option --shred now shreds arbitrary files.
  o Add Octave cleaner
  o Add Warzone 2100 cleaner
  o Clean recently played in VLC (thanks to nolme/Vincent DUVERNET - Nolmë
  o Google Chrome: Fix errors "Favicons is version 26" and "DatabaseError:
    no such column: full_path"
  o Google Chrome: delete more cache
  o Remove auto-hide option. (Before, it was a default.)
  o Specific to Linux
  * Coming soon: .deb package for Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander).
  * Coming soon: .rpm package for openSUSE 11.4.
  * Add SQLite3 cleaner
  * Adobe Flash: clean NativeCache
* Fri Jul 12 2013
- Update to 0.9.6.
  * Improve wiping of free disk space.
  * Google Chrome: Fix error message no such table: keywords_backup:
    /home/foobar/.config/google-chrome/Default/Web Data.
  * Google Chrome: Fix error message Favicons is version 25.
  * Google Chrome: Delete more cache.
  * Clean Apache 3.4.1.
  * Clean LibreOffice 4.
  * if history file has not changed, do not save
  * Adobe Acrobat: use wildcards to generically support more
  * Do not clean VLC while it is running.
  * Thunderbird: clean indexes on Fedora.
  * Firefox: clean minidumps (crash information).
  * Clean more IcedTea (Java) cache.
  * Update Basque, Brazilian Portuguese, Croatian, English (United
    Kingdom), Esperanto, Estonian, French, German, Indonesian,
    Kirghiz, Lietuvi?, Polish, Russian, Slovak translations.
- Use full URL as a source.
* Mon Jan 14 2013
- Update to 0.9.5.
  * Google Chrome, Chromium: separate cleaning of passwords out of
    history into its own option.
  * Google Chrome: delete Flash cookies in Pepper Flash.
  * Google Chrome: delete more history.
  * Thunderbird: delete folder index files (.msf).
  * Clean out obsolete data (hashpath) in bleachbit.ini to reduce
    file size and improve privacy.
  * Improve compatibility of memory wiping with 64-bit systems.
  * Improve ability to run headless.
  * Support newer Linux kernels in memory cleaner by using new
    out-of-memory score adjustment /proc/pid/oom_score_adj.
* Thu Dec 06 2012
- Update to 0.9.4.
  * Add feature for user-defined custom cleaners. In the
    preferences, easily choose files and folders you regularly want
    to clean, and then select them from cleaning under System -
  * Google Chrome and Chromium: Fix error "Favicons is version 23"
    with Google Chrome 23.
  * Google Chrome and Chromium: Delete many more history files.
  * Google Chrome and Chromium: If bookmark files does not exist,
    do not throw an error.
  * Clean FAT32 partitions with more than 4GB free space.
  * Do not delete /usr/share/kde4/apps/ksgmltools2/customization
    required by kdelibs.
- Add cleaner example to docs.
* Sat Aug 18 2012
- Fix runtime dependencies: really needs python-gnomevfs only.
* Sat Aug 04 2012
- Update to 0.9.3.
  * The new application icon looks better ? especially on a black
  * Google Chrome and Chromium: clean some more SQLite database
  * Google Chrome and Chromium: clean Favicons on new browser
    release (instead of giving an error about the database
  * Google Chrome, Chromium: find more bookmarks to avoid affecting
    history and favicons related to bookmarks, and avoid the error
    "KeyError: 'url'".
  * Be quiet about "Unsupported special file type" error message
  * Do not try to launch GUI if X is not available (lp#1004923).
  * Be quiet about "[Errno 39] Directory not empty" error message
- Build requires python-distribute instead of python-devel.
- Remove bleachbit.desktop from additional source: have it in
- Recommends language package.
- Clean up spec.
* Sat Mar 17 2012
- updated to version 0.9.2
- These are the changes since version 0.9.1
  These are the changes since version 0.9.1:
  * Clean Firefox crash reports.
  * Clean more Google Chrome and Chromium history: omnibox shortcuts,
    Network Action Predictor, and keywords_backup.
  * Clean LibreOffice.
* Tue Nov 15 2011
- updated to version 0.9.1
- These are the changes since version 0.9.0:
  + Clean segments and segment_usage in Google Chrome History
  + Clean favicons on Chromium, Google Chrome
  + Clean "History Provider Cache" on Chromium and Google Chrome
  + Clean download history in Chromium, Google Chrome
  + Fix rare "ZeroDivisionError: float division" bug while cleaning free disk space.
* Sat Sep 17 2011
- Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
- Use %_smp_mflags for parallel build