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Change Logs

* Fri Sep 30 2016
- Update to version 2.3
  * New option 'pane-border-status' to add text in the oane
  * Support for hooks on commands: 'after' and 'before' hooks.
  * 'source-file' understands '-q' to supress errors for
    nonexistent files.
  * Lots of UTF8 improvements, especially on MacOS.
  * 'window-status-separator' understands #[] expansions.
  * 'split-window' understands '-f' for performing a full-width
  * Allow report count to be specified when using 'bind-key -R'.
  * 'set -a' for appending to user options (@foo) is now
  * 'display-panes' can now accept a command to run, rather
    than always selecting the pane.
* Sun Apr 24 2016
- Add correct systemd requires (boo#976922)
* Tue Apr 12 2016
- Update to 2.2
  + Incompatible changes:
  * The format strings which referenced time have been removed.  Instead:
    [#]{t:window_activity} can be used.
  * Support for TMPDIR has been removed.  Use TMUX_TMPDIR instead.
  * UTF8 detection how happens automatically if the client supports it, hence
    the mouse-utf8, utf8 options has been removed.
  * The mouse_utf8_flag format string has been removed.
  * The -I option to show-messages has been removed.  See #{t:start_time}
    format option instead.
  + Other changes:
  * Panes are unzoomed with selectp -LRUD
  * New formats added:
    [#]{=10:...} -- limit to N characters (from the start)
    [#]{=-10:...} -- limit to N characters (from the end)
    [#]{t:...} -- used to format time-based formats
    [#]{b:...} -- used to ascertain basename from string
    [#]{d:...} -- used to ascertain dirname from string
    [#]{s:...} -- used to perform substitutions on a string
  * Job output is run via the format system, so formats work again
  * If display-time is set to 0, then the indicators wait for a key to be
  * list-keys and list-commands can be run without starting the tmux server.
  * kill-session learns -C to clear all alerts in all windows of the session.
  * Support for hooks (internal for now), but hooks for the following have been
  * RGB (24bit) colour support.  The 'Tc' flag must be set in the external TERM
    entry (using terminal-overrides or a custom terminfo entry).
- Refresh tmux-socket-path.patch
- Bash completion is now removed and provided by instead.
* Mon Feb 01 2016
- cleanup specfile
* Sun Jan 31 2016
- Enable bash-completion support
* Sun Oct 18 2015
- update to 2.1
- Incompatible Changes:
  * Mouse-mode has been rewritten.  There's now no longer options for:
  - mouse-resize-pane
  - mouse-select-pane
  - mouse-select-window
  - mode-mouse
  Instead there is just one option:  'mouse' which turns on mouse support
  * 'default-terminal' is now a session option.  Furthermore, if this is set
  to 'screen-*' then emulate what screen does.  If italics are wanted, this
  can be set to 'tmux' but this is still new and not necessarily supported
  on all platforms with older ncurses installs.
  * The c0-* options for rate-limiting have been removed.  Instead, a backoff
  approach is used.
- Normal Changes:
  * New formats:
  - session_activity
  - window_linked
  - window_activity_format
  - session_alerts
  - session_last_attached
  - client_pid
  - pid
  * 'copy-selection', 'append-selection', 'start-named-buffer' now understand
  an '-x' flag to prevent it exiting copying mode.
  * 'select-pane' now understands '-P' to set window/pane background colours.
  * 'renumber-windows' now understands windows which are unlinked.
  * 'bind' now understands multiple key tables.  Allows for key-chaining.
  * 'select-layout' understands '-o' to undo the last layout change.
  * The environment is updated when switching sessions as well as attaching.
  * 'select-pane' now understands '-M' for marking a pane.  This marked pane
  can then be used with commands which understand src-pane specifiers
  * If a session/window target is prefixed with '=' then only an exact match
  is considered.
  * 'move-window' understands '-a'.
  * 'update-environment' understands '-E' when attach-session is used on an
  already attached client.
  * 'show-environment' understands '-s' to output Bourne-compatible commands.
  * New option: 'history-file' to save/restore command prompt history.
  * Copy mode is exited if the history is cleared whilst in copy-mode.
  * 'copy-mode' learned '-e' to exit copy-mode when scrolling to end.
Version: 2.0-10.1
* Mon Dec 21 2009
- rebased and combined patches for putting sockets under /var/run and dropping
  setgid privileges
* Mon Dec 21 2009
- initial packaging of tmux
Version: 2.0-6.1
* Sun Apr 24 2016
- Add correct systemd requires (boo#976922)
* Fri Sep 18 2015
- enable build on SLE11 (requires libevent2)
- move comment to patch
* Thu Jul 09 2015
- Revert remove patch tmux-socket-path.patch, deleted in previous commit.
  use -p0 not -p1
* Tue Jul 07 2015
- Change Url from SourceForge to GitHub
- Change Source0 to usem new GitHub Web URL
- Add BuildRequires for automake
- Remove patch tmux-socket-path.patch
- Use sed instead of simple patch
- Change Documentation, add COPYING
- Use %{name} instead of tmux
* Mon May 11 2015
- guard all systemd specific code in a bcond systemd. this includes
  buildrequires, patching the socket path and the tmpfiles.d
- actually add a buildrequires for pkgconfig so we can use that for
- allow building on older distros which do not have
  pkgconfig(ncurses) yet by requiring ncurses-devel there.
- make sure we buildrequire libevent >= 2.0 as tmux requires that
  since 1.9
- expand the make_install macro to make it work on distros without
  the macro
- expand tmpfiles_create macro as it isnt defined on sle12 e.g.
* Thu May 07 2015
- update to version 2.0
  - Incompatible changes:
  - The choose-list command has been removed.
  - 'terminal-overrides' is now a server option, not a session
  - 'message-limit' is now a server option, not a session option.
  - 'monitor-content' option has been removed.
  - 'pane_start_path' option has been removed.
  - The "info" mechanism which used to (for some commands)
    provide feedback has been removed, and like other commands,
    they now produce nothing on success.
  - Normal changes:
  - tmux can now write an entry to utmp if the library 'utempter'
    is present at compile time.
  - set-buffer learned append mode (-a), and a corresponding
    'append-selection' command has been added to copy-mode.
  - choose-mode now has the following commands which can be
  - start-of-list
  - end-of-list
  - top-line
  - bottom-line
  - choose-buffer now understands UTF-8.
  - Pane navigation has changed:
  - The old way of always using the top or left if the choice
    is ambiguous.
  - The new way of remembering the last used pane is annoying
    if the layout is balanced and the leftmost is obvious to
    the user (because clearly if we go right from the
    top-left in a tiled set of four we want to end up in
    top-right, even if we were last using the bottom-right).
    So instead, use a combination of both: if there is only
    one possible pane alongside the current pane, move to it,
    otherwise choose the most recently used of the choice.
  - 'set-buffer' can now be told to give names to buffers.
  - The 'new-session', 'new-window', 'split-window', and
    'respawn-pane' commands now understand multiple arguments and
    handle quoting problems correctly.
  - 'capture-pane' understands '-S-' to mean the start of the
    pane, and '-E-' to mean the end of the pane.
  - Support for function keys beyond F12 has changed.  The
    following explains:
  - F13-F24 are S-F1 to S-F12
  - F25-F36 are C-F1 to C-F12
  - F37-F48 are C-S-F1 to C-S-F12
  - F49-F60 are M-F1 to M-F12
  - F61-F63 are M-S-F1 to M-S-F3
    Therefore, F13 becomes a binding of S-F1, etc.
  - Support using pane id as part of session or window specifier
    (so % means session-of-%1 or window-of-%1) and window id as
    part of session
    (so @1 means session-of-@1).
  - 'copy-pipe' command now understands formats via -F
  - 'if-shell'  command now understands formats via -F
  - 'split-window' and 'join-window' understand -b to create the
    pane to the left or above the target pane.
- drop obsolete tmux-fix-malloc-check-abort.patch
* Fri Nov 14 2014
- tmux-socket-path.patch: Just like screen, create socket
  directory with tmpfiles.d functionality in /run/tmux
  and not in /tmp. This patch only alters the default
  directory that can be still overrriden by setting
  TMUX_TMPDIR or TMPDIR environment variable. This add some
  robustness against accidental deletion via
  systemd-tmpfiles-clean, tmpwatch, or similar.
* Thu Nov 13 2014
- Add full download url for the tarball fetching/verification
* Sun Nov 02 2014
- add tmux-fix-malloc-check-abort.patch in order to fix glibc
  aborting on openSUSE Factory due toits MALLOC_CHECK_ settings
  (, bnc#869950)
* Sun Feb 23 2014
- update to version 1.9a
  - Fix crash due to uninitialized lastwp member of layout_cell
  - Fix -fg/-bg/-style with 256 colour terminals.
* Thu Feb 20 2014
- update to version 1.9
  - NOTE: This release has bumped the tmux protocol version. It is
    therefore advised that the prior tmux server is restarted when
    this version of tmux is installed, to avoid protocol mismatch
    errors for newer clients trying to talk to an older running
    tmux server.
  - 88 colour support has been removed.
  - 'default-path' has been removed. The new-window command accepts
    '-c' to cater for this. The previous value of "." can be
    replaced with: 'neww -c $PWD', the previous value of '' which
    meant current path of the pane can be specified as: 'neww -c
  - The single format specifiers: #A -> #Z (where defined) have
    been deprecated and replaced with longer-named equivalents, as
    listed in the FORMATS section of the tmux manpage.
  - The various foo-{fg,bg,attr} commands have been deprecated and
    replaced with equivalent foo-style option instead. Currently
    this is still backwards-compatible, but will be removed over
  - A new environment variable TMUX_TMPDIR is now honoured,
    allowing the socket directory to be set outside of TMPDIR
    (/tmp/ if not set).
  - If -s not given to swap-pane the current pane is assumed.
  - A #{pane_syncronized} format specifier has been added to be a
    conditional format if a pane is in a syncronised mode (c.f.
  - Tmux now runs under Cygwin natively.
  - Formats can now be nested within each other and expanded
  - Added 'automatic-rename-format' option to allow the automatic
    rename mechanism to use something other than the default of
  - new-session learnt '-c' to specify the starting directory for
    that session and all subsequent windows therein.
  - The session name is now shown in the message printed to the
    terminal when a session is detached.
  - Lots more format specifiers have been added.
  - Server race conditions have been fixed; in particular commands
    are not run until after the configuration file is read
  - Case insensitive searching in tmux's copy-mode is now possible.
  - attach-session and switch-client learnt the '-t' option to
    accept a window and/or a pane to use.
  - Copy-mode is only exited if no selection is in progress.
  - Paste key in copy-mode is now possible to enter text from the
  - status-interval set to '0' now works as intended.
  - tmux now supports 256 colours running under fbterm.
  - Many bug fixes!
* Tue Mar 26 2013
- update to version 1.8
  - incompatible change: layout redo/undo has been removed
  - add halfpage up/down bindings to copy mode
  - session choosing fixed to work with unattached sessions
  - new window options window-status-last-{attr,bg,fg} to denote
    the last window which was active
  - scrolling in copy-mode now scrolls the region without moving
    the mouse cursor
  - run-shell learnt '-t' to specify the pane to use when
    displaying output
  - support for middle-click pasting
  - choose-tree learns '-u' to start uncollapsed
  - select-window learnt '-T; to toggle to the last window if it's
    already current
  - new session option 'assume-paste-time' for pasting text versus
    key-binding actions
  - choose-* commands now work outside of an attached client
  - aliases are now shown for list-commands command
  - status learns about formats
  - free-form options can be set with set-option if prepended with
    an '@' sign
  - capture-pane learnt '-p' to send to stdout, and '-e' for
    capturing escape sequences, and '-a' to capture the alternate
    screen, and '-P' to dump pending output
  - many new formats added (client_session, client_last_session,
  - control mode, which is a way for a client to send tmux commands
    currently more useful to users of iterm2
  - resize-pane learnt '-x' and '-y' for absolute pane sizing
  - config file loading now reports errors from all files which are
    loaded via the 'source-file' command
  - 'copy-pipe' mode command to copy selection and pipe the
    selection to a command
  - changes panes can now emit focus notifications for certain
    applications which use those
  - run-shell and if-shell now accept format placeholders
  - resize-pane learnt '-Z' for zooming a pane temporarily
  - new-session learnt '-A' to make it behave like attach-session
  - set-option learnt '-o' to prevent setting an option which is
    already set
  - capture-pane and show-options learns '-q' to silence errors
  - new command 'wait-for' which blocks a client until woken up
  - resizing panes will now reflow the text inside them
  - lots and lots of bug fixes, fixing memory-leaks, etc
  - various manpage improvements
* Sat Oct 13 2012
- update to version 1.7
  - tmux configuration files now support line-continuation with a
    "\" at the end of a line
  - new option status-position to move the status line to the top
    or bottom of the screen
  - enforce history-limit option when clearing the screen
  - Give each window a unique id, like panes but prefixed with @
  - add pane id to each pane in layout description (while still
    accepting the old form)
  - provide defined ways to set the various default-path
    possibilities: ~ for home directory, . for server start
    directory, - for session start directory and empty for the
    pane's working directory (the default). All can also be used as
    part of a relative path (eg -/foo). Also provide -c flags to
    neww and splitw to override default-path setting
  - add -l flag to send-keys to send input literally (without
    translating key names)
  - allow a single option to be specified to show-options to show
    just that option
  - new command "move-pane" (like join-pane but allows the same
  - join-pane and move-pane commands learn "-b" option to place the
    pane to the left or above
  - support for bracketed-paste mode
  - allow send-keys command to accept hex values
  - add locking around "start-server" to avoid race-conditions
  - break-pane learns -P/-F arguments for display formatting
  - set-option learns "-q" to make it quiet, and not print out
  - copy mode learns "wrap-search" option
  - add a simple form of output rate limiting by counting the
    number of certain C0 sequences (linefeeds, backspaces, carriage
    returns) and if it exceeds a threshold (current default
    250/millisecond), start to redraw the pane every 100
    milliseconds instead of making each change as it comes. Two
    configuration options - c0-change-trigger and
  - find-window learns new flags:  "-C", "-N", "-T" to match
    against either or all of a window's content, name, or title
    Defaults to all three options if none specified
  - find-window automatically selects the appropriate pane for the
    found matches
  - show-environment can now accept one option to show that
    environment value
  - exit mouse mode when end-of-screen reached when scrolling with
    the mouse wheel
  - select-layout learns -u and -U for layout history stacks
  - kill-window, detach-client, kill-session all  learn "-a" option
    for killing all but the current thing specified
  - move-window learns "-r" option to renumber window sequentially
    in a session
  - new session option "renumber-windows" to automatically renumber
    windows in a session when a window is closed.  (see
    "move-window -r")
  - only enter copy-mode on scroll up
  - choose-* and list-* commands all use "-F" for format
  - when spawning external commands, the value from the
    "default-shell" option is now used, rather than assuming
  - new choose-tree command to render window/sessions as a tree for
  - display-message learns new format options
  - for linked-windows across sessions, all flags for that window
    are now cleared across sessions
  - lots and lots of bug fixes, fixing memory-leaks, etc
  - various manpage improvements
* Tue Jan 24 2012
- update to version 1.6
  - extend the mode-mouse option to add a third choice which means
    the mouse does not enter copy mode
  - add a -r flag to switch-client to toggle the client read-only
  - add pane-base-index option
  - support \ for line continuation in the configuration file
  - framework for more powerful formatting of command output and
    use it for list-{panes,windows,sessions}; this allows more
    descriptive replacements (such as #{session_name}) and
  - mark dead panes with some text saying they are dead
  - reject $SHELL if it is not a full path
  - add -S option to refresh-client to redraw status line
  - add an else clause for if-shell
  - try to resolve relative paths for loadb and saveb (first, using
    client working directory, if any, then default-path or session
    working directory)
  - support for \e[3J to clear the history and send the
    corresponding terminfo code (E3) before locking
  - when in copy mode, make repeat count indicate buffer to
    replace, if used
  - add screen*:XT to terminal-overrides for tmux-in-tmux
  - status-line message attributes added
  - move word-separators to be a session rather than window option
  - change the way the working directory for new processes is
    discovered; if default-path isn't empty, it is used; otherwise,
    if a new window is created from the command-line, the working
    directory of the client is used; if not, platform specific code
    is used to retrieve the current working directory of the
    process in the active pane; if that fails, the directory where
    the session was created is used, instead
  - do not change the current pane if both
    mouse-select-{pane,window} are enabled
  - add \033[s and \033[u to save and restore cursor position
  - allow $HOME to be used as default-path
  - add CNL and CPL escape sequences
  - calculate last position correctly for UTF-8 wide characters
  - add an option allow-rename to disable the window rename escape
  - attributes for each type of status-line alert (ie bell, content
    and activity) added; therefore, remove the superfluous options
  - add a -R flag to send-keys to reset the terminal
  - add strings to allow the aixterm bright colours to be used when
    configuring colours
  - drop the ability to have a list of keys in the prefix in favour
    of two separate options, prefix and prefix2
  - flag -2 added to send-prefix to send the secondary prefix key
  - show pane size in top right of display panes mode
  - some memory leaks plugged
  - more command-prompt editing improvements
  - various manpage improvements
  - more Vi mode improvements
* Sun Jul 10 2011
- update to version 1.5
  - support xterm mouse modes 1002 and 1003
  - add a -P option to new-window and split-window to print the new
    window or pane index in target form (useful to pass it into
    other commands)
  - support for UTF-8 mouse input (\033[1005h) which was added in
    xterm 262
  - accept colours of the hex form #ffffff and translate to the
    nearest from the xterm(1) 256-colour set
  - use TMPDIR if set
  - support -x and -y for new-session to specify the initial size
    of the window if created detached with -d
  - make bind-key accept characters with the top-bit-set and print
    them as octal
  - set $TMUX without the session when background jobs are run
  - add a -P option to detach to HUP the client's parent process
    (usually causing it to exit as well)
  - support passing through escape sequences to the underlying
    terminal by using DCS with a "tmux;" prefix
  - give each pane created in a tmux server a unique id (starting
    from 0), put it in the TMUX_PANE environment variable and
    accept it as a target
  - allow a start and end line to be specified for capture-pane
    which may be negative to capture part of the history
  - add -a and -s options to lsp to list all panes in the server or
    session respectively; likewise add -s to lsw
  - change -t on display-message to be target-pane for the #[A-Z]
    replacements and add -c as target-client
  - the attach-session command now prefers the most recently used
    unattached session
  - add -s option to detach-client to detach all clients attached
    to a session
  - add -t to list-clients
  - change window with mouse wheel over status line if
    mouse-select-window is on
  - when mode-mouse is on, automatically enter copy mode when the
    mouse is dragged or the mouse wheel is used, also exit copy
    mode when the mouse wheel is scrolled off the bottom
  - provide #h character pair for short hostname (no domain)
  - add a new option, mouse-resize-pane; when on, panes may be
    resized by dragging their borders
  - add three new copy-mode commands - select-line, copy-line,
  - support setting the xterm clipboard when copying from copy mode
    using the xterm escape sequence for the purpose (if xterm is
    configured to allow it)
  - support xterm(1) cursor colour change sequences through
    terminfo(5) Cc (set) and Cr (reset) extensions
  - support DECSCUSR sequence to set the cursor style with two new
    terminfo(5) extensions, Cs and Csr
  - make the command-prompt custom prompts recognize the
    status-left option character pairs
  - add a respawn-pane command
  - add a couple of extra xterm-style keys that gnome terminal
  - allow the initial context on prompts to be set with the new -I
    option to command-prompt; include the current window and
    session name in the prompt when renaming and add a new key
    binding ($) for rename session
  - option bell-on-alert added to trigger the terminal bell when
    there is an alert
  - change the list-keys format so that it shows the keys using
    actual tmux commands which should be able to be directly copied
    into the config file
  - show full targets for lsp/lsw -a
  - make confirm-before prompt customizable with -p option like
    command-prompt and add the character pairs #W and #P to the
    default kill-{pane,window} prompts
  - vi mode improvements
  - bugfixes
* Tue Dec 28 2010
- update to version 1.4
  - flags -n and -p added to switch-client
  - use UTF-8 line drawing characters on UTF-8 terminals
  - new server option exit-unattached added
  - new session option destroy-unattached added
  - new command last-pane added
  - flag -a added to unbind-key
  - add XAUTHORITY to update-environment
  - if VISUAL or EDITOR contains "vi" configure mode-keys and
    status-key to vi
  - new window option monitor-silence and session option
    visual-silence added
  - command-line flag -V added
  - instead of keeping a per-client prompt history make it global
  - flag -l added to switch-client
  - new window options other-pane-{height,width} added
  - bugfixes
- dropped tmux-1.1-fix-cflags-ldflags.patch
* Mon Jul 19 2010
- update to version 1.3
  - new input parser
  - new commands/flags/options were added/removed
  - jump-forward/backward in copy move
  - merged more mode into copy mode
  - fixed double free when the window option remain-on-exit is
  - custom/tiled layouts
  - reworked signal handling
  - allow dragging to make a selection in copy mode when the
    mode-mouse option is set
  - mouse scroll wheel support
  - fixed problems with window sizing when starting tmux from
  - additional code reduction and bugfixes
* Thu Mar 11 2010
- update to version 1.2
  - the code has been switched to libevent
  - new commands/options were added
  - the commands set-window-option, and show-window-options have been changed
    to be aliases to set -w, and show -w respectively
  - panes can now be referred to as top, bottom, top-left, etc.
  - server-wide options have been added which can be set with set-option -s,
    and shown with show-options -s
  - permit S- prefix on keys for shift when the terminal/terminfo supports
  - window targets (-t flag) can now refer to the last window (!), next (+),
    and previous (-) window by number
  - lots of mode keys added in copy mode
  - there are additional code reductions, bug fixes, and manpage enhancements
* Fri Feb 19 2010
- cleaned up specfile
* Mon Feb 15 2010
- dropped patch and changes for creating sockets under /var/run, tmux thus does
  not need to be setgid any more
- fixed copyright header and use external changelog