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Change Logs

* Wed Sep 05 2018 Matthias Eliasson <>
- Update to version 3.94.149
  * Changed autoconf default prefix from /usr to /usr/local` (,,
  * Rewrote some parts of m4 macros.
* Thu Aug 30 2018 Matthias Eliasson <>
- Update to version 3.94.143
  * Revived "default" mode indicators in DashToDockExtension (Gnome-Shell).
  * Rewrote GtkCursorHandle styling (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Added XfdesktopIconView styling (Gtk+ 3.22/3.24/4.0).
  * Added a workaround for weird allocation of NotificationPluginApplet in
  Xfce4-panel 4.12.2 (Gtk+ 3.22/3.24/4.0).
  * Added one more style path for GtkSourceView-4.0 (
- Changes in
  * Updated incognito-mode GtkHeaderBar styling for Ephy >= 3.29.91 (Gtk+ 3.24/4.0).
  * Tweaked IbusEmojier label spacing a bit (Gtk+ 3.24/4.0).
  * Stopped bundling our 'running-dots' assets in DashToDockExtension (Gnome-Shell).
- Changes in
  * Updated the selector for legacy Nautilus's radial progress widget (Gtk+ 3.22/3.24/4.0).
  * Polished experimental icon-view mode in Nautilus (Gtk+ 3.22/3.24/4.0).
  * Dropped Chrome(ium) theming (Gtk+ 2.0).
  * Dropped some workarounds carried for Electron (Gtk+ 3.24/4.0).
  * Revived 1:1.1 aspect deformation workaround for Vala-Panel's IconTaskList (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
- Changes in
  * Dropped Corebird styling completely (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Cleaned up some child scripts (
  * Enabled GNU-parallel-ed SASSC processing for Gtk+ theming (
  * Resync-ed with upstream changes in GtkEmojiChooser (Gtk+ 3.22/3.24/4.0).
  * Added some more tweaks for Nautilus >= 3.29.90 (Gtk+ 3.24/4.0).
- Changes in
  * Tweaked ClockAppletButton spacing in Mate-Panel (Gtk+ 3.22/3.24/4.0).
  * Cleaned up NaTrayApplet style-properties (Gtk+ 3.22/3.24/4.0).
  * Tweaked vertical layout Vala-Panel styling (Gtk+ 3.22/3.24/4.0).
  * Set specific foreground colour on inactive tabs and new-tab button in
  Refresh-mode in Chrome(ium) (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  + But this will be ignored with >= 70.0.3521...
  * Dropped a workaround for weird NTP top-edge border colour in Chrome(ium)
  (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  + This will be landed with >= 70.0.3521...
  * Tweaked colour definitions again (Tweetdeck-Colordeck).
  * Updated OSK spacing for making x2 scaling suitable (Gnome-Shell 3.24/3.26, Cinnamon).
- Changes in
  * Added --enable-tweetdeck build option for "Colordeck for Tweetdeck" extension colour support.
  * Polished - "Switched to asset-based drop-shadows in GtkTooltip (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0)."
- Changes in
  * Added Budgie 10.5 feature (upcoming) "overdrive sound volume" GtkScale styling (Gtk+ 3.22/3.24/4.0).
  * Converted font-sensitive outer margins to fixed margins in GtkScale's sliders (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Tweaked SpinScale trough colour in Inkscape (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
* Fri Aug 10 2018
- Updated to version
  * Keep 3px x 3px square separator of Overdrive-mode OSD slider
    (Gnome-Shell 3.26).
  * Updated DashToDockExtension styling for upstream changes
    (Gnome-Shell 3.24/3.26).
  * Tweaked hovered/pressed MessageList background colour in
    PopupMenu (Gnome-Shell 3.26).
  * Added Budgie 10.5 feature (upcoming) "notification grouping"
    GtkListBox styling (Gtk+ 3.22/3.24/4.0).
- Changes in
  * Added some workarounds for Gnome-Boxes (Gtk+ 3.22/3.24/4.0).
  * Applied upstream 3.29.90 changes in SystemMenuAction
    (Gnme-Shell 3.26).
  * Applied upstream 3.29.90 changes in Slider (Gnome-Shell 3.26).
  * Added upstream 3.94.0 changes in GtkHeaderBar (Gtk+ 4.0).
- Changes in
  * Tweaked weird allocated path-bar entry node sizing in Thunar
    (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Added some workarounds for WhiskerMenuApplet
    (Gtk+ 3.22/3.24/4.0).
  * Added some more workarounds for Gnome-Tweaks
    (Gtk+ 3.22/3.24/4.0).
  * Polished scrollbar node styling in Emacs GtkWindow
    (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Updated styling for Lollypop (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Updated GtkTreeView theming (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Added upcoming .remote-access-indicator style-class for Panel
    (Gnome-Shell 3.26).
- Changes in
  * Polished Budgie Raven styling for upcoming app/device audio
    control widget (Gtk+ 3.22/3.24/4.0).
  * Dropped min-width/height properties from WindowListItemBox's
    StIcon (Cinnamon).
  * Rewrote DashToDockExtension styling (Gnome-Shell 3.24/3.26).
  * Tweaked child spacing in IcingTaskManager's popup-ed window
  * Re-tried fixing weird allocation height of GtkSwitch in
    Cinnamon-Control-Center (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Added some tweaks for Geany (Gtk+ 3.22/3.24/4.0).
- Changes in
  * Enabled app-icon images in 'menu' buttons (XFwm4).
  * Unlisted outdated asset entry (Metacity).
  * Flipped 'stick' / 'unstick' asset images (XFwm4).
  * Fixed copy & paste failure in previous rev.35's XFce4-Panel
    styling (Gtk+ 3.22).
  * Added a workaround for Launcher applet styling in XFce4-Panel
    (Gtk+ 3.22/3.24/4.0).
  * Re-enabled action-area button styling in non-CSD GtkDialogs
    (Gtk+ 3.22/3.24/4.0).
- Changes in
  * Tweaked child STLabel L/R padding in WindowListItemBox (Cinnamon).
- Changes in
  * Added Gtk+ 3.24 sources
  * Polished GHex styling more (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Rewrote XFce4-Panel styling for 4.13.3 (Gtk+ 3.22/3.24//4.0).
- Changes in
  * Polished some styling in Pamac (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Added a workaround for weird switch allocation height in
    Cinnamon-Control-Center (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Switched to Roboto font-family as primary in Cinnamon (Cinnamon)
- Changes in
  * Updated 'handle-grip' in Mate-Panel (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Enforced inverted generic label colouring in expander node of
    GtkMessageDialog (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Rewrote orientation specific panel styling in Gnome-Panel/
    Mate-Panel (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0).
- Changes in
  * Avoided unwanted ellipsis in Cinnamon-screensaver's entry
    placeholder labels (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Cleaned up modelbuton animations in Vala-panel's preferences
    dialog (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Tweaked linked-image-button styling in .osd style-class
    (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
* Sat Jul 07 2018
- Update to
  * Synced with the current Gtk+ 3.94 master styling (Gtk+ 4.0).
- Changes in
  * Added some workarounds for Pixel-saver applet in Budgie (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Dropped some outdated styling in FirefoxQuantum (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
- Changes in
  * Pre-added 'font-feature-setting' property as a comment for 3.29 or higher (Gnome-Shell 3.26).
  * Added some workarounds for Gtk+ 3-ed Thunar (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Added some workarounds for GHex's unknown widget nodes (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
- Changes in
  * Added 2 colour samples for FirefoxColor (
  * Enforced hiding outlines of radio/check nodes in FirefoxQuantum's MozContainer (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Tweaked 'Note' box node styling in Gnome-Recipes (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0).
* Sun May 27 2018
- Update to
  * Dropped background hacks in FirefoxQuantum (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
* Fri May 18 2018
- Update to
  * Reverted button radius to 2px in GtkEmojiPicker (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0).
  * Enforced resetting GtkLabel bottom margins in Gnome-Tweaks GtkHeaderBars (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0).
- Changes in
  * Reverted some missing properties caused unwanted indentations in PopupMenu (Gnome-Shell 3.24/3.26).
  * Added an ugly workaround for weird X-align of WindowCaption in Wayland session (Gnome-Shell 3.26).
- Changes in
  * Cleaned up Budgie IconTasklistApplet styling for >= v10.4-70-g15c960cc (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Introduced new CSD-titlebutton rendering method for Fxxkin'Fox Quantum (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
- Changes in
  * Prepared for upcoming Budgie's TabSwitcher window layout (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
* Tue May 01 2018
- Update to
  * Removed outdated autoconf option '--enable-gtk-legacy' (
  * Fixed missing popup-ed window decorations in Vala-Panel (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Revived ink reactions for upcoming IconTasklistApplet of Budgie-Desktop (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Drop Gtk+ 3.18.x support
* Mon Apr 16 2018
- Update to
  * Increased running-dot(s) sizes in legacy Budgie IconTasklistApplet (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Converted GtkSwitch to non-scalable sizing (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Converted GtkScale to non-scalable sizing (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Update GtkCalendar styling (Gtk+ 3.x/4.0).
- Changes in
  * Added translucent background for !solid mode TopBar (Gnome-Shell 3.26).
  * Fixed incorrect line indicator colour when hovering .panel-button (Gnome-Shell 3.24).
  * Updated ShowDesktopApplet styling in Budgie (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Updated WorkspaceSwitcherApplet styling in Budgie (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Tweaked wnck-pager node styling (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
- Changes in
  * Enforced inverted foregrounds of GtkEntry contained in inline-mode GtkHeaderBar as well (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Updated .topbar styling in Corebird (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
- Changes in
  * Polished key-* icon images with more sharper edges (Gnome-Shell 3.26).
  * Employed new go-up/down icons for WsSwitcher (Gnome-Shell 3.24/3.26).
  * Added a basic styling for Ubiquity (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
- Changes in
  * Really prepared for upcoming IconTasklistApplet styling for Budgie-desktop (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Added a workaround for weird L/R spacing of ApplicationMenu icon of Vala-Panel (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
- Changes in
  * Prepared for upcoming IconTasklistApplet styling for Budgie-desktop (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
- Changes in
  * Updated generic shadow parameter (XFwm4).
  * Updated 'key-shift-latched-uppercase' icon (Gnome-Shell 3.26).
* Tue Apr 03 2018
- Update to
  * Introduced ink reaction effects for GtkSwitch's sliders (Gtk+ 3.x/4.0).
  * Toned down selection-mode GtkHeaderBar backgrounds (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Defined :disabled pseudo-class colours in GtkExpander (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Cleaned up SVG images (Metacity).
- Changes in
  * Fixed Gnome-builder 3.28's Omnibar styling in fullscreen-mode (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0).
  * Tweaked Preference window of Vala-panel (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Updated some generic shadow parameters (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0, Gnome-Shell, Cinnamon, Metacity, Opebox-3, XFwm4).
- Changes in
  * Left the error message if pkg-config was not found (
  * Switched to 'AC_PATH_TOOL' from 'AC_PATH_PROG' to find tool binaries (
- Changes in
  * Prepared for Lightdm-gtk-greeter 2.0.5 (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0).
  * Moved some extension styling into a single SCSS file (Gnome-Shell 3.24/3.26).
  * Added GtkVideo styling (Gtk+ 4.0).
- Changes in
  * Stopped enforcing circular close buttons in gf-bubble of Gnome-Flashback (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
- Changes in
  * Dropped unneeded workaround for CSD titlebutton L/R margins in FirefoxQuantum (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Tweaked GtkCalendar foreground colours (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Port the changes from Gtk+ calendar styling (Gnome-shell, Cinnamon).
* Fri Mar 16 2018
- Update to
  * Updated a 'key-layout' icon image (Gnome-Shell 3.26).
  * SCSS Code cosmetics (Gtk+, Gnome-Shell, Cinnamon).
- Disable gtk4 theme for Leap 15.0 (for real this time).
- Changes in
  * Dropped deprecated .panel-launcher-add-dialog styling (Cinnamon).
  * Polished vala-panel-runner dialog styling a bit (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0).
  * Tweaked Gnome-Flashback notification styling (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0).
* Sat Mar 10 2018
- Update to
  * Reverted "Enforced checking pkg-config path via autoconf in early stage", then returned to PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG (
  * Fixed typo in a comment (Adapta-gnome.m4).
- Disable gtk4 theme for Leap 15.0 since it will not have gtk4.
- Changes in
  * Enforced drawing drop-shadows behind the all gf-* OSDs in gnome-flashback (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0).
  * Kept borders even in an insensitive state of GtkEntry (Gtk+ 2.0).
- Changes in
  * Updated package installation section (
  * Added 3rd-party project section (
  * Added some workarounds for GnoMenuExtenstion (Gonme-Shell 3.24/3.26).
* Mon Mar 05 2018
- Update to
  * Added a styling for upcoming window-list-preview style-class >= 3.6.7 (Cinnamon).
  * Renamed delimiter option of GNU Parallel -0 with --null (
  * Enforced checking pkg-config path via autoconf in early stage (
- Start using the new %license macro
- Changes in
  * Prepared for Gnome-Contacts >= 3.27.90 styling (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0).
  * Added some wrokarounds for upcoming Gnome-Usage (2) (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0).
  * Added top/bottom margins for the separators contained in GtkPopover's .menu class (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
- Changes in
  * Prepared for Dconf-Editor 3.27.91 styling (2) (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0).
- Changes in
  * Prepared for Dconf-Editor 3.27.91 styling (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0).
  * Fix Gnome-Control-Center's styling in the previous release rev.149 (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0).
* Sun Feb 25 2018
- Update to
  * Simplified selectors for num key button stylling in Gnome-Calculator (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0).
  * Cleaned up Gedit's search-bar styling (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0).
  * Dropped unneeded styling in Gnome-Control-Center (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0).
- Change to SPDX-3.0 License format
- Remove duplicate --prefix flag during configure. It is already declared in %configure macro
- Changes in
  * Unset top-left/right roundness in yet another inline-mode GtkHeaderBar as well (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Defined 'panel_separator_color' and moved it to common colour section (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Added some wrokarounds for upcoming Gnome-Usage (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0).
- Changes in
  * Added Vala-panel basic styling (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0).
  * Moved actual styling to child box node in GtkSearchBar {Gtk+ 4.0).
* Sun Feb 18 2018
- Update to
  * Implemented upcoming OSK design for 3.28 cycle (Gnome-Shell 3.26).
- Update to
  * Truly shut the fxxk up MenuFavoritesBox issue in rev.128 (Cinnamon).
- Update to
  * Prepared for upcoming OSK changes of upstream (2) (Gnome-Shell 3.26).
  * Fixed weird 1px stretching ClutterTexture in MenuFavoritesBox (Cinnamon).
- Update to
  * Tweaked menu styling more (Openbox-3).
  * Fixed incorrect label/button foregrounds in GtkInfoBar (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0).
- Update to
  * Rewrote themerc files (Openbox-3).
  * Updated wnck-pager node styling (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Enforced inverted foregrounds in menubar node of FirefoxQuantum (Gtk+ 3.20).
- Update to
  * Optimized transitions and StLabel shadow properties in ShowApps (Gnome-Shell 3.24/3.26).
  * Enlarged titlebutton icon sizes from 8x8 to 10x10 (XFwm4).
* Sun Feb 11 2018
- Update to
  * Removed ugly, unwanted 'double' borders around the popup-ed context-menus on FirefoxQuantum (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Stopped rounding top-left/right edges in CSD-mode FirefoxQauntum (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Backported recent FirefoxQuantum styles from 3.22/4.0 (Gtk+ 3.20).
- Update to
  * Dropped LibreOffice workaround for the parent grid node of GtkMenuBar (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Prepared for upcoming OSK changes of upstream (Gnome-Shell 3.26).
- Update to
  * Introduce new 'maximize/unmaximize' titlebutton design (switched design source from FreeForm to Chrome(ium)OS).
* Fri Feb 02 2018
- Update to
  * Re-enabled CSD-mode titlebuttons for >= FirefoxQuantum Nightly 60.0a1 (2018-02-02) (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0).
  * But no backdrop state, no maximize state classes were supported.
  * Cleaned up GtkShortcutWindow styling (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Followed Chrome(ium) 65.0.33xx changes for 'unmaximize(resotre)' titlebutton in CSD-mode (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
- Update to
  * Tweaked WindowCaption styling (Cinnamon).
  * Backported GtkCheck/Radio styling from 3.22/4.0 (Gtk+ 3.20).
  * Tweaked some Budgie Raven MPRIS stack styling (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0).
- Update to
  * Introduced new Budgie Raven applet stack view design (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0).
  * Added slight padding into BriskMenu container via child margins (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Cleaned up GtkInfoBar codes (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0).
  * Rewrote GtkToolBar child sizing and styling (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0).
* Sat Jan 27 2018
- Update to
  * Added ugly workarounds for PSPP's weiird notebook node (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
  * Increased letter-spacing in Cinnamon-screensaver's password entry (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
- Update to
  * Since, NotoSans font-family is used in very specific StEntry styling of
    Gnome-Shell >= 3.26, so I recommend packagers to check and add the package dependency
  "NotoSans-hinted" font package.
- Update to
  * Rewrote some PopupMenu related styling (Cinnamon).
- Update to
  * Fixed incorrect CC-BY-SA versioned SVG ( Gtk+ 2.0).
  * Set more finer base-line position for StIcons (Gnome-Shell 3.24/3.26).
  * Retried optimizing spinner asset (Gnome-Shell 3.24/3.26).
  * Set min-width property for PopupMenuSliderItem (Cinnamon).
  * Rerwote SoundPlayer(?) styling (Cinnamon).
  * Reverted hover state animations in PopupMenuItem's slider (Gnome-Shell 3.26).
* Sun Jan 21 2018
- Update to
  * Dropped outdated workarounds for textview node in Chrome(ium) (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0)
  * Dropped Corebird 1.6.x specific selectors (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0)
  * Dropped a workaround for gf-bubble close button in Gnome-Flashback (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0)
  * Switched to specific style-class in Lollypop's 'rating and loved' popover menus (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0)
  * Rewrote 'incognito-mode' GtkHeaderBar node styling in Epiphany (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0)
  * Cleaned up Gnome-Weather styling (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0)
- Update to
  * Added some more :highlight pseudo-class styling in StBoxLayout (Cinnamon)
  * Added workarounds for IcingTaskManagerApplet (Cinnamon)
- Update to
  * Simplified asset's stroke paths to reduce SVG size of new spinner (Gnome-Shell 3.24/3.26)
  * Defined inverted-mode spinner foregrounds and toned down insensitive state foregrounds in GtkSpinner (Gtk+ 3.x/4.0)
  * Re-define variant sensitive StEntry styling again (Cinnamon)
  * Added a style-class for WindowListItemBox's progress (?) indicators (Cinnamon)
- Update to
  * Rewrote MenuSelectedAppBox styling (Cinnamon)
  * Stopped overriding child's lateral padding inside the PopupSubMenu (Cinnamon)
  * Dropped all our spinner animations and switch to icon-theme's spinner (Gtk+ 3.x/4.0)
  * Switched to 'spinning' spinner asset for AppMenu (Gnome-Shell 3.24/3.26)
* Sun Jan 14 2018
- Update to
  * Fixed incorrect panel height of Gnome-Panel (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0)
  * Stopped drawing outlines on all of Gnome-Panel childs (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0)
  * Cleaned up Cinnamon-Screensaver styling codes (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0)
- Update to
  * Refined GtkTooltip padding values (Gtk+ 2.x/3.2x/4.0)
  * Synced to Gtk+ theming changes in OSD tooltips (Gnome-Shell, Cinnamon)
- Update to
  * Rewrote 'osd-shadow' assets for GtkToolBar (Gtk+ 3.x/4.0)
  * Reduced extend macro sizes inside the GtkSpinButton styling (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0)
  * Fixed incorrect hover/active pseudo-class foregrounds in OSD-mode GtkSpinButton (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0)
  * Removed unneeded asset entries from Nokto-Eta gresource files (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0)
- Update to
  - Important Change(s)
  * As I mentioned in TODOs, we dropped Unity7 support from all supported Gtk+-3 versions completely. So we do not handle --enable/disable-unity autoconf option anymore
  * Remamed --enable/disable-chrome autoconf option to --enable/disable-chrome-legacy since we no longer needed any extra theme files in current 6x.0.3xxxx series
  - Regular Change(s)
    Tweaked marks node in GtkScale for the recent changes in upstream (Gtk+ 4.0)
- Update to
  * Rewrote some SVGs to split shadow regions and put them as a new bottom layer (Cinnamon)
- Update to
  * Tweaked GtkComboBoxEntry border-width property (Gtk+ 2.0)
  * Tweaked FirefoxQuantum window top-edge in CSD-mode (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0)
- Update to
  * Fixed damned typo in previous rev.6 (Gtk+ 2.0)
- Update to
  * Enforced full-width entry assets in most generic GtkComboBox entries (Gtk+ 2.0)
  * Updated copyright year
- Update to
  * Truly the final version of 2017
- Disable build of chrome theme since this is not needed 6x.0.3xxxx series
- Enable build for gtk4 themes
* Sat Dec 30 2017
- Update to
  * Toned up sub-menuitem backgrounds (Gnome-Shell 3.24/3.26)
  * Rewrote GtkHeaderBar corner rounding in GtkPaned container cases (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0)
* Sun Nov 19 2017
- Version bump to
  * Dropped outdated overrides for Corebird (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0)
  * Unified light/dark osd-shadow asset images of GtkToolBar (Gtk+ 3.x/4.0)
  * Reverted to flat stacking-rows inline list node styling in Gnome-Tweaks (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0)
  * Reverted to label coloured small 'check' image colouring in Gnome-Builder (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0)
- Run spec-cleaner
- Add requires of google-roboto-fonts in common package
* Thu Oct 26 2017
- Version bump to
  * Cleaned up some GtkHeaderBar codes (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0)
  * Cleaned up Emacs24/25 codes (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0)
  * Tweaked disabled spinner colour in Chrome(ium) (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0)
  * Removed unneeded hover/active effects in Dconf-Editor GtkListBoxRows (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0)
* Fri Sep 01 2017
- Version bump to
  * Enforced transparent "insensitive" flat-button backgrounds in various cases (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0)
  * Added a hack for 'inline-progress' widget inside the GtkTreeView (Gtk+ 2.0)
  * Added 'unchecked' check/radio icon images in GtkMenuItem (Gtk+ 2.0)
  * Stopped drawing unneeded insensitive state label-shadows of GtkMenuBar's GtkMenuItem (Gtk+ 2.0)
* Fri Aug 11 2017
- Version bump to
  * Updated Geary styling for current 1d0aac1 (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0)
  * Updated Nautilus 'disk-space-display' styling (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0)
  * Fixed incorrect expander class name in GtkTreeView (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0)
  * Fixed incorrect 'pan-end' arrow icon-name in Budgie (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0)
* Tue Aug 01 2017
- Version bump to
  * Added some missing styling in Gnome-Builder's 'Preferences' stack (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0)
  * Unset GtkButton inner-border from Xfce4-panel's buttons (Gtk+ 2.0)
  * Reduced GtkButton's inner-border values in GtkToolBar's flat-buttons (Gtk+ 2.0)
* Fri Jul 21 2017
- Version bump to
  * Updated styling and selectors to follow the upstream changes (Gtk+ 4.0).