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Change Logs

* Fri Mar 23 2018
- Add _constraints file to avoid OOM build failures
* Thu Aug 31 2017
- Build with HepMC2-devel, since Rivet does not compile with
  HepMC-devel >= 3 yet.
* Fri Jun 23 2017
- Update to version 2.5.4:
  * Fix 8 TeV DY (ATLAS_2016_I1467454), EL/MU bits were bissing.
  * Add 13 TeV DY (ATLAS_2017_I1514251) and mark
    ATLAS_2015_CONF_2015_041 obsolete.
  * Add missing install statement for
    ATLAS_2016_I1448301.yoda/plot/info leading to segfault.
  * Slight improvements to Particle constructors.
  * Improvement to Beam projection: before falling back to
    barcodes 1 & 2, try a manual search for status=4 particles.
    Based on a patch from Andrii Verbytskyi.
  * Add CMS_2016_I1430892: dilepton channel ttbar charge asymmetry
  * Add CMS_2016_I1413748: dilepton channel ttbar spin
    correlations and polarisation analysis.
  * Add CMS_2017_I1518399: leading jet mass for boosted top
    quarks at 8 TeV.
  * Add convenience constructors for ChargedLeptons projection.
  * Add FinalState and Cut (optional) constructor arguments and
    usage to DISFinalState. Thanks to Andrii Verbytskyi for the
    idea and initial patch.
  * Add ATLAS_2016_I1448301, Z/gamma cross section measurement at
    8 TeV.
  * Add ATLAS_2016_I1426515, WW production at 8 TeV.
  * Add BELLE measurement of semileptonic B0bar -> D*+ ell nu
    decays. I took the liberty to correct the data in the sense
    that I take the bin widths into account in the normalisation.
    This is a nice analysis as it probes the hadronic and the
    leptonic side of the decay so very valuable for model building
    and of course it is rare as it is an unfolded B measurement.
  * Add ALEPH measurement of hadronic tau decays,
  * Add ALEPH dimuon invariant mass (OS and SS) analysis,
  * The latter needed GENKTEE FastJet algorithm so I added that
  * Protection against logspace exception in histobooking of
  * Fix compiler complaints about uninitialised variable in
  * Tidy ALEPH_1999 charm fragmentation analysis and normalise to
    data integral. Added DSTARPLUS and DSTARMINUS to PID.
  * Add ATLAS_2016_CONF_2016_092, inclusive jet cross sections
    using early 13 TeV data.
  * Add ATLAS_2017_I1591327, isolated diphoton + X differential
  * Add ATLAS_2017_I1589844, ATLAS_2017_I1589844_EL,
    ATLAS_2017_I1589844_MU:  kT splittings in Z events at 8 TeV.
  * Add ATLAS_2017_I1509919, track-based underlying event at 13
    TeV in ATLAS.
  * Add ATLAS_2016_I1492320_2l2j and ATLAS_2016_I1492320_3l, the
    WWW cross-section at 8 TeV.
  * Add ATLAS_2016_I1449082, charge asymmetry in top quark pair
    production in dilepton channel.
  * Add ATLAS_2015_I1394865, inclusive 4-lepton/ZZ lineshape.
  * Add ATLAS_2013_I1234228, high-mass Drell-Yan at 7 TeV.
  * Add CMS_2017_I1519995, search for new physics with dijet
    angular distributions in proton-proton collisions at
    sqrt{(s) = 13 TeV.
  * Add CMS_2017_I1511284, inclusive energy spectrum in the very
    forward direction in proton-proton collisions at 13 TeV.
  * Add CMS_2016_I1486238, studies of 2 b-jet + 2 jet production
    in proton-proton collisions at 7 TeV.
  * Add CMS_2016_I1454211, boosted ttbar in pp collisions at
    sqrtS = 8 TeV.
  * Add CMS_2016_I1421646, CMS azimuthal decorrelations at 8 TeV.
  * Add CMS_2015_I1380605, per-event yield of the highest
    transverse momentum charged particle and charged-particle jet.
  * Add CMS_2015_I1370682_PARTON, a partonic-top version of the CMS
    7 TeV pseudotop ttbar differential cross-section analysis.
  * Adding EHS_1988_I265504 from Felix Riehn: charged-particle
    production in K+ p, pi+ p and pp interactions at 250 GeV/c.
  * Fix ALICE_2012_I1116147 for pi0 and Lambda feed-down.
  * Add protection against leptons from QED FSR photon conversions
    in assigning PartonicTop decay modes. Thanks to Markus Seidel
    for the report and suggested fix.
  * Reimplement FastJets methods in terms of new static helper
  * Add new mkClusterInputs, mkJet and mkJets static methods to
    FastJets, to help with direct calls to FastJet where particle
    lookup for constituents and ghost tags are required.
  * Fix Doxygen config and Makefile target to allow working with
    out-of-source builds. Thanks to Christian Holm Christensen.
  * Improve DISLepton for HERA analyses: thanks to Andrii
    Verbytskyi for the patch!
  * Replace non-template Analysis::refData functions with C++11
    default T=Scatter2D.
  * Allow yes/no and true/false values for LogX, etc. plot options.
  * Add --errs as an alias for --mc-errs to rivet-mkhtml and
  * Added 6 analyses AMY_1990_I295160, HRS_1986_I18502,
    JADE_1983_I190818, PLUTO_1980_I154270, TASSO_1989_I277658,
    TPC_1987_I235694 for charged multiplicity in e+e- at CMS
    energies below the Z pole.
  * Added 2 analyses for charged multiplicity at the Z pole
    DELPHI_1991_I301657, OPAL_1992_I321190.
  * Updated ALEPH_1991_S2435284 to plot the average charged
  * Added analyses OPAL_2004_I631361, OPAL_2004_I631361_qq,
    OPAL_2004_I648738 for gluon jets in e+e-, most need fictitious
    e+e- > g g process.
  * Add Cut and functor selection args to HeavyHadrons accessor
  * bin/rivet-mkanalysis: Add FastJets.hh include by default --
    it's almost always used.
  * src/Analyses/ Patch from CMS to use
    partonic tops.
  * src/Analyses/ Patch to inline jet finding
    from CMS.
  * Convert DressedLeptons use of fromDecay to instead veto photons
    that match fromHadron() || fromHadronicTau() -- meaning that
    electrons and muons from leptonic taus will now be dressed.
  * Move Particle and Jet std::function aliases to .fhh files, and
    replace many uses of templates for functor arguments with
    ParticleSelector meta-types instead.
  * Move the canonical implementations of hasAncestorWith, etc. and
    isLastWith, etc. from ParticleUtils.hh into Particle.
  * Disable the event-to-event beam consistency check if the
    ignore-beams mode is active.
  * Add BoolParticleAND, BoolJetOR, etc. functor combiners to
    Tools/ParticleUtils.hh and Tools/JetUtils.hh.
  * Mark ATLAS_2016_CONF_2016_078 and CMS_2016_PAS_SUS_16_14
    analyses as validated, since their cutflows match the
  * Add aggregate signal regions to CMS_2016_PAS_SUS_16_14.
  * Add getEnvParam function, for neater use of environment
    variable parameters with a required default.
  * Add HasBTag and HasCTag jet functors, with lower-case aliases.
  * Use std::function in functor-expanded method signatures on
  * Convert FinalState particles() accessors to use std::function
    rather than a template arg for sorting, and add filtering
    functor support -- including a mix of filtering and sorting
    functors. Yay for C++11!
  * Add ParticleEffFilter and JetEffFilter constructors from a
    double (encoding constant efficiency).
  * Add Vector3::abseta().
- Changes from version 2.5.3:
  * Add cut in BZ calculation in OPAL 4 jet analysis. Paper is not
    clear about treatment of parallel vectors, leads to division by
    zero and nan-fill and subsequent YODA RangeError
  * Fix bugs in SmearedJets treatment of b & c tagging rates.
  * Adding ATLAS_2016_I1467454 analysis (high-mass Drell-Yan at 8
  * Tweak to 'convert' call to improve the thumbnail quality from
  * Require Cython 0.24 or later.
  * Adding L3_2004_I652683 (LEP 1 & 2 event shapes) and
    LHCB_2014_I1262703 (Z+jet at 7 TeV).
  * Adding leading dijet mass plots to MC_JetAnalysis (and all
    derived classes). Thanks to Chris Gutschow!
  * Adding CMS_2012_I1298807 (ZZ cross-section at 8 TeV),
    CMS_2016_I1459051 (inclusive jet cross-sections at 13 TeV) and
    CMS_PAS_FSQ_12_020 (preliminary 7 TeV leading-track underlying
  * Adding CDF_2015_1388868 (ppbar underlying event at 300, 900,
    and 1960 GeV).
  * Adding ATLAS_2016_I1467230 (13 TeV min bias),
    ATLAS_2016_I1468167 (13 TeV inelastic pp cross-section), and
    ATLAS_2016_I1479760 (7 TeV pp double-parton scattering with 4
  * Adding ALICE_2012_I1116147 (eta and pi0 pTs and ratio) and
    ATLAS_2011_I929691 (7 TeV jet frag).
  * Fix bash bugs in rivet-buildplugin, including fixing the --cmd
  * Add LHC Run 2 BSM analyses ATLAS_2016_CONF_2016_037 (3-lepton
    and same-sign 2-lepton), ATLAS_2016_CONF_2016_054 (1-lepton +
    jets), ATLAS_2016_CONF_2016_078 (ICHEP jets + MET),
    ATLAS_2016_CONF_2016_094 (1-lepton + many jets),
    CMS_2013_I1223519 (alphaT + b-jets), and CMS_2016_PAS_SUS_16_14
    (jets + MET).
  * Provide convenience reversed-argument versions of apply and
    declare methods, to allow presentational choice of declare
    syntax in situations where the projection argument is very
    long, and reduce requirements on the user's memory since this
    is one situation in Rivet where there is no 'most natural'
    ordering choice.
  * Adding pTvec() function to 4-vectors and ParticleBase.
  * Fix --pwd option of the rivet script
  * Add weights and scaling to Cutflow/s.
  * Add Et(const ParticleBase&) unbound function.
  * Fix missing YAML quote mark in rivet-mkanalysis.
  * Fix constness requirements on ifilter_select() and
  * src/Analyses/ Fix inverted particle
    efficiency filtering.
  * Add rough ATLAS and CMS photon reco efficiency functions from
    Delphes (ATLAS and CMS versions are identical, hmmm).
  * Tidying/fixing make-plots custom z-ticks code. Thanks to Dmitry
  * Fix SpiresID -> InspireID in some analyses (show-analysis
    pointed to non-existing web page).
  * Add Luminosity_fb to AnalysisInfo.
  * Added some keywords and Lumi to ATLAS_2016_I1458270.
  * Merge the ATLAS and CMS from-Delphes electron and muon tracking
    efficiency functions into generic trkeff functions -- this is
    how it should be.
  * Fix return type typo in Jet::bTagged(FN) templated method.
  * Add eta and pT cuts to ATLAS truth b-jet definition.
  * Use rounding rather than truncation in Cutflow percentage
    efficiency printing.
  * make-plots bugfix in y-axis labels for RatioPlotMode=deviation.
  * Add vector and scalar pT (rather than Et) to MissingMomentum.
  * Analysis keyword machinery.
  * rivet -a @semileptonic.
  * rivet -a @semileptonic@^bdecays -a @semileptonic@^ddecays.
- Rebase sover.diff.
- This update actually fixes build with GCC 7 (boo#1041183).
* Mon Feb 13 2017
- Add sover.diff, enforce versioning as per guidelines
* Tue Feb 07 2017
- Correct RPM groups
* Thu Feb 02 2017
- use individual libboost-*-devel packages instead of boost-devel
* Thu Nov 10 2016
- Update to version 2.5.2:
  * Add a requirement to DressedLeptons that the FinalState passed
    as 'bareleptons' will be filtered to only contain charged
    leptons, if that is not already the case. Thanks to Markus
    Seidel for the suggestion.
  * Add Simone Amoroso's plugin for hadron spectra
  * Add Simone Amoroso's plugin for hadron spectra
  * Add CMS ttbar analysis from contrib, mark validated
  * Extend rivet-mkhtml --booklet to also work with pdfmerge
  * Fix make-plots automatic YMax calculation, which had a typo
    from code cleaning (mea culpa!).
  * Fix ChargedLeptons projection, which failed to exclude
    neutrinos!!! Thanks to Markus Seidel.
  * Add templated FN filtering arg versions of the Jet::*Tags()
    and Jet::*Tagged() functions.
  * Add CMS partonic top analysis (CMS_2015_I1397174)
  * Add L3 xp analysis of eta mesons, thanks Simone
  * Add D0 1.8 TeV jet shapes analysis, thanks Simone
  * Add has{Ancestor,Parent,Child,Descendant}With functions and
    HasParticle{Ancestor,Parent,Child,Descendant}With functors.
  * Add ATLAS 8TeV ttbar analysis from contrib
  * Add particles(GenParticlePtr) to RivetHepMC.hh
  * Add hasParent, hasParentWith, and hasAncestorWith to Particle.
  * Add ATLAS 8TeV dijet analysis from contrib
  * Add ATLAS 8TeV 'number of tracks in jets' analysis from
    contrib (ATLAS_2016_I1419070)
  * Add ATLAS 8TeV g->H->WW->enumunu analysis from contrib
  * Explicit std::toupper and std::tolower to make clang happy
  * Add ATLAS Run 2 0-lepton SUSY and monojet search papers
    (ATLAS_2016_I1452559, ATLAS_2016_I1458270)
  * Add experimental Cutflow and Cutflows objects for BSM cut
  * Add 'direct' versions of any, all, none to Utils.hh, with an
    implicity bool() transforming function.
  * Add and mark validated B+ to omega analysis
  * Add and mark validated D0 to pi- analysis
  * Add a few more particle names and use PID names in recently
    added analyses
  * Add Simone's OPAL b-frag analysis (OPAL_2003_I599181) after
    some cleanup and heavy usage of new features
  * Restructured DELPHI_2011_I890503 in the same manner --- picks
    up a few more B-hadrons now (e.g. 20523 and such)
  * Clean up and add ATLAS 8TeV MinBias (from contrib
  * Add a static constexpr DBL_NAN to Utils.hh for convenience,
    and move some utils stuff out of MathHeader.hh
  * Add count function to Tools/Utils.h
  * Add and mark validated B0bar and Bminus-decay to pi analysis
  * Add and mark validated B0-decay analysis (BELLE_2011_I878990)
  * Add and mark validated B to D decay analysis
  * Add C-array version of multi-target Analysis::scale() and
    normalize(), and fix (semantic) constness.
  * Add == and != operators for cuts applied to integers.
  * Add missing delta{Phi,Eta,Rap}{Gtr,Less} functors to
  * Add templated functor filtering args to the Particle
    parent/child/descendent methods.
  * Add ATLAS Run 1 medium and tight electron ID efficiency
  * Update configure scripts to use newer (Py3-safe) Python
    testing macros.
  * Add isFirstWith(out), isLastWith(out) functions, and functor
    wrappers, using Cut and templated function/functor args.
  * Add Particle::parent() method.
  * Add using import/typedef of HepMC *Ptr types (useful step for
    HepMC 2.07 and 3.00).
  * Various typo fixes (and canonical renaming) in
    ParticleBaseUtils functor collection.
  * Add ATLAS MV2c10 and MV2c20 b-tagging effs to
    SmearingFunctions.hh collection.
  * Add a PartonicTops projection.
  * Add overloaded versions of the Event::allParticles() method
    with selection Cut or templated selection function arguments.
  * Add rapidity scheme arg to DeltaR functor constructors.
  * Provide an Analysis::bookCounter(d,x,y, title) function, for
    convenience and making the mkanalysis template valid.
  * Improve container utils functions, and provide combined
    remove_if+erase filter_* functions for both select- and
    discard-type selector functions.
  * Bugfix in rivet-mkhtml (NoneType: ana.spiresID() --> spiresid)
  * Added <numeric> include to Rivet/Tools/Utils.h to make gcc6
  * Add efffilt() functions and Particle/JetEffFilt functors to
  * Adding filterBy methods for Particle and Jet which accept
    generic boolean functions as well as the Cut specialisation.
  * Add a Jet::particles(Cut&) method, for inline filtering of jet
  * Add 'conjugate' behaviours to container head and tail functions
    via negative length arg values.
  * Add convenience headers for including all final-state and
    smearing projections, to save user typing.
  * Add standard MET functions for ATLAS R1 (and currently copies
    for R2 and CMS).
  * Add lots of vector/container helpers for e.g. container slicing,
    summing, and min/max calculation.
  * Adapt SmearedMET to take *two* arguments, since SET is typically
    used to calculate MET resolution.
  * Adding functors for computing vector & ParticleBase differences
    w.r.t. another vector.
  * Implemented a few more cuts in prompt photon analysis
    (CDF_1993_S2742446) but to no avail, the rise of the data towards
    larger costheta values cannot be reproduced --- maybe this is a
    candidate for more scrutiny and using the boosting machinery such that
    the c.m. cuts can be done in a non-approximate way
  * Rename CDF_2009_S8383952 to CDF_2009_I856131 due to invalid Spires
  * Add InspireID to all analysis known by their Spires key
- Even longer list of changes for version 2.2.1 through 2.5.1; see
  ChangeLog file.
- Drop upstream incorporated or otherwise fixed patches:
  * Rivet-compatibility-with-old-boost.patch.
  * 0001-fix_YODA_Histo1D_includes.patch.
  * Rivet-boost-configure-for-GCC5.patch.
* Thu Jun 25 2015
- Add Rivet-boost-configure-for-GCC5.patch to fix autoconf
  boost macros lookup with GCC5; patch taken from boost.m4
  upstream [].
* Sun Oct 26 2014
- Update to version 2.2.0:
  + Mark Jet::containsBottom and Jet::containsCharm as deprecated
    methods: use the new methods. Analyses updated.
  + Add Jet::bTagged(), Jet::cTagged() and Jet::tauTagged() as
    ghost-assoc-based replacements for the 'contains' tagging methods.
  + Adding support for 1D and 3D YODA scatters, and helper methods
    for calling the efficiency, asymm and 2D histo divide functions.
  + Adding 5 new ATLAS analyses:
  - ATLAS_2011_I921594: Inclusive isolated prompt photon
    analysis with full 2010 LHC data
  - ATLAS_2013_I1263495: Inclusive isolated prompt photon
    analysis with 2011 LHC data
  - ATLAS_2014_I1279489: Measurements of electroweak production
    of dijets + $Z$ boson, and distributions sensitive to vector
    boson fusion
  - ATLAS_2014_I1282441: The differential production cross
    section of the $\phi(1020)$ meson in $\sqrt{s}=7$ TeV $pp$
    collisions measured with the ATLAS detector
  - ATLAS_2014_I1298811: Leading jet underlying event at 7 TeV
    in ATLAS
  + Adding a median(vector<NUM>) function and fixing the other stats
    functions to operate on vector<NUM> rather than vector<int>.
  + Fix wrong behaviour of LorentzTransform with a null boost
  + Add calc() methods to Hemispheres as requested, to allow it to
    be used with Jet or FourMomentum inputs outside the normal
    projection system.
  + Improvements to the particles methods on
    ParticleFinder/FinalState, in particular adding the range of
    cuts arguments cf. JetAlg (and tweaking the sorted jets
    equivalent) and returning as a copy rather than a reference if
    cut/sorted to avoid accidentally messing up the cached copy.
  + Creating ParticleFinder projection base class, and moving
    Particles-accessing methods from FinalState into it.
  + Adding basic forms of MC_ELECTRONS, MC_MUONS, and MC_TAUS
- Changes from 2.2.0Beta:
  + See /usr/share/doc/packages/Rivet-devel/ChangeLog for full
- Packaging changes:
  + Rebase patch 0001-fix_YODA_Histo1D_includes.patch for current
    version; includes dropping the 2nd hunk since it is already
    incorporated upstream.
* Thu Sep 25 2014
- Added 0001-fix_YODA_Histo1D_includes.patch
  fixed buildfailure due to YODA/Histo1D changing function names
  Additionally fixed buildfailure from MAXINT being defined but not used
* Sat Jun 21 2014
- Update to version 2.1.2:
  + Lots of changes since previous version (2.0.0), see
    ChangeLog file in /usr/share/doc/packages/Rivet-devel/ for a
    full list
- Packaging changes:
  + Add Rivet-compatibility-with-old-boost.patch: fix foreach
    compatibility with boost < 1.50 and make Rivet build with
    openSUSE 12.3 again
  + Now requires YODA-devel >= 1.0.6 for building
  + Package new pkgconfig file (.pc file manually stripped of
    rpaths to avoid linking issues, and an rpmlint warning)
  + Also strip rpath from rivet-config script.
* Tue Dec 10 2013
- Initial version.