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Update Info: openSUSE-2017-1094
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Change Logs

* Sat Sep 16 2017
- Add gstreamer-plugins-ugly Recommends: Provide mp3 playback by
  default for users.
* Thu Aug 24 2017
- Add Fix-crash-during-musicbrainz-search.patch to fix a possible
  crash when looking up metadata on MusicBrainz (kde#328359)
Version: 2.8.0-2.1
* Thu Dec 08 2016
- Revert kde4_runtime_requires change
* Sat Dec 03 2016
- Recommend kio_audiocd4 for playback of AudioCDs, the standard
  kio_audiocd package is KF5 based now
* Tue Nov 29 2016
- Expand macro kde4_runtime_requires only when its available
  to fix quilt setup
* Sun Sep 18 2016
- Add Fix-MPRIS2-DesktopEntry-value.patch to get working media
  controls in plasma taskbar (kde#565275)
* Wed May 25 2016
- Add gcc6-workaround.patch to workaround an error seen by GCC,
* Sun May 15 2016
- Use share-mime-info macros (boo#979301)
* Tue Apr 12 2016
- Copy download icon from Breeze on Leap 42.1 and Tumbleweed
* Sat Apr 09 2016
- Add Fix-for-infinite-loop-with-some-Audio-CDs.patch to fix the
  infinite loop in case a home-burned or old audio CD (without
  CDTEXT) is inserted (kde#339190)
* Fri Feb 26 2016
- Added amarok-ffmpeg3.0.patch to build against ffmpeg-3.0
  libraries on PMBS.
* Tue Jan 05 2016
- Add amarok-taglib-compare.patch (kde#351013)
* Fri Dec 18 2015
- Cleanup with spec-cleaner
- Do not conditionalize ffmpeg, we don't need to be in packman
  the factory ffmpeg is enough
* Wed Nov 18 2015
- Drop the recommends for moodbar. This would free us from
* Tue Sep 22 2015
- Use pkgconfig for ffmpeg BuildRequires
* Thu Jul 09 2015
- Add Enable_Wikipedia_over_SSL.patch to make the Wikipedia applet
  work again (boo#934730, kde#349313)
* Wed Feb 04 2015
- add the changes file as source so the .src.rpm can be rebuild
* Sat Jan 10 2015
- Add 0008-Clean-up-the-leftover-of-strigi-removal.patch:
  remove unneeded Strigi reference in the Ampache plugin build
- Add 0009-Fix-Ampache-plugin-connections.patch: unbreak Ampache
  plugin connection due to wrong hashing algorithm being used
* Thu Dec 18 2014
- Require correct to avoid undefined symbols at runtime
* Sun Nov 09 2014 Led <>
- fix bashisms in post/postun scripts
* Wed May 07 2014
- Added libxml2-devel BuildRequires, was pulled in via
  libkde4-devel previously
* Fri Mar 07 2014
- Remove nepomuk-core from the buildrequires
Version: 2.8.0-2.7
* Tue Oct 01 2013
- Explicitly require phonon-backend, as it's possible that in certain
  conditions users would have none installed
* Mon Sep 09 2013
- Added patches from upstream:
  0006-Don-t-suppress-html-tag-like-characters.patch and
  which resolve kde#323735, kde#324295, kde#324614, kde#283022 and
- Renamed Don-t-add-the-analyzer-applet-when-Phonon-doesn-t-su.patch
* Wed Aug 21 2013
- Added Don-t-add-the-analyzer-applet-when-Phonon-doesn-t-su.patch
  from upstream, avoids adding the analyzer applet on phonon backends
  that don't support it (e.g. vlc)
Version: 2.8.0-3.1
* Wed Aug 14 2013
- Update to 2.8.0
  * Tracks from Recently Played List widget can now directly be
    added to the playlist. (kde#279263, kde#296090)
  * The Jamendo service now uses a higher quality MP3 format
    instead of Ogg Vorbis.
  * Added an option whether adding tracks to playlist should
    start playing. (kde#322428)
  * Amarok now depends on Qt 4.8.3.
  * Amarok now uses FindFFMpeg.cmake from kdelibs
  * Don't reload Wikipedia applet content if artist/album have
    not changed. (kde#112044)
  * Jamendo service: Albums are now downloaded directly instead
    of going via BitTorrent. This is far more reliable and also
    supports on-the-fly transcoding. (kde#299434)
  * Work-around Solid UDisks2 backend bug that caused
    USB Mass Storage devices and iPods not being recognized when
    connected before Amarok was started. Also fixes a bug where
    blank devices would appear in Play Media dialog.
  * Definitely fix a bug where storing credentials in
    plain-text isn't offered when KWallet is disabled.
  * Radio streams from scripted services are now
    instantly playable. (kde#320718)
  * Recently Played List widget now keeps its own time for
    tracks instead of relying on the Last Played statistic.
  * Prevent hitting an assertion failure if just removed track
    from the Local Collection is edited. (kde#322474)
  * Fixed a regression introduced in 2.8 Beta where tracks in
    the Local Collection were sometimes forgotten and then
    found again. (kde#322603)
  * Fixed invalid SQL queries when you have files or folders
    with an apostrophe in your collection. (kde#322415)
  * Fixed organizing/copying/moving tracks to Local
    Collection on Windows. (kde#279560, kde#302251)
  * Various usability improvements for the applet toolbar.
  * Removed broken Apply button in applets' settings dialog.
  * Fix incorrect colors in Context View toolbar when
    switching themes. (kde#301305)
  * Many fixes for various bugs with switching desktop color
    themes at runtime, including OSD, spectrum analyzer,
    collection browser.
  * Avoid updating the MPRIS2 Metadata between tracks.
* Thu Jul 04 2013
- Update to 2.7.90
  * Ctrl+C copies the currently playing artist & title to the
    clipboard. (kde#228872)
  * Volume fade-out is now also available for pause.
  * The Files browser now has a Refresh button. (kde#213666)
  * The active playlist item is animated with a soft glow effect.
  * Added an audio analyzer visualization applet.
  * Added a function for resetting the GUI layout back to default
    state. (kde#300753)
  * Pressing enter when searching collections now adds found
    tracks to the playlist and clears the search bar, this is a
    very convenient way to populate your playlist.
  * Allow to transcode only certain (different format,
    playability) tracks when transferring them to a
    collection (kde#312407)
  * On-Screen-Display fades in/out smoothly.
  * Added support for .asx playlists; (kde#170207)
  * Add Radio GFM radio streams to Cool Stream Script.
  * Added options to pause playback on system suspend and to
    inhibit automatic suspend  if playing a track (enabled by
    default); (kde#259862) (kde#222571)
  * Playlist files are now read asynchronously when possible;
  * Added support to filter tracks to scrobble to by
    label. (kde#140198)
  * Added transcoding support for Opus codec if ffmpeg is
    compiled with support for the libopus library
  * Added keyboard shortcuts for small 2 s seeks
    (Ctrl + Left/Right) and long 1 minute  seeks
    (Shift + Left/Right) in addition to standard 10 s seeks.
    Durations are now configurable in amarokrc, see
    Amarok Handbook (kde#177258)
  * Added support for files in Opus codec if Amarok is compiled
    against recent enough TagLib (post 1.8) (kde#312905)
  * Added Ctrl+H shortcut to randomize playlist (kde#208061)
  * Removed LikeBack (a development feature in debug builds).
    (kde#312498) (kde#252323)
  * Collection Browser: Artist level was renamed to Track Artist
    and replaced by Album Artist by default. Various Artists
    item is no longer shown under Track Artist level.
  * Removed the splash screen.
  * Playlist-related actions were harmonized, double-clicking
    or pressing enter will append tracks to playlist, using any
    "play media" action will prepend tracks to queue and
    immediately start playing; middle-clicking or will append
    & play while other append or replace actions will no longer
    start playback. (kde#145468, kde#145490, kde#194549)
  * When a new collection plugin is enabled, its collections
    appear immediately without a need for restart.
  * Update the MusicBrainz tagger to MusicBrainz web service 2,
    make it show some more good suggestions for tagging, and add
    some options to help choosing the best results.
  * Add note about generating .mood files into Moodbar Options;
  * Amarok now depends on Qt 4.8.2.
  * Add prepareToQuit() signal to Amarok.Window script bindings;
  * Data CDs are now recognized in Amarok; (kde#316128)
  * On-Screen-Display now uses the system font instead of
    hardcoded sans-serif. (kde#248707)
  * Fancy behavior of some context menus showing different
    actions when Shift key is held has been reverted.
    All entries are now shown all the time.
  * The dynamic playlist behavior has changed. It will no longer
    generate "pretty good" playlists that do not fulfill the
    given biases. Instead it might add no song at all if given
    impossible-to-fulfill conditions.
  * The "tracks have been hidden in the playlist" warning when
    filtering the playlist is now displayed inside the playlist.
  * Update tag widget for Layout edit, filter edit, organize
    collection and guess tag dialog.
  * When fadeout and/or Replay Gain isn't possible, gray-out
    related UI elements in order not to fool users.
  * When you remove whole directories from the Local Collection
    and have Watch Folders for Changes enabled, the tracks now
    disappear from Collection Browser. (kde#311078)
  * Fix dynamic playlist bug: When "Automatically scroll playlist
    to current track" was enabled, Amarok would keep scrolling
    to the bottom. (kde#284214)
  * Fix a problem where ghost tracks would remain in the Local
    Collection until the  database is wiped. (kde#319084)
  * Added missing CMake check for QtWebKit. (kde#321598)
  * Definitely fix a bug where Local Collection wouldn't update
    in browser. (kde#262504)
  * Fix crashed caused by race conditions at the end of the
    track scanning. (kde#319835)
  * Fix crash when disabling the Free Music Charts script.
  * Albums having same name but different album artist won't be
    mixed together on the playlist if sorting by album is enabled.
  * Fix crash on startup with KDE 4.11. (kde#320855)
  * Fix tracks not able to be dragged around when playlist
    is shuffled. (kde#320129)
  * Prevent scrobbles not being submitted until restart
    due to change in liblastfm 1.0.7. (kde#320219)
  * Resume Playback on Start will correctly restore paused state,
    instead of always starting in playing state. (kde#313330)
  * Optimize removal of tens of thousands of tracks from
    playlist. (kde#316242)
  * Fix `amarok --queue` which didn't actually queue the
    tracks. (kde#317385)
  * Fix suboptimal initial MusicBrainz tag dialog size by
    remembering it. (kde#269454)
  * Fix file-browser becoming empty when a file was moved to
    trash. (kde#317944)
  * Fix `amarok --play file.mp3` option didn't actually start
  * Reason why a particular track is not playable is now shown
    in playlist tooltip; (kde#313649)
  * Pre-apmlifier in equalizer is now only enabled if it is
    actually supported; (kde#301311)
  * Fix Amarok crashed while doing "Organize Files" (kde#317980)
  * Fix Amarok erroneously merges two albums.
    (kde#216759, kde#272802)
  * Fix Crash on very long artist names. (kde#276894)
  * Fix Move tracks to rubbish and the current track cover
    changes to the deleted cover. (kde#306735)
  * Fix theoretical configwidget leak in services. (kde#301352)
  * Fix "Local collection" text label is truncated with
    large font. (kde#282561)
  * Fix crash by putting a broadcast in the playlist.
  * Fix Keyboard navigates context menu in collection will move
    two items. (kde#307794)
  * Fix add track to playlist by double click on arrow in the
    collection. (kde#279513)
  * Fix VFAT safe names missing a couple of idiosyncrasies.
  * Clarify message when streams are not available.
  * Fix crash when Dynamic Playlist based on is aborted.
  * Fix Group by directory doesn't work in main playlist.
  * Don't remove common labels when editing the tags of multiple
    tracks. (kde#316043)
  * Fix vertical positioning of On-Screen-Display. (kde#269788)
  * Fix OSD sometimes misplaces the font and the font's shadow.
  * Prevent inability to save password in corner cases.
  * Fix "Copy to Collection" window doesn't fit on small screens.
  * Fix crash when quitting Amarok with Statistics Synchronization
    open. (kde#315525)
  * Fix items moving around when expanded in collection browser.
  * Fix Organize collection folder deletion going 'too far'.
  * Fix %albumartist% placeholder translates to some strange unicode
    symbol. (kde#314351)
  * Fix bumpy fade-out when first used. (kde#312062)
  * Fix crash when switching/removing organize collection presets.
  * Fix crash on start if a playlist source is unavailable.
  * Fix Copy/Move to collection picks up wrong destination path
    and fails silently. (kde#314460)
  * Cleanup TrackOrganizer. (kde#305291)
  * Fix Editing Playist Layout Editor. (kde#250594)
  * Fix Display glitch for rating in verbose playlist. (kde#300118)
  * Refactoring Ampache service, fix Albums with multiple disks not
    listed correctly. (kde#249857)
  * Fix playlist sorting by type. (kde#249338)
  * Fix subtle bugs when a long fade-out is initiated near the
    song end.
  * Don't try to fade-out with phonon backends that don't
    support it. (vlc)
  * Fix Can't edit & save an existing equalizer preset.
  * Clean up Equalizer Dialog. (kde#274972)
- Drop kill-amarok-mockup.patch, included in this release
- Added oxygen-icon-theme BuildRequires, needed for amzdownloader icon
- Explicitly BuildRequire Qt4 >= 4.8.2, as per upstream change
* Sun Jun 23 2013
- Added clamz as recommended runtime requirement.
* Thu Jun 13 2013
- Added kill-amarok-mockup.patch which removes usage of non-existant
  Amarok-Mockup plasma theme, that casues crashes with KDE 4.11
* Wed May 15 2013
- Update to 2.7.1
  * Problematic support for treating MusicBrainz ids as track
    unique ids was dropped; should avoid surprising
    "Duplicate Tracks Found" errors. (315329)
  * Fix inability to reverse "Use Music Location" decision and
    inability to clear database once all collection directories
    have been unset. (kde#316216)
  * Fix frequent crashes on Linux when starting to play a track.
  * Fix compilation error on systems with gcc-4.2 (kde#314528)
  * Fix inability to create database when home directory contains
    non-ASCII characters. (kde#313914)
  * Fix typo in Nepomuk query which did not let track numbers of
    Nepomuk Collection tracks show up in Amarok. (kde#311847)
- Drop fix-crashes-on-track-change.patch and trackNumber-typo-fix.diff
  these patches are included in this release