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Change Logs

* Wed Jan 22 2020 Martin Rey <>
- Update to 0.4.1
  * Adapt cargo config
- Packaging:
  * Added compatibility logo variants for environments which can't
  render the default SVG
- Added:
  * Terminal escape bindings with combined modifiers for Delete and
  * Colored emojis on Linux/BSD
  * Value randr for WINIT_HIDPI_FACTOR, to ignore Xft.dpi and scale
  based on screen dimensions
- Changed:
  * The enable_experimental_conpty_backend config option has been
  replaced with winpty_backend
- Fixed:
  * URLs not truncated with non-matching single quote
  * Absolute file URLs (file:///home) not recognized because of
  leading /
  * Clipboard escape OSC 52 not working with empty clipboard
  * Incorrect window size on X11 when waking up from suspend
  * Width of Unicode 11/12 emojis
  * Performance bottleneck when clearing colored rows
  * Crash on clear when scrolled up in history
  * Entire screen getting underlined/stroke out when running clear
  * Slow startup on some Wayland compositors
  * Resize cursor not showing up on Wayland
  * Maximized windows spawning behind system panel on Gnome Wayland
- Removed:
  * Support for 8-bit C1 escape sequences
* Mon Dec 30 2019 Luke Jones <>
- Update to 0.4.0
  * Clean up spec file
  * Minimum rust version is now >= 1.36
  * Include the config example as documentation
  * Add _service file to enable easy updates of vendored sources
  * Include a README.suse-maint
- Added:
  * Block selection mode when Control is held while starting a selection
  * Allow setting general window class on X11 using CLI or config (window.class.general)
  * Config option window.gtk_theme_variant to set GTK theme variant
  * Completions for --class and -t (short title)
  * Change the mouse cursor when hovering over the message bar and its close button
  * Support combined bold and italic text (with font.bold_italic to customize it)
  * Extra bindings for F13-F20
  * Terminal escape bindings with combined modifiers
  * Bindings for ScrollToTop and ScrollToBottom actions
  * ReceiveChar key binding action to insert the key's text character
  * New CLI flag --hold for keeping Alacritty opened after its child process exits
  * Escape sequence to save and restore window title from stack
  * Alternate scroll escape sequence (CSI ? 1007 h / CSI ? 1007 l)
  * Print name of launch command if Alacritty failed to execute it
  * Live reload font settings from config
  * UTF-8 mouse mode escape sequence (CSI ? 1005 h / CSI ? 1005 l)
  * Escape for reading clipboard (OSC 52 ; <s / p / c> ; ? BEL)
  * Set selection clipboard (OSC 52 ; <s / p> ; <BASE64> BEL)
- Changed:
  * Scroll lines out of the visible region instead of deleting them when clearing the screen
- Fixed:
  * GUI programs launched by Alacritty starting in the background on X11
  * Text Cursor position when scrolling
  * Performance issues while resizing Alacritty
  * First unfullscreen action ignored on window launched in fullscreen mode
  * The window is now filled with the background color before displaying
  * Cells sometimes not getting cleared correctly
  * X11 clipboard hanging when mime type is set
  * Debug ref tests are now written to disk regardless of shutdown method
  * Cursor color setting with escape sequence
  * Override default bindings with subset terminal mode match
  * On Linux, respect fontconfig's embeddedbitmap configuration option
  * Selecting trailing tab with semantic expansion
  * URL parser incorrectly handling Markdown URLs and angled brackets
  * Intermediate bytes of CSI sequences not checked
  * Wayland clipboard integration
  * Use text mouse cursor when mouse mode is temporarily disabled with shift
  * Wayland primary selection clipboard not storing text when selection is stopped outside of the window
  * Block URL highlight while a selection is active
  * Bindings for Alt + F1-F12
  * Discard scrolling region escape with bottom above top
  * Opacity always applying to cells with their background color matching the teriminal background
  * Allow semicolons when setting titles using an OSC
  * Background always opaque on X11
  * Skipping redraws on PTY update
  * Not redrawing while resizing on Windows/macOS
  * Decorations none launching an invisible window on Windows
  * Alacritty turning transparent when opening another window on macOS with chunkwm
  * Startup mode Maximized having no effect on Windows
  * Inserting Emojis using Super+. or compose sequences on Windows
  * Change mouse cursor depending on mode with Wayland
  * Hide mouse cursor when typing if the mouse.hide_when_typing option is set on Wayland
  * Glitches when DPI changes on Windows
  * Crash when resuming after suspension
  * Crash when trying to start on X11 with a Wayland compositor running
  * Crash with a virtual display connected on X11
  * Use \ instead of \\ as path separators on Windows for logging config file location
  * Underline/strikeout drawn above visual bell
  * Terminal going transparent during visual bell
  * Selection not being cleared when sending chars through a binding
  * Mouse protocols/encodings not being mutually exclusive within themselves
  * Escape CSI Ps M deleting lines above cursor when at the bottom of the viewport
  * Cell reset not clearing underline, strikeout and foreground color
  * Escape CSI Ps c honored with a wrong Ps
  * Ignore ESC escapes with invalid intermediates
  * Blank lines after each line when pasting from GTK apps on Wayland
- Removed:
  * Bindings for Super/Command + F1-F12
  * Automatic config generation
  * Deprecated scrolling.faux_multiplier, the alternate scroll
    escape can now be used to disable it and scrolling.multiplier
    controls the number of scrolled lines
* Mon Jul 22 2019 Xu Zhao <>
- update to 0.3.3
  * Added ToggleFullscreen action
  * A new window option window.startup_mode which controls how the window is created
  * _NET_WM_ICON property is set on X11 now, allowing for WMs to show icons in titlebars
  * Current Git commit hash to alacritty --version
  * Config options window.title and window.class
  * Config option working_directory
  * Config group debug with the options debug.log_level, debug.print_events and debug.ref_test
  * Select until next matching bracket when double-clicking a bracket
  * Added foreground/background escape code request sequences
  * The start_maximized window option is now startup_mode: Maximized
  * Cells with identical foreground and background will now show their text upon selection/inversion
  * Default Window padding to 0x0
  * Moved config option render_timer and persistent_logging to the debug group
  * When the cursor is in the selection, it will be inverted again, making it visible
  * Double-width characters in URLs only being highlit on the left half
  * PTY size not getting updated when message bar is shown
  * Text Cursor disappearing
  * Incorrect positioning of zero-width characters over double-width characters
  * Mouse mode generating events when the cell has not changed
  * Selections not automatically expanding across double-width characters
  * Text getting recognized as URLs without slashes separating the scheme
  * URL parser dropping trailing slashes from valid URLs
  * UTF-8 BOM skipped when reading config file
  * Terminfo backspace escape sequence (kbs)
  * Deprecated mouse.faux_scrollback_lines config field
  * Deprecated custom_cursor_colors config field
  * Deprecated hide_cursor_when_typing config field
  * Deprecated cursor_style config field
  * Deprecated unfocused_hollow_cursor config field
  * Deprecated dimensions config field
- refresh vendor.tar.xz
- fixed blurred icon on X11
* Mon May 13 2019 Xaver Hellauer <>
- update to 0.3.2
  * Panic on startup when using Conpty on Windows
* Tue Apr 23 2019 Dag Jönsson <>
- update to 0.3.1
  * Added ScrollLineUp and ScrollLineDown actions for scrolling line by line
  * Alacritty now has a fixed minimum supported Rust version of 1.31.0
  * Reset scrolling region when the RIS escape sequence is received
  * Subprocess spawning on macros
  * Unnecessary resize at startup
  * Text getting blurry after live-reloading shaders with padding active
  * Resize events are not send to the shell anymore if dimensions haven't
  * Minor performance issues with underline and strikeout checks
  * Rare bug which would extend underline and strikeout beyond the end of line
  * Cursors not spanning two lines when over double-width characters
  * Incorrect cursor dimensions if the font offset isn't 0
- refresh vendor.tar.xz
- changed buildrequires to reflect project changes
* Tue Apr 09 2019 Dag Jönsson <>
- upate to 0.3.0
  * Ability to specify starting position with the --position flag
  * New configuration field window.position allows specifying the starting
  * Added the ability to change the selection color
  * Text will reflow instead of truncating when resizing Alacritty
  * Underline text and change cursor when hovering over URLs with required
    modifiers pressed
  * Clicking on non-alphabetical characters in front of URLs will no longer
    open them
  * Slow startup time on some X11 systems
  * On Wayland, the --title flag will set the Window title now
  * Fix start_maximized option on X11
  * Terminfo support for extended capabilities
  * Crash when decreasing scrollback history in config while scrolled in
  * Scrollback history live reload only working when shrinking lines
- refresh vendor.tar.xz
- man page and completions had been moved
* Fri Mar 22 2019 Matthias Eliasson <>
- update to 0.2.9
  * Accept fonts which are smaller in width or height than a single pixel
  * Incorrect font spacing after moving Alacritty between displays
- refresh vendor.tar.xz
- add --path flag to cargo install which is now required
- minor cleanup with spec-cleaner
* Sat Oct 27 2018
- update to 0.2.1
  * first non-development release for opensuse. see for notes
- simplify cargo vendoring
- minor cleanup with spec-cleaner
* Sat Jul 28 2018
- update to rev 57a455e5f209dd965fd6b495d7f2b033fd5288c0
  * Don't paste selection when in mouse mode
  * Paste path into terminal when drag & dropping file
  * Set $LANG env var using languageCode, countryCode
  * Update to glutin 0.16.0
  * Allow disabling DPI scaling
  * Add --class and --title CLI parameters
  * Reduce Increase-/DecreaseFontSize step to 0.5
  * Add Copy/Cut/Paste keys
  * Override dynamic_title when --title is specified
  * Change green implementation to use the macro
  * Ignore mouse input if window is unfocused
  * Clippy: move to cargo clippy, remove unnecessary lint
    annotations, enable clippy in font/copypasta crates,
    fix lints
  * Add config for unfocused window cursor change
  * Add support for cursor shape escape sequence
  * Add bright foreground color option
  * Switch from deprecated `std::env::home_dir` to `dirs::home_dir`
  * Allow specifying modifiers for mouse bindings
  * Send newline with NumpadEnter
  * Add support for LCD-V pixel mode
  * Add binding action for hiding the window
  * Add optional dim foreground color
  * Log: Ignore errors when logger can't write to output
  * Log: Replace debug asserts with static_assertions
  * Log: Reduce debug level for release
  * Log: Fix typo in error message
Version: 0.1.0-bp150.2.5
* Wed Apr 25 2018
- Remove checksums for config.guess and config.sub for aarch64
  and ppc64le since they are updated
* Fri Mar 30 2018
- Drop unneeded Requires for fish and zsh completions
* Wed Mar 28 2018
- Use a single %setup call.
- Trim filler wording from description.
* Fri Mar 23 2018
- update to rev dcc4b750381cd2096b6001cbf94e95a6e6b52ed0
  * fix verbose logging (-v, -vv and -vvv)
* Sun Mar 18 2018
- update to rev 6debc4f3351446417d0c4e38173cd9ef0faa71d5
  * fish shell completions
  * enable SRGB support
  * extend SGR and VT200 mouse support
  * switch meta key to alt instead of super
* Tue Mar 13 2018
- initial package @ cb05e72be2fcf7e78bff99e4316f19510bf4f502