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Change Logs

Version: 4.3.4-bp151.1.1
* Wed Dec 26 2018
- Update to 4.3.4
  * Fixed some bugs in the wineversion process
  * Begining of code cleaning and refactoring
  * Begining of using wx box sizers instead of absolute
    positioning. Most of the windows are now resizable.
    This should solve display issues on many cases: HDPI and
    alternative windows manager:
  * macOS: Remove XQuartz installation
  * macOS: Bundle an up-to-date wine version
  * macOS: Use native terminal instead of xterm
  * macOS: Fix localization
- Add PlayOnLinux-fix_media_dir.patch to fix variable MEDIA_DIR to
  correct location.
* Tue Nov 27 2018
- Update to 4.3.3
  * Linux: Fix HDPI support
  * Compatibility with OSX < Mojave
- Changes from 4.3
  * Various fix on OSX
  * Phoenicis (POL 5) winebuild compatibility. POL 4 winebuilds
    will be deprecated.
* Fri Jun 29 2018
- require p7zip-full for TW as 7z binary needed by PlayOnLinux was
  moved to this package (see bsc#899627 for more details about
  this change)
* Tue Oct 03 2017
- add patch PlayOnLinux-https.patch to fix boo#1051248
* Tue Jul 11 2017
- update to 4.2.12
  * no changelog from upstream
- remove patch PlayOnLinux-BrokenMiscButtons.patch because now in
* Wed Jun 14 2017
- add patch PlayOnLinux-BrokenMiscButtons.patch
  fix issue 5522
* Tue Jun 13 2017
- update to 4.2.11
  * Fix POL_SetupWindow_download clobbering $FILENAME
  * Fix small typo in first use "send report" message
* Wed Jan 13 2016
- Fix wrong PlayOnLinux_4.2.10.tar.gz file
  * Current file is outdated dev version (file hash does not match)
  * Replace outdated file with the real release file version
* Sun Jan 03 2016
- update to 4.2.10
  * Silence POL_Notice_IsAck when ack_notices file doesn't exist
  * Allow Set_SoundDriver '' to disable sound
  * Add in the wineprefix configuration tab for Wine: Control panel
  * Remove in the wineprefix configuration tab for Wine: Wine
  * Add support for Wine-staging DLL redirects
    (POL_Wine_RedirectDLL, POL_Wine_DelRedirectDLL,
    POL_Wine_RedirectDLL_App, POL_Wine_DelRedirectDLL_App) (#5163)
  * Fix POL_System_cpmv log message
  * Reimplement deprecated functions POL_SetupWindow_make_shortcut
    and POL_SetupWindow_auto_shortcut using POL_Shortcut for
* Thu Sep 10 2015
- update to 4.2.9
  * Fixed a bug in the user agent used in urllib that would make it
    look like an attack to paranoid eyes (and filters) (#5072)
  * Try to improve general installation instructions
  * Update About's copyright years span (let's make it look like
    we're still working on the project ;) ) Many more could be
    updated though
  * POL_Download_Resource: don't test hash of missing file
    (one less spurious warning message)
  * Adding some visual clue while virtual drives are being removed
  * Fix "debbuger" typo
  * POL_System_find_file: really pick the shallowest file
  * fix "debbuger" typo
  * POL_SetupWindow_VMS: mention that the expected answer units are
  * Try to make instructions to rerun a program in debug mode more
    obvious (#5104)
  * Some GetRegValue fixing/hardening
  * Remove spurious .lnk files from user desktop for all
    architectures during POL_Shortcut calls (#4200)
  * Add waiting messages to POL_System_unzip & friends
  * Deprecate Set_WineWindowTitle that no longer works with
    Wine 1.5.16+, and breaks Set_Desktop (#5118)
  * Fix playonlinux-pkg -b (broken since PlayOnLinux 4.0)
  * MacOS 10.11 support
* Wed May 13 2015
- update to 4.2.8
  * Feature freeze has been declared for POL 4.x, so this changelog
    should contain only bug fixes
  * checkVersionUse(): don't assume cfg files have any order
  * manual installation: component installation bugfix
    ($IFS not restored correctly)
  * POL_OpenShell: call POL_Wine_AutoSetVersionEnv in all cases,
    to set $PATH (#5062)
  * Fix consecutive shortcut creations
  * POL_Wine_SetVideoDriver bugfix, device IDs were not inserted as
* Mon Apr 20 2015
- update to 4.2.7
  * Detect and abort scripts when trying to run 64bit programs with
    32bit Wine
  * POL_DetectVideoCards: list VGA compatible controllers and
    3D controllers (#5012)
  * Add support for several other value types than REG_SZ to
    registry updating statements (#5013)
  * POL_Wine_SelectPrefix: abort if no prefix name is provided
  * Sort install scripts lists case insensitively (iTunes)
  * Fix "hash-bang" line in shortcuts so they're actually
  * Deprecate the usage of $REPERTOIRE in PlayOnLinux own code
  * Translate remaining french comments and identifiers in
    Bash code
  * Improve POL_Wine_PrefixDelete to remove ancillary resources
    (shortcuts, icons,...)
  * Wine versions manager: attributes tell apart used versions
    instead of unused versions; Add an extra warning when about
    to remove a version in use
  * Avoid Python detection loops
  * Display wx version found
  * Fix Settings > Internet menu (#4989, thanks to rupert)
  * Workaround for Wine bug #37575 (#5023)
  * Improve find_binary function and make it public as
  * Add support for .lnk, .bat and .cmd files to POL_Shortcut and
  * Added an icon to open the debugger from the installation wizard
    when POL_Debug_Init has been called (#4948)
  * Implement POL_SetupWindow_notice to display important messages,
    but allow the user to acknowledge them once and for all
    ("Don't remind me") (#2036)
  * POL_OpenShell (Configure > Misc > Open a shell) bug fixes
  * Add a warning when OpenGL autotests are missing (user support)
  * Make sure "Install non-listed application" link is always
    visible in install window
  * POL_SetupWindow_cdrom: don't suggest "*" when no CDROM has been
  * Remove use of remaining os.system() calls (less overhead, less
    quoting nightmare)
  * Use os.kill() instead of shell command
  * Use of "exec" to avoid some useless extra Bash processes
  * polconfigurator interface cleanup
    (no risk of translation breakage)
* Sat Feb 28 2015
- update to 4.2.6
  - Use $ POL_TERM more Consistently, allow POL_TERM global
    configuration override. Beware, the carrier must terminal -T
    and -e options, so gnome-terminal Does not Qualify
    (gnome-terminal.wrapper Does though)
  - Add a function to compute a hash of a POL_Wine_VersionSignature
    Wine Package
  - Python version string extraction hardening (# 4895)
  - POL_System_PartInfo APPROBATION thru mount filesystems point
    INSTEAD of device (Btrfs subvolumes compatibility)
  - Modify bash / document_reader to pass extra arguments Unchanged
  - Remove "skipped lines" messages When The debugger gets the
    focus back
  - POL_Shortcut: do not overwrite $ binary logging to Improve
  - mainwindow: make boxen alert child of the main window So They
    can not get lost behind --other windows
  - Prevent POL_Download_Resource clobbering $ APP_ANSWER
  - Critical error: wget throwing SSL error when Install Components
    uses wget (bug 5002)
* Sat Sep 27 2014
- Generic spec cleanup
- Fix broken
* Thu Sep 25 2014
- Change PlayOnLinux-desktop.patch not needed more changes with
- Change description
- Simplify installation handling
- Change
* Mon Sep 08 2014
- update to 4.2.5
  * Fix reading/writing values containing '=' symbol in
    configuration files (#4834)
  * Make POL_Wine_InstallFonts preserve current directory
    (regression since 4.2.3)
  * Disable "Install" component button until a component is selected
  * Compatibility with wxpython 3.0
  * Compatibility with Debian 8
  * Compatibility with Mac OS 10.10
  * Mention URL in POL_Download and POL_Download_Resource error messages
    (should help with user support)
  * Add POL_Config_Win16 to check if the host can run win16 programs,
* Wed Jul 16 2014
- update to 4.2.4
  * New support and feedback system, easier to use
  * Links to social networks
  * 4.2.3 regresion fixed in run_exe module
* Fri Jul 11 2014
- update to 4.2.3
  * Fix for Python version "2.7" (#3749)
  * POL_SetupWindow_shortcut_creator: always suggest
    unused shortcut names; If user chooses an already used name,
    warn before overwrite (#3770)
  * Fix for "Error 427"
    regression in 4.2.2 (functions override)
  * Fix IE3 icon extraction (#3885)
  * Debugger: if behind by too many lines, skip displaying some
    (...skipped n lines...) to keep up
  * wineserver not in path problem fixed again (debian bug,
    but they won't fix it)
  * Fix "Open a shell" to enable the wine version of the prefix
  * New attempt at fixing download gauge overflow (#2123)
  * Do not totally silence gpg import errors
  * Allow POL_SetupWindow_textbox to accept an extra
    max length parameter
  * Limit bug reports title to 80 characters
  * virtual drive removal: use os.lstat() instead of os.stat()
    to check for broken rights (reported by Xenos5)
  * change of Wine version used in a virtual drive: kill running
    wineserver after asking for permission
  * Experimental: FreeBSD support
  * Removing PlayOnLinux_Online
  * Corefonts are now managed as any other POL_Call package.
    (Debian.lib is consequently no longer needed)
  * Removing installation process of missing gecko and mono at startup.
    It should not happen anymore
  * Cleaner way to save panel position
  * Fix a bug in GetSettings() where the value contain
    the equal ('=') character
  * PlayOnMac does no longer need a reboot after installing XQuartz
  * PlayOnMac does no longer popup a warning before xterm is installed
  * Removing IRC
  * Icones install can now be bigger than 22x22
* Sun Jan 05 2014
- Updated to 4.2.2
- Changes:
  * Changelog move from plaintext to Markdown syntax.
  * read script lists in utf8 when looking up script to install (#2076)
  * (experimental) new algorithm to find installed Python version,
    implements fallback which is probably overkill (#2122)
  * New version of PlayOnLinux Vault 4.0.4:
  - Adding lzop compression if available (fast compression with medium
    compression rate).
  - Add a "Save" shortcut in PlayOnLinux side panel
  * Fix double utf-8 decoding of shortcuts (#2125, #2289)
  * Add POL_Shortcut_Configurator
  * Modified POL_System_wget to keep error messages from wget
  * Updated PNG icons with broken profiles, thanks to calvertyl
  * wine-mono download support
  * Fix POL_SetupWindow_message typo (not enough video memory message) (#2790)
  * POL_LoadVar_Device: refacto POL_DetectVideoCards;
    Let user choose when there's more than one known videocard present
  * Add link to download page in side panel when version is not up-to-date (#2677)
    Not sure it's visible enough, could be improved.
  * Added logging to archivers wrappers (POL_System_unzip etc.)
  * Update mono download URLs
  * Updated IRC server address, domain is gone
  * Harden applications list parsing
  * force LANG=C when spawning wineconsole (Wine bug #10063)
  * fix typo in bash/manual_install
  * Developer feature: allow to override function scripts
    When global configuration ALLOW_FUNCTION_OVERRIDES is set to TRUE, function
    scripts in $POL_USER_ROOT/configurations/function_overrides/ override function
    scripts by the same name. This feature disables bug reporting.
  * Fix website login when username contains spaces (#3573)
  * "Run an .exe in this virtual disk" sets current directory to program's
    directory (#1855)
  * fix "wineserver not found" in interactive use of POL_Wine_Direct3D /
    POL_Wine_X11Drv / POL_Wine_DirectSound / POL_Wine_DirectInput
  * Remove use of os.system() from and
    (less overhead, less quoting nightmare)
  * Add missing POL_Wine_AutoSetVersionEnv before wineserver calls
* Mon Nov 04 2013
- Recreated dektop file patch according to #845518