Enable Package Hub During Installation

Just like other modules or extensions, the Package Hub extension can be enabled and packages selected to be included during the initial OS installation using the following steps:

  • Boot the SUSE Linux Enterprise product installer.
  • Accept the EULA
  • Register and enable SUSE Package Hub as follows:
Registration Screen

Register the product (requires internet access) After registration you are presented with an Extensions and Modules Selection screen.

Extension and Module Selection Screen

Select the SUSE Package Hub 12 extension to enable it. Note list of extensions varies depending on customer subscription Next you will be prompted to import the openSUSE:Backports key.

Key Import Popup

Accept the SUSE Package Hub key. What's this about?

Continue with the installation as usual.

Reference the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Deployment Guide for detailed information on the installation workflow including registration and enablement of extensions.