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Change Logs

Version: 1.1-bp150.2.4
* Sun Sep 03 2017
- update to 1.1:
  * Support for compressing of ABI dumps before writing to drive
    from RAM
  * Fix analysis of inline functions (WARNING: old dumps should be
    regenerated before comparing by ABICC)
  * Deny analysis of static libraries
  * Bumped ABI dump version
* Wed Jul 05 2017
- update to 1.0:
  * Up to 4 times less RAM usage
  * Reduce RAM usage on large compressed debug info
  * Minimal support for lambda expressions
  * Improve search for header files
  * Carefully handle lexical blocks
  * Detection of symbols in header files missed by Ctags
  * Detection of public typedefs
  * Support for unspecified_type
  * More debug messages
  * Print errors of the vtable-dumper
  * Add -ld-library-path option to specify paths to add to
    LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable before executing vtable-dumper
  * Add -lambda option to enable support for lambda and checking of
    lexical blocks
  * Add -ctags-def option to add '-D DEF' option to the ctags call
  * Add -all-units option to extract ABI info after reading of all
    compilation units
  * Add -include-defines option to add defines when creating TU
  * Fix detection of a function header file
  * Fix analysis of inline functions
  * Fix analysis of template unions
  * Fix analysis of parameters
  * Fix analysis of typedefs
  * Fix analysis of zero-size structs
  * Fix -public-headers option
  * Fix analysis of global data
  * Fix analysis of templates
  * Fix analysis of anon data types
  * Fix analysis of symbol versions
  * Removed duplicates from ABI dump
  * Fix 'Copied' attribute of a class
  * Fix parameter offsets in the ABI dump
  * Fix analysis of standard C++ libraries
  * Fix analysis of MethodPtr types
* Thu May 11 2017
- update to 0.99.19:
  * Improved support for incomplete debug-info
* Thu Oct 06 2016
- Update to version 0.99.18
- Upstream changes since 0.99.17
  Improved support for incomplete debug-info.
- For previous version changes see:
* Mon May 11 2015
- new version
* Tue Mar 17 2015
- initial package version 0.99.8