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Update Info: openSUSE-2017-1018
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Change Logs

* Tue Sep 13 2016
- Add fix-user-editable-menus.patch to prevent the "Settings" menu
  entry disappearing if adding buttons to the toolbar (kde#328712)
* Thu Jun 16 2016
- Require konsole4-part on Leap as well, konsole is KF5 based and
  doesn't work in the KDE4 based kile (boo#984980)
* Tue Jun 14 2016
- Use shared-mime-info macros (boo#979301)
* Tue Mar 08 2016
- drop build time from png file to fix build-compare
* Fri May 29 2015
- Fix required packages for openSUSE > 13.2
* Sun Nov 09 2014 Led <>
- fix bashisms in post/postun scripts
* Thu Feb 14 2013
- Recommend texlive-pdfsync for forward/inverse search with pdflatex
* Sun Sep 23 2012
- Update to 2.1.3
  * Allow letters as shortcuts (kde#268570)
  * Avoid executing unwanted commands in the console when changing
    tabs (kde#301653)
  * Ensure that the ViewBib tool opens the correct bibliography file
  * Correctly display output produced by ConTeXt (kde#303230)
  * Correctly handle text with foreground colour in the tabular wizard
  * Correctly save and restore the encodings of previously opened files
  * Fix a problem which causes that projects sometimes cannot be opened
    correctly (kde#301808)
  * Force termination of Kile when the main window is closed (kde#299569)
  * Add a completion file for the 'ifplatform' package
    (Patch by Thomas Braun)
  * Add 'Save', 'Save As' and 'Save Copy As' entries to the tab context
    menus (kde#249293)
  * Add tool tips to structure view entries (Patch by Eugene Shalygin)
  * Provide Unicode characters for the symbols in the symbol view
    (Patch by Olivier Delaune, kde#159515)
* Sun Aug 26 2012
- Change okular from Requires to Recommends (bnc#777423)
* Mon Aug 20 2012
- Recommend texlive-dvips and texlive-dvipdfmx after the texlive
  split (bnc#776274)
* Thu Apr 26 2012
- Update to 2.1.2
  * Correctly convert special characters that were typed with caps
    lock enabled into LaTeX. This fix works from KDE 4.3 upwards.
  * Use 'utf8' instead of 'utf8x' as default encoding (in document
    templates). It should be sufficient in most cases and it is
    installed by default in LaTeX distributions.
  * Correctly insert '\c{c}' for the cedilla character (kde#296006,
  * Use the correct name for some icons. In this way, they can be
    used even if the current icon theme is not Oxygen.
    (Patch by Pino Toscano)
  * Correctly restore VI input mode key settings (kde#293262)
  * Update 'biblatex.cwl'. Thanks to Denis Bitouzé!
* Fri Jan 27 2012
- Update to Kile 2.1.1
  * Add tool tip which explains the available placeholders in the
    user tag dialog (Patch by Felix Mauch)
  * Allow to configure whether the directory shown in the console
    is kept synchronized with the document tabs (kde#265165)
  * Restore the behaviour of LaTeX environment completion to what
    it was in version 2.0 (Patch by Holger Danielsson)
  * Ensure that Kile can be offered as application to open LaTeX
    documents in Nautilus, for instance (kde#275438)
  * Avoid crashes when closing Kile with two (or more) opened
    projects (Patch by Eugene Shalygin, kde#289458)
  * Ensure that the correct number of errors/warnings/badboxes is
    reported in translated versions of Kile, which notably affected
    the French version (kde#275700)
- Removed a special handling of a locale for an obolete version of
* Mon Dec 12 2011
- Spec file updates:
  * Changes based on spec-cleaner run.
  * Simplified License: to GPL-2.0+ (made it also SDPX style).
  * Added libktexteditor in Requires: (because the package needs katepart).
* Wed Jun 22 2011
- Spec file updates
  * Added update-mime-database in %post/%postun scripts for the mime file
    installed by the package.
  * Fix locales removal if suse_version is not set.
  * Removed support for openSUSE < 11.2.
  * Minor other updates.
* Sat Jun 11 2011
- Update to Kile 2.1
  Changes since Beta 5
  * Fix a potential memory leak related to the parser progress bar
  * Fix a crash that occurred when typing "exit" in the embedded console
  * Improve the wording of the message box which pops up when the user
    wants to create a new project but no project name has been given yet
  * Correctly handle '.' characters that occur in citation labels (#266670)
  * Run the tool 'asymptote' automatically when 'asymptote' figures are present
    in the document (Patch by Felix Mauch, #258352)
  * Fix a typo present in the LaTeX markup when inserting a description list
    environment via the 'LaTeX' menu (Patch by Mark  Morschhäuser, #268043)
  * Fix some bugs in the tabular wizard (Patch by Felix Mauch)
  * Revive the automatic insertion of $ feature (Patch by Dominik Haumann)
  * Fix the problem that dead keys are sometimes treated as 'alive' (#269590)
  * Avoid crashes when running Kile in a non-English locale (#271910)
  * Make the background colour of the quick preview pane configurable (#265879)
  * Add a directory selection button (and the corresponding dialog) which allows
    it to select the default location for projects in a more comfortable way
    (Patch by Felix Mauch, #116670)
  * Also add a directory selection button for the TeX documentation (Patch by
    Felix Mauch)
  * Allow users to comfortably install custom completion files (Patch by Libor
    Bukata, #265284)
  * Add the possibility to copy tables from the clipboard into the tabular
    wizard (Patch by Felix Mauch)
  * New CWL file for the 'soul package' (Patch by Thomas Braun, #271688)
* Tue Mar 01 2011
- Fix the black icons in the toolbar (bnc#676046)
* Thu Feb 24 2011
- recommend and not only suggest the lang package
* Sun Feb 13 2011
- Spec file updates
  * Changes based on rpmdevtools templates and spec-cleaner run.
  * Changed License: to "GPLv2+ and GFDL".
  * Updated %description.
  * Updated BuildRequires:, Requires:, Recommends: entries and added Suggests:
  * Moved the english help files in the main package.
- Fixed rpmlint warnings ("wrong-icon-size" and "non-executable-script").
* Thu Dec 30 2010
- update to Kile 2.1 Beta 5
  - Ensure that LaTeX root documents are recognised correctly when Kile is starting up (#233667)
  - Don't prepend the base directory to absolute file names returned by 'grep' (#234235)
  - Fix some crashes in the find-in-files dialog
  - Fix problems that could occur when using custom tools in combination with a translated GUI (#224130)
  - Make the 'smart new line' feature respect custom indentation (#226161)
  - Restore the master document setting (for single files) when Kile is starting up (#222029)
  - Correct the tool tip for the symbol panel in the side bar (Patch by Christian Herzberg)
  - Fix the problem that the LaTeX root icon isn't shown for project items if they aren't opened
  - Fix problems related to opening files from the file browser widget (#222325)
  - Correctly split strings containing line breaks in the log widget (#237885)
  - Fix some bugs related to the new-document wizard (#238544)
  - Correct the problem of changing the focus when auto-save is triggered (#228321)
  - Rename the 'BibTeX' and 'Biblatex' actions in the LaTeX menu to avoid confusion within the shortcut configuration dialog (#184847)
  - After a manual invocation, abbreviations are now replaced immediately even if longer matches are possible (#238897).
  - Add icons for the 'Split Cells' and 'Join Cells' actions in the tabular dialog (#237897)
  - Add missing fields to 'bibtexentries.rc' (Patch by Martin Weis)
  - Add support for the '%absolute_target' keyword, which enables ForwardPDF (with Okular) to work correctly in embedded mode (#245483)
  - Reduce GUI flickering a little more
  - Ensure that the $PATH variable is respected when tools are launched (#204397)
  - Fix a problem related to opening non-existing files in projects which can freeze the GUI (#241181)
  - Fix the bug which causes keyboard shortcuts to change when switching between documents (#247646)
  - Correct a bug which results in references to appear as undefined (#241730)
  - Make it configurable whether the splash screen is shown or not (#244909)
  - Add an embedded viewer configuration for the 'ForwardPDF' tool
  - Add completion files for 'units.sty' and 'nomencl.sty' (Patch by Andreas Weder)
  - Update 'todonotes.sty' (2009/12/25) (Patch by by Andreas Weder)
  - Make the document tabs movable (Initial patch by Nicolas Pavillon, #200890)
* Wed Jul 21 2010
- updated to newer developemnt snapshot to fix build